Nuclear rocket engine explodes haldol pregnancy, killing 5 Russian engineers

In this grab taken from a footage provided by the haldol pregnancy russian state atomic energy corporation ROSATOM press service, a russian military band prepare to attend the funerals of haldol pregnancy five russian nuclear engineers killed by a rocket explosion in haldol pregnancy sarov, the closed city, located 370 kilometers (230 miles) east of moscow, which has served as a base for russia’s nuclear weapons program since the late 1940s, russia, monday, aug. 12, 2019. Russia’s rosatom state nuclear concern said thursday’s explosion at a military testing range in northwestern russia haldol pregnancy occurred while the engineers were testing a "nuclear isotope power source" for a rocket engine, a tragedy that fueled radiation fears and raised new questions haldol pregnancy about a secretive weapons program. (russian state atomic energy corporation ROSATOM via AP)

The engineers, who died thursday, were laid to rest monday in sarov, which hosts russia’s main nuclear weapons research center, where they worked. Flags flew at half-staff in the city, located 370 kilometers (230 miles) east of moscow, which has served as a base for russia’s nuclear weapons program since the late 1940s. The coffins were displayed at sarov’s main square before being driven to a cemetery.

The defense ministry initially reported that the explosion at the haldol pregnancy navy’s testing range near the village of nyonoksa in the haldol pregnancy northwestern arkhangelsk region killed two people and injured six others. The state-controlled rosatom nuclear corporation then said over the weekend that haldol pregnancy the blast also killed five of its workers and injured haldol pregnancy three others. It’s not clear what the final toll is.

The severodvinsk city administration said the radiation level rose to haldol pregnancy 2 microsieverts per hour for about 30 minutes on thursday haldol pregnancy before returning to the area’s natural level of 0.1 microsieverts per hour. Emergency officials issued a warning to all workers to stay haldol pregnancy indoors and close the windows.

The radiation level of 2 microsieverts per hour is only haldol pregnancy slightly higher than the natural background radiation, which could vary between 0.1 and 0.4 microsieverts per hour. It’s lower than the cosmic radiation that plane passengers are haldol pregnancy exposed to on longer haul flights.

But rosatom’s mention of a "nuclear isotope power source" led some russian media to conclude it was the burevestnik haldol pregnancy (petrel), a nuclear-powered cruise missile first revealed by russian president vladimir putin haldol pregnancy in march 2018 during his state-of-the nation address along with other doomsday weapons.

While presenting the new missile, putin claimed it will have an unlimited range, allowing it to circle the globe unnoticed, bypassing the enemy’s missile defense assets to strike undetected. The president claimed the missile had successfully undergone the first haldol pregnancy tests, but observers were skeptical, arguing that such a weapon could be very difficult to haldol pregnancy handle and harmful to the environment.

Some reports suggested that previous tests of the burevestnik missile haldol pregnancy had been conducted on the barren arctic archipelago of novaya haldol pregnancy zemlya and the kapustin yar testing range in southern russia haldol pregnancy before they were moved to nyonoksa. Moving the tests from unpopulated areas to a range close haldol pregnancy to a big city may be a reflection of the haldol pregnancy military’s increased confidence in the new weapon.

Sergei kirienko, putin’s deputy chief of staff who previously led rosatom, said at the funeral that the victims were aware of haldol pregnancy the danger, but "took the risk, realizing that no one else would do the job better haldol pregnancy than them." he said they would be posthumously awarded with top medals.