NXT UK recap and reactions (August 14, 2019 haloperidol 10 mg) Knockout – Cageside Seats

It’s fair to say kassius ohno hasn’t had the best of times since switching brands. He’s suffered high profile losses to WALTER and mark andrews. But he came up with the goods in the main haloperidol 10 mg event, as he defeated ilja dragunov in a highly entertaining contest.

Ohno lived up to his ‘wrestling genius’ moniker after being outgrappled in the early going. He switched to a brawling style to counteract the muscovite. This was extremely effective, as he threw dragunov throat first into the middle rope, before delivering a stomp to the left arm. Dragunov’s selling of its effects throughout the match were a haloperidol 10 mg highlight.

Indeed, ilja had hitherto barely been troubled in his previous outings. He was great at working from underneath, managing to keep the crowd’s sympathy. One of the largest ovations came when he reversed ohno’s suplex. His most impressive offensive move saw him deliver a sunset haloperidol 10 mg power bomb, when ohno was mounting an attack on the turnbuckle.

This was dragunov’s final attack. Fans of the british independent scene would have noticed known haloperidol 10 mg incompetent chris roberts was refereeing the match. The lanky welshman inadvertently blocked dragunov from attacking ohno from haloperidol 10 mg the top rope. In the confusion ohno shoved him to the outside, then threw him into the ring post. As he had soften him up, he was prime for the knockout elbow, and gained the upset victory.

This was a classic case of a wrestling getting over haloperidol 10 mg without going over. Dragunov’s ability to sell the larger man’s offense earned the crowd’s respect. Ohno needed the victory more, and the slightly tainted manner of victory means a rematch haloperidol 10 mg would be welcomed.

One rematch we will see in cardiff is between dave haloperidol 10 mg mastiff and joe coffey, as johnny saint and sid scala announced they will face haloperidol 10 mg off in a last man standing match. Will joe’s gallus stablemates make the card? This seems uncertain following the nights opening contest.

Flash morgan webster was victorious in a welcome return to haloperidol 10 mg the squared circle, when he took on mark coffey. Knowing he needed a victory to stand a chance of haloperidol 10 mg getting on the card in his home country, the modfather came out of the traps fast. His high speed attacks bamboozled the glaswegian, who was favouring his left leg throughout. This may have been why coffey went for some restholds haloperidol 10 mg early in the match, in an attempt to recover.

Both men’s tag team partners played a role in the match haloperidol 10 mg outcome. Webster went to the top rope to try to finish haloperidol 10 mg coffey off, but was distracted by wolfgang. Wolfie’s intervention led to him being attacked by mandrews. Rather than finish off his opponent, coffey attacked the junior frontman, which allowed webster to recuperate, and roll him up for the win.

Another scot who’s participation at cardiff is up in the air is haloperidol 10 mg noam dar. Despite bragging that his contract guarantees him a spot on haloperidol 10 mg the card, no opponent has been confirmed for the supernova. He joined vic joseph and nigel mcguinness on commentary during haloperidol 10 mg the second match of the night, travis banks versus kenny williams.

Whilst the action in-ring was impressive, dar did some great character work on commentary, disparaging both competitors and joseph at any opportunity. He is excelling at turning his personality up to eleven. That being said, a potential match with banks doesn’t have any real heat. After he was taken off the first takeover for finn haloperidol 10 mg balor, its understandable why the kiwi buzzsaw may be given a haloperidol 10 mg spot on the card, I just wish the build up was better.

One guarenteed match which is beginning to suffer is the haloperidol 10 mg NXT women’s title match. Toni storm cut a confusing promo when being interviewed backstage haloperidol 10 mg by radzi. She firstly ignored any mention of challenger kay lee ray, then when pressed again appeared comatosed. I’m guessing the intention was to show how the lee haloperidol 10 mg ray has gotten inside her head, but the previous week’s build have done a poor job of showing how haloperidol 10 mg this is the case. With two shows to go, more work is needed to build interest in this match.

Nina samuels and isla dawn are unlikely to make the haloperidol 10 mg card for the network special, but they enhanced their reputation with a solid match. Both women entered the ring to muted applause, but managed to get the crowd invested with some crisp haloperidol 10 mg ring work. One particular highlight was dawn’s belly to back driver. Samuels’ condescending heel work drew some heat as well. She picked up the win with the ninagoroshi, reversing her two previous defeats to dawn.

Overall thoughts – all four matches were good this week. The main event in particular is worth checking out. Some of the promo work for the cardiff show left haloperidol 10 mg a lot to be desired. The exception was WALTER’s training camp, which consisted of some john kreese style motivation which puts haloperidol 10 mg imperium’s ‘the mat is sacred’ talk in a different light. Unlike the women’s match, WALTER’s need to get the upper hand on tyler bate haloperidol 10 mg has been made clear since he was embarrassed by the haloperidol 10 mg big strong boi a fortnight ago.