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The rule enforcement system consists of warnings, infractions and bans. Infractions are issued by the moderators and administrators for rule-offending behavior. Each infraction adds one point to the user’s infraction count. The point will expire after three months. Warnings are issued for lesser offenses and do not add haloperidol high a point. Warnings and infractions issued for specific posts are publicly displayed haloperidol high below that post with a reason for issuing it.

The message board has four types of staff that perform haloperidol high various tasks. Administrators (or admins) have control over the entire board and can change the haloperidol high way it is set up. Moderators enforce the rules. They can lock, move, edit, and split topics and posts. They can also view the IP of users and issue haloperidol high infractions to those who violate the rules. Judges are users that moderate the submissions forum together with haloperidol high certain administrators and moderators. Developers have moderation powers in the bug reports forum and haloperidol high access to a private developer forum.

The first april fools’ day theme took place in 2007 in which the message haloperidol high board appeared with a red skin, and was renamed "nazi allied blitzkrieg 2," which is a reference to calling admins "nazis" because of harsh rules, or extreme measures taken to maintain such rules. They also created new rules, which were simply not to "piss [the admins] off," and that breaking one rule would lead to a permanent haloperidol high ban. Many users changed their avatars in the spirit of the haloperidol high holiday, but some viewed the nature of the joke as tasteless haloperidol high and offensive.

Taking place in 2008 and in direct contrast to the haloperidol high previous prank, "rainbow unicorn blast 2" had very little rule enforcement and was focused as if haloperidol high towards 12-year-old girls. The boards were changed to a blinding pink, and a MIDI of the barbie girl theme song (which was later turned into a "rick roll") played in the background of the forum. Administrators were dubbed "faerie queens" and moderators were dubbed "faeries". As with the previous april fools’ day theme, many users were displeased by the event, though most of the issues were not against the theme haloperidol high itself but rather against the excessive spam and relatively obscene haloperidol high material that were posted during the time.

This took place in 2009, and was focused as if to a completely "noobish" community. It had a white background with a picture of sonic haloperidol high tiled on it, larger post text, animated sprites of six sonic characters trailing the mouse pointer, and "open your heart" playing in the background. The only forum available was one called "srb2 bulletin board", with every other forum hidden for the day. This theme had generally decent reception, but there were a few users who were displeased with haloperidol high the large amounts of spam that this april fools’ day joke encouraged. The event was also criticized for not allowing members to haloperidol high post in the regular forums.

This was the first april fools’ day not to have a specific theme. Rather, several separate events and jokes were prepared by the staff. The most prominent was a staged argument between the developers haloperidol high that involved making sonic’s eyes green in SRB2. Additionally, match test zone, which – as the name suggests – is a level used by the developers for testing the haloperidol high match system, was released on the main page of SRB2.Org, advertised as the most substantial SRB2 release yet. As a third event, a deliberately crashing version of XSRB2 was released into the haloperidol high then-empty hall of fame section of the releases forum, but was replaced the next day by a genuine release. This april fools’ day had generally positive reception, though some users criticized the lack of a theme.

After no april fools’ joke had been prepared in 2011, 2012 saw an update on SRB2.Org that showcased four new features in the upcoming v2.1 release. All of these were genuine, but because it was april fools’ day, the community speculated that part or all of the new haloperidol high features were fake.