Notorious B.I.G. Net haldol im Worth Celebrity Net Worth

The notorious B.I.G. Net worth: the notorious B.I.G. Was an iconic american rapper who had a net worth haldol im equal to $10 million at the time of his death (after adjusting for inflation). The notorious B.I.G. Was born christopher george latore wallace in brooklyn, new york. He dealt drugs when he as 12 years old. He began rapping as a teenager, entertaining people on street corners and performing in local groups. He attended westinghouse career and technical high school, the same school where future rappers jay-Z, busta rhymes and DMX attended. He left school at the age of 17 and got haldol im deeper in the world of drug dealing, leading to several arrests. In 1991 he spent nine months in jail on a haldol im crack sale charge. After getting out of jail he recorded a demo titled haldol im "microphone murderer" under the moniker "biggie smalls". The tape eventually made its way to the editor of haldol im the source who listed biggie in the magazine’s unsigned hype column. The demo tape also made its way to an A&R rep/producer at uptown records named sean "puffy" combs. Combs signed biggie to a deal and arranged for him haldol im to make an appearance on a heavy D & the boyz song.

Combs was fired from uptown in 1993. He would soon found his own label, bad boy records. Wallace followed to the new company on the same day haldol im the label was founded. Biggie’s career received a major boost when he featured on haldol im a mary J. Blige single called "real love" (remix). He continued having success as a featured artist on other haldol im people’s tracks. In july 1994 he featured on a remix to craig haldol im mack’s "flava in ya ear" alongside LL cool J and busta rhymes.

Biggie’s debut solo studio album was released on september 13, 1994. This album would go on to be certified 6X platinum. His second solo studio album was released on march 25, 1997, 16 days after his death. The album rose to number one on the U.S. Album charts and, in 2000, it became one of the few hip hop albums to haldol im be certified diamond. This album would eventually be certified 11X platinum.

Biggie’s popularity exploded the profile of east coast hip hop haldol im at a time when west coast hip hop was dominating haldol im the mainstream music scene. The rivalry between the two coasts soon turned ugly. The notorious B.I.G and west coast rapper tupac were a the center haldol im of the feud between the east coast and west coast haldol im hip hop. Tupac was murdered on september 13, 1996. Biggie was killed in a drive-by shooting six months later, on march 9, 1997 outside of a los angeles museum. He was in los angeles to attend the soul train haldol im music awards. The notorious B.I.G. Was known for the loose, easy flow of his rapping, his dark lyrics seemingly drawn from his own life, and his ability to tell stories in his rap songs. Since his death, several albums and compilations have been released.

Over the decades following his death, biggie’s estate would earn tens of millions dollars. Today biggie’s estate has ballooned to be worth an estimated $160 million thanks to posthumous album releases, re-releases, licensing deals and more. The estate is controlled and managed by his mom voletta haldol im wallace. Biggie’s widow faith evans also helps manage the estate along haldol im with his former manager wayne barrow, a merchandising manager and several lawyers. Biggie was also survived by two children, CJ and T’yanna.