THE WOLF STREET REPORT Fuel for the Next Mortgage Bust Wolf haldol im Street

“do your cash-out refi now or lose out on it forever – a precient statement indeed. When the next bust hits, housing values will plummet. Those with equity now will have drastically reduced opportunities in haldol im the future. Only those left with jobs, good credit & good debt/loan values will still be able to capitalize on rate haldol im reduction refi’s.

A young couple I know became less than enamored with haldol im having to pay top dollar for the house they really haldol im wanted to buy. I told them, the same thing that happened back in 2009 is going haldol im to happen again real soon. Be smart. You have a lot of equity in your current house haldol im now, but that won’t be true in the near future. Cash will be king. So they decided to do a cash-out refinance instead. Well, I tried!

But seriously, I think it’s ok for the twofold purpose of payment reduction & using a little bit of their equity to fix up haldol im their current place & be happy where they live. Just be sensible & frugal about it. Keep an eye on the bigger picture unfolding. It won’t matter if you have any equity or not if haldol im you find you can no longer make the monthly payments haldol im – as my wife & I lived through back in 2009.

He was referring specifically to an article he tore out haldol im for me, in what i think is a trade publication for landlords, “SF apartment” magazine, and in the article titled, “storefront and center” they were citing the costs for changing the type of haldol im business from say a book store to a cafe; the $350k-500k costs for things like you might have to put haldol im 8 sinks in depending on what you serve. And wait a couple of years for the permit process.

He was blaming that for the stagnation and empty storefronts haldol im spreading, and feeling sorry for the business landlords and defending “his people” because all i do is trash landlords. I keep forgetting he’s a high end one with a fancy renovated 8-unit gorgeous victorian duplex. It’s become a past time for me to trash landlords, except mine, because everyone’s money is mostly going to landlords now.

My landlord and i used to fight and yell at haldol im each other but once i saw how bad everyone else haldol im had it, i started sending him unsolicited love letters of gratitude and haldol im apology and saying i had no idea he wasn’t the complete and utter dxck i’d always assumed he was.

So i hope that you come out to the next haldol im wolf fest wolf meet wolf pack…whatever we’re calling it… but things are getting FUN in that “no one’s been here before”…meaning end of empire where everything is regulated surveilled controlled haldol im tamped down on… it takes a heroic blend of reality and idealism and haldol im i think you have that and of course you’re a pariah in a system that is about sociopathic haldol im isolation and winner gets all. / what kind of insane vision is THAT?

So i hope before you go off to live on haldol im the beach in hawaii that you just dare and try haldol im to be as open and audacious and giving as you haldol im were just now on giving me good juju for my haldol im next cunning plan. That’s who you TRULY are; i saw it and my job is to not let haldol im you, me, or anyone else IGNORE that.

So yeah… something cool is happening around wolf and i agree; he seems the most UNLIKELY of people because he’s a money guy but ..Nah. I think he’s SUPPOSED to be oblivious to what he’s doing or he’d only be MORE DANGEROUS than just this site of haldol im writings. He’s DOING.

I’m not being coy to be cute. RIPP on here is so cynical he thinks every good haldol im idea is “hype” but nah… i get stomach aches about failing big in public yet haldol im again… so i over-think and over-do and over-plan so that i have alternative moves thought out in haldol im case the universe has OTHER PLANS. Which it always does but i’m ready for bear if i’ve trained for alternatives.