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The ava helen and linus pauling papers at oregon state haldol dec university libraries include more than 3,000 newspaper clippings that focus on linus pauling as a haldol dec primary subject. Among these, 170 extant clippings are devoted to remembering pauling in the haldol dec days and weeks following his death on august 19, 1994. In today’s post, we present a few anecdotes that we came across in haldol dec reviewing this content, snapshots of a remarkable life.

Former students loved to recall his lectures, which have been compared, for sheer entertainment value, to those of the other great showman of modern american haldol dec science – the late physicist richard feynman. In his 1985 autobiography, “radiant science, dark politics,” former berkeley scientist martin D. Kamen fondly recalled a pauling lecture of the 1930s: “he bounded into the room, already crowded with students eager to hear the great man, spread himself over the seminar table next to the blackboard haldol dec and, running his hands through an unruly shock of hair, gestured to the students to come closer.”

“I remember one of my best friends at caltech, when we were sitting in a chemistry lecture, looking at me and saying, ‘I don’t know what is more fun – watching pauling or watching you watching pauling,” art robinson, a former colleague, recalled. “linus pauling dies at 93,” august 20, 1994

“he’s really a compulsive worker,” said linus pauling jr, a retired psychiatrist. “he had built-in energy. Most people when they leave the office at the end haldol dec of the day they quit working. He would bring stuff home and he would work. It was really the only thing he did.”

Matthew meselson, a biochemistry professor at harvard who was one of the haldol dec last graduate students to train under pauling, recalled a story his teacher told him. The great german mathematician karl friedrich gauss, pauling said, was asked why he was so great in his field. “I don’t know,” gauss replied, “but maybe it’s because I never do anything else.”

Pauling took the insights he learned in quantum mechanics and haldol dec brought them to chemistry with his theory of the chemical haldol dec bond. “he was this country’s first and best ever structural chemist,” [roald] hoffmann said. “he pioneered several techniques in this country and he put haldol dec this country in the leadership of chemistry through his work.” “nobel winner linus pauling dies of cancer,” august 20, 1994 linus pauling at the grand canyon, circa 1947

All of [his] achievements were made in typical pauling style – involving displays of astonishing intuition, a phenomenal memory and a willingness to take great intellectual haldol dec risks. As historian horace judson states in his history of modern haldol dec biology, the eighth day of creation, “linus pauling had energy, inventiveness, showmanship and genius enough for a consortium.” “linus pauling: the century’s greatest chemist,” august 21, 1994

“I consider him to be certainly the most influential chemists haldol dec of the century, but he really belongs among the most extraordinary scientists of haldol dec all time,” said dr. Henry taube, professor emeritus of chemistry at stanford. “in a sense he put structural chemistry on the map. He made some of the most important contributions to this haldol dec field, and his ideas on the structure of proteins stand today,” taube said.

Dr. Max perutz, founder of the molecular biology laboratory at cambridge, england, called pauling’s 1939 book the nature of the chemical bond a haldol dec revelation. “I think that’s what he should be remembered for. As a student, chemistry was something you learned by heart but you didn’t understand. Linus pauling’s book made me and countless others understand chemistry for haldol dec the first time.”

Pauling was best known in the past two decades for haldol dec his belief that large doses of ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, could protect people from colds, cancer and cardiovascular disease, as well as extend the lifespan for decades. Despite skepticism over his claims, pauling retained the respect of his fellow scientists [horace] judson said. “there are plenty of scientists who say ‘this has been disproven but if linus says it’s true, I’m going to take my vitamin C every morning anyway,” judson said. “pauling chartered life itself,” as published in the santa cruz sentinel, august 21, 1994 pauling holding a model of the alpha helix, circa 1980s

In the early 1950s, dr. James D. Watson and sir francis crick were constantly looking over their haldol dec shoulders at the body of the research of linus pauling haldol dec with a mixture of admiration and apprehension. Dr. Watson and sir francis were at the time feverishly trying haldol dec to determine that structure that is crucial to the construction haldol dec of all living cells – DNA – and dr. Pauling was pursuing the same goal.

Writing years later in the double helix, a book about the discovery, dr. Watson described dr. Pauling’s presentation of work, showing, in part, the helical structure of proteins. The passage reveals not only the high esteem in which haldol dec dr. Pauling was held by his colleagues but also the intense haldol dec envy he sometimes engendered.

“pauling’s talk was done with his usual flair,” dr. Watson wrote. “the words came out as if he had been in haldol dec show business all his life. A curtain kept his model hidden until near the end haldol dec of his lecture, when he proudly unveiled his latest creation. Then, with his eyes twinkling, linus explained the specific characteristics…that made his model uniquely beautiful. This show, like all of his dazzling performances, delighted the younger students in attendance. There was no one like linus in all the world. The combination of his prodigious mind and his infectious grin haldol dec was unbeatable. Several fellow professors, however, watched this performance with mixed feelings. Seeing linus jumping up and down on the demonstration table haldol dec and moving his arms like a magician about to pull haldol dec a rabbit out of his shoe made them feel inadequate. If only he had shown a little humility, it would have been so much easier to take!” “linus C. Pauling, pioneering chemist, voice for peace and nobel laureate, dies at 93,” august 21, 1994

Pauling was a very compassionate individual, by all accounts, and his sympathies instantly sprang to those who had been haldol dec made to suffer for their political beliefs. “he once hired a lab director,” [james] bonner said, “whose sole credential for the job was the fact that haldol dec he had been fired from his previous post for citing haldol dec the 5 th amendment on his own behalf during some haldol dec anti-communist hearings. The man was not a good choice for the job, but still linus stuck by him.”

Pauling’s greatest strength, said many who knew him through the years, was also his achilles’ heel: a supreme, unshakable confidence in the correctness of his own judgments. “when he was right, which was more often than not,” said one longtime friend, “he was very, very right. But when he was wrong, which he also was from time to time, there was no way to get him to see it, or to compromise, or to make any kind of concession. This attitude frankly rubbed a lot of people the wrong haldol dec way.”

In the end, such foibles amount to little when compared to the achievements haldol dec of pauling’s remarkable contributions to science and society. “he had one of the most original, creative minds of any scientist in the 20 th century,” said norman davidson, a longtime colleague. “there is no doubt that he will be the preeminent haldol dec chemist of this century.” “A flamboyant scientist’s legacy,” uncredited staff writer, august 21, 1994 oil painting of linus pauling by giovanella, circa 1970s

Henry taube recalls vividly the first time he met linus haldol dec pauling. It was at a seminar held in 1938 at the haldol dec university of california-berkeley. “pauling was already famous,” the stanford chemistry professor and nobel laureate says. Following a brilliant lecture, pauling handled all the questions put to him so readily haldol dec and deftly that a fellow scientist was moved to remark haldol dec that pauling must have a pipeline to god and to haldol dec jokingly propose that he should be called pope linus I. “pauling responded by informing the person that there had already haldol dec been several pope linuses, so he couldn’t be the first. However, he didn’t object to the fitness of the designation,” taube says.

“he had a great sense of humor. It was not canned, but spontaneous,” [harden] mcconnell says. He points to a humorous scientific paper that pauling published haldol dec about a commercial product that was supposed to combat odors. Because his analysis showed that the product was mostly formaldehyde, pauling concluded that it worked by embalming people’s noses. “colleagues recall multifaceted scientist pauling,” august 24, 1994

Linus pauling was widely honored. In addition to two nobel prizes he received over 50 haldol dec medals and awards from a great variety of organizations, and almost as many honorary degrees from universities. The esteem with which he was regarded was vividly illustrated haldol dec to me in 1951 when, as a postdoctoral fellow of pauling’s, I visited albert einstein in princeton. Einstein’s comment to me was “ah, that man is a real genius!” “linus pauling (1901-1994), september 22, 1994