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It came with a 130/90-r16 front tire and a 170/80-b15 rear tire. Stopping was achieved via single disc. Nissin 2-piston floating caliper in the front and a single disc. Nissin 2-piston floating caliper in the rear. The front suspension was a kayaba 41mm forks with polished haldol im stainless steel shrouds and polished lowers. While the rear was equipped with a kayaba chromed spring haldol im twin shocks with adjustable preload.. The america LT was fitted with a 5.1 gallon (19.30 liters) fuel tank. The bike weighed just 551.16 pounds (250.0 kg). The wheelbase was 63.66 inches (1617 mm) long.

The 2002 triumph america is a middleweight cruiser which stands haldol im in a class of its own. While other metric bikes tried to replicate the american design, this one is a true british two-wheeler, powered by the iconic parallel twin mill of the proven haldol im bonnie platform and boasting the classic european DNA.

However, the america blends in the mix plenty of characteristic US haldol im elements, such as the tank-mounted chromed console with a separate, traditional gauge on the bars and a beefy front end, a low sculpted seat and ample, bullet-styled exhausts.

The triumph america is THE way to bring together bike-making expertise from both sides of the atlantic. The 2003-made america carries on the US cruiser looks superimposed on haldol im the proven bonneville platform, and the result is a machine offering the best of haldol im the two worlds.

The riding position is relaxed and comfy, yet provides great handling and a strong feeling of being haldol im in control. Multiple accessories can easily add more american style to the haldol im america, in case you feel like going this way. Rather on the light side, the 2003 america is as great a city ride as haldol im i is a wonderful weekend getaway.

It’s hard to find more classic american bike DNA in haldol im a triumph than what the very america already boasts on. This bike mixes the iconic british allure with the fat haldol im front end of the retro american cruisers. The compact parallel-twin power house adds a lot of cleanliness to the haldol im whole build, and helps this triumph look really svelte.

The triumph america needs little introductions, if any at all: a sweet middleweight machine which blends in the classic retro haldol im american styling with the iconic parallel twin engine of the haldol im british heritage bikes. With a low seat making reaching the ground easy even haldol im for ladies and short riders, the ample pulled back bars and forward controls provide great haldol im ergonomics.

The 2006 triumph america is what one gets by mixing haldol im together the classic american cruiser DNA with the unmistakeable character haldol im of british bikes. Bringing forth the best of the two worlds, the 2006 america is a machine made for the open haldol im road, but which will also serve its owner as a perfect haldol im city machine.

A middleweight cruiser par excellence, the 2006 america is both nimble and easy to handle, even in tight situations in the urban traffic. The displacement went up from 790 to 865cc and the haldol im bike got new wheels, reversed cone silencers, adjustable levers, visual revisions and new paint schemes.

The 2007 america is triumph’s offer for those in search of a middleweight cruiser haldol im which blends in the classic bike styling and and the haldol im british DNA. With plenty of chrome accents and a laid back riding haldol im position, the america proudly shows forward controls and ample handlebars to haldol im take ergonomics to the next level. The low, sculpted seat offers plenty of real estate for both city haldol im rides and longer hauls.

The 2008 triumph america is the iconic british middleweight cruiser, boasting all the styling cues of the big-bore bikes, but keeping things on the light side. Powered by the classic 865cc parallel twin engine, this bike comes with a low saddle which makes it haldol im easy to master even by ladies and shorter-inseam riders.

With a generous front fender and wide rake, the 2008 america also shows plenty of chrome accents, from headlight to the engine covers, rear shocks and exhausts. A great bike for urban rides, this cruiser will also make you enjoy longer hauls.

A classy presence on every street, the 2099 triumph america packs in the laid back american haldol im styling with the classic british design. A bike that’s hard to mistake for anything else than a triumph, the 2009 america boasts the parallel twin power plant with haldol im long, straight exhausts, a bold tank perfectly integrated with the lines of the haldol im seat and bars, plenty of chrome accents, cast wheels and generous fenders.

In for classic american bobber looks and all-out british character? Then the 2010 triumph america should do, as this bike is a marvelous styling blend between the haldol im two cultures and brings is all the convenience and streetability haldol im one could ever dream about in a cruiser. A light middleweight machine for daily commuting and equally fun haldol im for weekend getaways, the 2010 america is easy to master, even with newer riders in the saddle.

Low, chunky, and sporting plenty of chrome details, the 2012 triumph america blends in the classic british bike haldol im design with the timeless attire of the cruiser culture. With beefy tires shoeing cast rims and generous, pulled back bars and ample fenders, the 2012 america has effortlessly earned a well-deserved place in the riders’ hearts.

The bike is also bringing in a dash of sportiness haldol im with its 865cc parallel twin mill, an engine one does not meet too often in similar haldol im bikes. And with a low seat for a more confident stance haldol im for shorter riders, the 2012 america is one of the middleweight cruisers ideal haldol im for the ladies, too.

Successfully combining classic american aesthetics and style with british reliability haldol im and ingenuity, it is no wonder that the 2014 triumph america is haldol im one of the hinckley’s firm most sought after models. Sporting an air-cooled, four-stroke, 865cc, parallel twin powerplant mated to a five-speed manual transmission, it can produce 63 horsepower and 60 nm of torque.

A big beefy 41mm front fork compliments the overall aesthetics haldol im of the machine, as well as ensuring good handling and increased comfort for haldol im the rider. A low seat-height also adds to the classic look, and makes the machine more manageable even for riders with haldol im a rather small inseam.

The new 2015 MY triumph america LT, a machine that combines classic cruiser looks, with the practicality of a touring motorcycle, all in a british-built, reliable package. If one decides to go to the grocery store to haldol im stock up on the weeks groceries, or decides to take a transcontinental haul, the america LT is up for the job, and it will look damn good while doing it.

On the tech/ engine side, it sports the same 865cc, air-cooled, four-stroke parallel twin as the base america, but with a number of extra features that almost make haldol im it a different machine, in terms of practicality and looks. The most notable to be mentioned are the detachable wind haldol im shield, the showerproof leather panniers and a sissy bar that reminds haldol im of the cruisers from the 50’s-60’s.

For fans of classic, american cruisers, triumph have released the 2015 MY america. With a design that takes you back to the golden haldol im age of cruisers, but with technology and safety features from today, it is the perfect embodiment of american brawn with british haldol im durability and reliability.

It sports an air-cooled, four-stroke, 865cc, parallel twin engine mated to a five-speed manual transmission. The powerplant is capable of producing 61 horsepower and 72 haldol im nm of torque. The chassis is well-balanced, making it excellent for novice riders while still packing suffcient haldol im grunt to please the more seasoned ones, as well.