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Six flags america theme park/water park is located 15 minutes east of washington DC haloperidol used for a great place to take your family. The park features 10 fast and furious coasters, including superman, ride of steel; batwing-flying coaster, our classic wooden coaster the wild one. Thrill rides, two sections of kid’s rides just for the little ones and hurricane harbor haloperidol used for water park featuring hurricane bay – one of the world’s largest wave pools, the NEW whaoo river, and two kids activity pools. The water park is included with your park admission)

FALL: fright fest september 21-october 27 (selected dates) featuring the area’s biggest and best halloween celebrations with thrills by day haloperidol used for including trick or treating, kiddie hayrides, halloween shows and rides. Fright by night including haunted houses and attractions, halloween shows and coasters & rides in the dark.

WINTER: holiday in the park november 23, 2019 –january 1, 2020, featuring the area’s best christmas celebration with millions of sparkling lights and haloperidol used for displays, holiday shows (many in our indoor theaters), visits with santa and mrs. Claus, holiday meals and treats and select rides.

I was so excited to visit my first six flags haloperidol used for EVER in maryland! Turns out the hour train ride and the 40 minute haloperidol used for bus ride we took was for nothing, because as soon we got there we were greeted by haloperidol used for the RUDEST most LAZIEST employees I’ve ever had contact with. They didn’t want to be there and most importantly do there haloperidol used for jobs correctly. Coming from someone who lives in miami and is in haloperidol used for the hospitality business in MIAMI BEACH and also deals with haloperidol used for a variety of cultures and ethic backgrounds this experience left haloperidol used for me appalled. It all started at the ticket window where I asked haloperidol used for a simple question to purchase a ticket and was responded haloperidol used for with “I’m closed, can’t you see there’s another window open, stop bothering me” I never in my life have ever been responded with haloperidol used for such a sentence; first of all I’m the customer and should be treated and talked to haloperidol used for differently, when I am the one spending my time and hard haloperidol used for earned money at this park. Then came the security check where they manhandled me and haloperidol used for my partner because of unknown reasons. I don’t know if it was because we were homosexual but haloperidol used for I really didn’t add to the already unpleasant experience. The experience on the roller coasters was even worse with haloperidol used for the rude, teenage and unexperienced staff that was managing them. From the SUPERMAN roller coaster where they basically yell at haloperidol used for you, to the FIREBIRD roller coaster where the attendant grabbed my haloperidol used for mothers purse without her permission, and not even giving a reason as to why she haloperidol used for was even doing so. They then proceeded to talk about my family while we haloperidol used for were about to take off on the ride. Next came WILD ONE roller coaster where they were basically haloperidol used for complaining when their breaks were and NOT EVEN doing the haloperidol used for correct SAFETY CHECK to make sure that I was buckled haloperidol used for in correctly; god-forbid something we’re to happen to me or my partner because they haloperidol used for didn’t follow CORPORATE PROTOCOL! If you are looking into vacationing to a water park/theme park stick to the disney or universal studios properties, that you will NEVER EVER HAVE this kind of experience haloperidol used for in your life. DO NOT GO to six flags great america, save your money and go to another theme park that haloperidol used for you are better off having a better time and spending haloperidol used for your money wisely. I didn’t even want to rate them a one star, I would give them a NEGATIVE FIVE. I’m disgusted.

Six flags america is not our home park, but we are six flags gold season pass holders so haloperidol used for our parking and admission was 0$. It’s a great benefit to be a season pass holder, you can visit any six flags park in north america haloperidol used for with it! I recommend buying it, great value for sure. In any event, the park is fairly charming and in good repair in haloperidol used for most areas, but some areas should receive some TLC. We mostly rode the rollercoasters and they were fun, but not outstanding or highly themed, this is not dollywood or busch gardens. The staff was generally aloof and distant, mind you it was 100F in a heat wave. Superman the ride is the star of the show here haloperidol used for and it’s a lot of fun (especially in the dark), it’s an intamin coaster so it’s not surprising that it’s awesome. Superman is located in a secluded part of the park haloperidol used for surrounded by forest, quite the setting IMHO. Overall my rating of the park was quite good, but my free entry because of my season pass has haloperidol used for a lot to do with it. Check this park out if you have a chance, especially if you have a six flags season pass!

We want you to dress casually and comfortably, but in keeping with our family-friendly atmosphere, and for health and safety reasons, six flags america strictly enforces a dress code. Proper attire must be worn in the park at all haloperidol used for times, including shirts and appropriate footwear. Clothing with rude, vulgar or offensive language or graphics is not permitted at haloperidol used for any time (shirts cannot be turned inside out as a solution). Bathing suits may be worn only in hurricane harbor water haloperidol used for park. Park admission may be denied if clothing is deemed by haloperidol used for management to be inappropriate.

No. Six flags america is a smoke-free environment. Smoking and e-cigarettes may only be used in designated smoking areas. Please consult the park map for exact locations. Smoking is also prohibited for guests under 18 years of haloperidol used for age. Guests smoking outside of the designated areas will be ejected haloperidol used for from the park without refund.

Yes. Six flags america offers a limited number of strollers, wheelchairs, and electronically controlled vehicles for rent on a first-come, first-served basis. To rent yours, visit the main street service center, across from the main street fountain.

Yes. Guests can take advantage of all day and hourly storage haloperidol used for locker rentals. All day lockers are located in front of hurricane bay haloperidol used for in hurricane harbor and across from the grand theater on haloperidol used for main street. The lockers are available on a first come, first serve basis and cannot be reserved in advance. There is a nominal charge for locker usage. The lockers in hurricane harbor close when the water park haloperidol used for closes, typically an hour before the theme park closes for the haloperidol used for day. All items must be removed at this time. All lockers are cleared out each night at park close. Any articles found in lockers are turned into lost and haloperidol used for found. Six flags is not responsible for lost or stolen items.