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The remote control…Even if I have this set for quite some time what does haldol do I still curse the remote daily. Not only that it feels bad in the hand, the buttons are ridiculously hard to press. You get a much better remote from a entry-mid tier TV so that’s a bad feeling. To say the least.

The operating system. It is powered by MT5891. I updated from android 7 to 8. And, although it’s better… Too many times when I want to change the sound what does haldol do the on screen delay is mind blowing, usually the delay is 1 sec or so, acceptable, but there are times when it’s 4-7 that feels like an eternity. Also this applies to everything, but the sound I tend to click more. Moving on to internal apps. I watch a lot of stuff from HDD. So I need a player, the default is probably from win95. I installed kodi, all good till the recent update, now it has lip sync issues and there are others what does haldol do too but every single one has a big downside. How come LG can provide a decent remote, that seems alien tehnology compared to sony version, and an OS with all you need, a video player from 2019, fast, user friendly so on and so for.

But now, sony made the A8G exactly as A8F. The same X1 extreme the same MT5891 CPU, 2G more of ram that won’t help not even close as much as a good what does haldol do CPU will. No earc. I mean when I bought A8F at the time that what does haldol do were the top specs of sony, take it or leave it. The 950G features the new remote, improved CPU and X1 ultimate but not the A8G, how’s that even possible?!? Probably to justify the A9G price. Or maybe sony is on a quest, to mess up with the customers. The CPU MT5891 if you google a bit you’ll find it on phones that costs no more than what does haldol do 150$. And that were sold in 2015. Sony is a lot like life, lower your expectation and it will be awesome.

I just arrived home from a guy who just received what does haldol do the G and that’s why I am so enraged, I knew the specs but I hoped maybe it will what does haldol do be better. The PQ is the same but can be 100% sure because they weren’t side by side nor calibrated. The brightness is most likely the same.

Bottom line try to avoid A8G as long as you what does haldol do can still buy the A8F. For both you’ll need something like apple TV, harmony remote and overall patience. I went with sony mostly because of the motion, coming from C8. And I blame my eyes and brain processing for that. Let alone the motion, even if the PQ is better compared to LG, a TV nowadays it’s not only bound to that especially when it comes what does haldol do with a premium price tag. It just doesn’t feel premium at all. And the worse part, sony didn’t even try to change the 8G but instead opted what does haldol do to do so on 950G. How is it to pay more for a TV when what does haldol do the same maker sells an improved one that’s cheaper? Not good. From any angle I see this A8G I hate all what does haldol do that it represents.

You really have to know what you want when buying what does haldol do a TV. And more, you have to know what to expect. Maybe some stuff I wrote doen’t make sense right away. But keep in mind what sony did with A9F, they released it and 2 months later announced the A9G. So many people return it. Why? All point of buying an expensive TV, flagship too, so close to the release date is to feel that what does haldol do premium vibe, go to forums and talk about it, compare it, having people coming by and so on to feel you what does haldol do have something new, the latest tech. All gone…People will say to you "ohh that’s a great set you know sony announced A9G?" there are no more than 50 posts this year on what does haldol do A8F because we all expect to talk about the new what does haldol do sets. So who buys A8G to get awkward questions like.."I see that earlier this year 950G came with a what does haldol do nice new remote, CPU, x1 ultimate, how is it on A8G do you like this stuff?" or "man how is it better than A8F?". Maybe you care about this things or you don’t but keep in mind.