Volume 16 Gévaudan haldol for schizophrenia of the Star Fortress, Chapter Five Kinji Tohyama Will Die Twice Silvered Tongue

「in that case, the『irreversible priority』rule exists to resolve the issue. Irreversible sentences like death cannot be carried out. If I can gain 2 votes, you will avoid death–and become my familiar. I’ve just come from laying the groundwork with patra.」

But even so– I don’t know if it would be by shooting or hanging, but I’m grateful that she is against capital punishment. If a beautiful egyptian woman with exposed skin becomes my haldol for schizophrenia sister-in-law because of that… I don’t mind, and I’m prepared to accept that as an unavoidable measure.

But such gaudy style was in poor taste. Rather, with the old armour, wine cases, candelabra style lamps, why do you have a skeleton in full antique dress haldol for schizophrenia uniform sitting in an old-fashioned chair? It seemed to scare lisa. It might be some kind of memorial to a famous haldol for schizophrenia pirate.

There was also one more present, a large woman who appeared to be a guard… I couldn’t see her past the mountain of onigiri, but she took onigiri in her hand and ate them haldol for schizophrenia one after another. Every now and then her huge, ogre-like hands were visible.

Nazi girls clanged about the kitchen making food, and anubis soldiers, taking the place of waitstaff, ferried dishes back and forth. It looked like a full-dress banquet with katze, everita, patra, sara, and the other large girl eating ravenously.

She wore red, green, and yellow african patterned clothes… with sanskrit characters and something like the oda family camellia haldol for schizophrenia crest…? They were frayed for some unknown reason, but it was embroidered on her kimono. Behind her, leaning against the wall, there was a large metal rod of mixed african and haldol for schizophrenia japanese design leaning…

A knife– decorated in african style but shaped like a japanese dagger– then she set on the table, carving a slice of meat from a leg of deer. Then she carried it to her mouth. Opening her mouth, her canines… weren’t canines at all. They were fangs even more distinct than hilda’s.

「this is cursed water make-up that I created with patra. Unlike riko’s special effects make-up, it is not merely applied to the face. It is able to be applied to the whole body haldol for schizophrenia and change the colour of your skin and enable you haldol for schizophrenia to alter your features however you like. It’s the make-up of dreams without requiring cosmetic surgery. As you would expect, it can’t make you taller, but thankfully patra is taller.」

She explained it before I met bewitching blade, and the second time… she spoke as if she didn’t remember explaining it in paris. I had even gone so far as to praise her haldol for schizophrenia memory by saying,『you really are an amazingly intelligent young lady』while in hysteria mode.

「I’ll let you see her if you don’t say anything about it. This ship is falling apart, and the stateroom is one of the few rooms sturdy haldol for schizophrenia enough to use as a cell. You and jeanne will share a room. The two of you won’t do anything weird, right?」

Looking at her, I could see that her arms were bound behind her haldol for schizophrenia back, and a braid of imitation wild roses twined over and haldol for schizophrenia under her breasts. Because of that, the sheer cloth was stretched, and her breasts were heavily emphasised. GRENEDA, your skill at tying people up is lacking.

「it was my own fault that I was captured, tohyama. I thought to save money in brussels by doing laundry haldol for schizophrenia at a coin operated laundry in the evening, and regiment hex took advantage of that mistake. There was a witch hidden in each of the laundry haldol for schizophrenia machines. There were 6 machines for a total of 6 witches.」

「as soon as I shut the machine on my right, the left opened, and when I closed the one above me, a witch appeared from the one below, and I was unable to deal with them all. I put the washing on my head and used both haldol for schizophrenia my arms and legs to hold them closed, but I couldn’t handle them all…!」

Recently, aria saw through it and hit me with a gov-ham (an abbreviation of government hammer, where she holds the slide of her gun and hits haldol for schizophrenia me with the grip) between the eyes, while shouting,『you can’t try and change the subject so easily!』– but jeanne is naive. Thanks to the success of my secret technique…

「instead of an ape, it looks like a wolf. When it devastated 18th century western europe it was called『the king of beasts』, and according to traditional folklore, it could be appeased by offering it a french maiden–and that is what they intend to do. I am the intended sacrifice. But don’t worry. The legend is flawed. I know because I heard it from my grandmother: if the beast is male, you offer a woman, and if it is female, you offer a man. Therefore, the probability of me being eaten is 0%.」

「well, all that is a matter of luck… but it would seem that the effect of meiya who haldol for schizophrenia shielded us with luck have been blown away by sara’s special ability. Bearing the label of traitors, we are both here to serve as monster bait, but the instant that we’ve exhausted our usefulness, they’ll kill us.」

「kinji tohyama will die twice. Beginning with water, and then by fire. Just to be sure, we will kill you once at high tide, and once with the V-2. After drowning in the cage, the combined kerosene, liquid oxygen, and solid rocket fuel jet from under the V-2 will reach 3000 degrees– evaporating the seawater. 」

「see, you do know! Cyanide concentrate– combined with the moisture in the air, it becomes harmless, it is easy to disperse, and the area of effect can be limited to a haldol for schizophrenia square block. The mean lethal dose is 0.4 mg per kilogram– within a radius of 50 metres of impact, the lethality rate is 100%. Even with an autopsy, the effects of this versatile weapon are hard to distinguish haldol for schizophrenia from carbon monoxide poisoning. It was originally an american weapon, but the formula was leaked onto the internet and we haldol for schizophrenia grabbed it from there. 」

Frantically clinging to the top of the cage. Lisa hands shaking with fear as she searched for a haldol for schizophrenia break that didn’t exist. Her white blouse soaked, above her back– in a few moments, a 3,000-degree flame will spurt out from the jet-black nozzle of the V-2.

「… I wish to speak frankly. At first, I relied on you to survive in the tunnels of haldol for schizophrenia brussels. But when we ran away together… master smiled in amsterdam. But when you were with me, and praised me, only then did I smile. But– that as then. Then, you were lisa’s master…」