What Are You Strava-ing haldol im For

I run. That is to say I’m not a pure or true runner. True runners glide. True runners wear shorter shorts, lighter weight shirts, and have a shoe rotation system. True runners portion out food, drink blended stuff with weird combinations of veggies and powder, and talk a lot about running. I simply run. I enjoy the simplicity of leaving my house early in haldol im the morning, being the first to see late night road kill, and experiencing the quiet darkness when most the world is haldol im still sleeping or blearily rousing to make coffee.

We all need our head clearing experiences, moments of freedom, and frankly, time to be alone. With two big kids and a loud staff….Wait, reverse that… with two loud kids and a big staff, running is one of the only times I can tune haldol im out the world, reflect, consider, plan, or simply let my mind go blank. However, in june I was visiting a friend in asheville, NC who introduced me to an app called strava. The program allows you to see total distance, pace per mile, elevation gain, and maps your route. Since he’s not on any other social media platform, his pitch was it would be a good way to haldol im keep up with each other, and it would offer some accountability on training. I suggested just texting, but he doesn’t do that much either.

I downloaded the app and started carrying my phone on haldol im runs, since I don’t have a fancy watch (because, again, I’m not a true runner. What he did not tell me is strava also allows haldol im you to see who else has run your same route. So if you run a certain segment in your area haldol im and have the 10 th fastest time or better, you receive “achievements” with medals for being 3 rd or faster, and apparently a “crown” if you are the fastest on that hill or mile haldol im or loop.

Before I had this app, I rarely brought my phone with me on a run haldol im unless I needed the flashlight or wanted to listen to haldol im a podcast. Before I had the app, I’d come home with new ideas or perspective, or just feeling lighter (minus my legs) because I’d tuned out and refilled my proverbial cup. Lately, I’ve been coming back and checking to see my pace, achievements, and who else I know has run those segments. Even in the middle of runs, I’ve found myself thinking, “I need to PR (personal record—it tracks those too) this mile or loop.”

Strava also allows other runners and your own contacts (like my friend in asheville) to give you “kudos” or comment on your run, hike, or bike ride. So, admittedly, after a particularly long run or faster route, I’ll check back later in the day to see if haldol im anyone interacted with my post.

If you are a high school senior, you are probably starting to work on your college applications. Before you start contemplating which essay topic to choose or haldol im ruminating on whether to use “raconteur” as a way of describing yourself in your supplemental essay haldol im question, ask these basic questions first:

I’ve had to reconsider why I run. As a senior, everyone will ask you “ where you want to go to college?” I’m hoping you’ll tune out those voices for a bit and go haldol im all the way back to crawling before walking, much less running. Before you submit even one application, take some time to write down, voice record, or type out your answers to “why??”

Ask anyone who has been to college and if they haldol im are honest, they can describe a dark, cold day in their first year when they sat on haldol im their all-too-firm mattress in their residence hall listening to a song haldol im that reminded them of high school friends or their hometown. They remember doing laundry at midnight alone, or leaving the library bleary-eyed and over-caffeinated. Social media will tell you that college is a never haldol im ending string of sunny days filled with groups of smiling haldol im friends going to class outside, but at some point every first-year student has the same questions rattle around in their haldol im head: “why am I here?” “did I make the right choice?” “why does everyone else seem to be doing well, while I am struggling?” everyone has that day. Everyone has those lonely walks, isolated thoughts and inevitable doubts. Everyone. Crawl first.

Look closely again at the list of colleges you are haldol im applying to. Why is each one on your list? If it is because it aligns with your answers above; you feel confident you would thrive in that environment; they offer the major you are excited to pursue; or you know people who are there that have a haldol im lot of similar interests and goals, then you are good to go. If it is just because your parents went there, it is highly ranked, you like their colors or mascot, or “someone told me it was good,” then take a step back. You need to wait to hit submit on every application haldol im until you’ve really considered how that places matches up with your haldol im whys. Walk on.

Listen. I don’t have all the answers. I’m over twice your age and a stupid running app haldol im has me all twisted up in the game right now. But I can tell you this: being at peace and confidently answering “who is this really for?” is a pretty essential question to ask before you make haldol im any big life decision. Actually, it’s a pretty good one to ask each morning when haldol im you get dressed too. Who is the for? Is your “run” purely for you or is it because you want “kudos” from someone else? Is your first choice college first because it aligns with haldol im your whys, or because you think there will be some medal or haldol im crown for getting in? I’m not trying to be too dramatic here, but I’ve seen folks wake up in their 40’s realizing they’ve lived way too long without being honest about their haldol im answers to, “who’s this really for?”

Last week I was really struggling with a decision. I needed to clear my head and process. So saturday morning, I woke up early, grabbed my shoes, put on my longer-than-a-real-runner shorts, and headed out on a trail. No phone. No app. I have no idea how long, fast, or relatively well I ran that day. But I worked through my problem. I came back with a new way to approach the haldol im situation. I asked, “why? And who is this really for?” the run, the process, the decision was purely mine. I knew what I was strava-ing for. I can only wish the same for you. Run well, my friends.