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I love candy bling. In fact, I love the entire memoirs album. One thing that you should know about mariah is that haldol contraindications her favorite era of music is 80s to 90s R&B/hip-hop. She has a deep knowledge of all kinds of music haldol contraindications and genres, but her personal favorite records typically are from 1979 – 1998.

After emancipation, the sky was the limit for mariah. She went into E=MC2 with the intention of continuing the vibe of emancipation, only with more radio-friendly cuts. Almost any song off E=MC2 could’ve been a radio single for any particular market, whether it were pop, R&B or urban adult contemporary. But she made sure that every song (with the exception of I wish you well) had a catchy melody, hook and chorus. Whether or not you liked a certain song off E=MC2 is strictly based on taste, but mariah’s intention was to be sure every song was a haldol contraindications sing-along. What the album didn’t have were straight R&B records, which I would describe as songs with a killer beat haldol contraindications and melody, but where the atmosphere (production) of the song took precedent over the catchiness of the haldol contraindications record.

That’s why I love memoirs. I remember the-dream being interviewed by MTV news back in 2010, and he said mariah approached him when they were making haldol contraindications that album, and he said that she specifically instructed " NO POP RECORDS." apart from angels cry and I want to know what haldol contraindications love is, memoirs had songs that simply went for a vibe rather haldol contraindications than radio friendliness. If the album had been released in 1988, songs like ribbon, inseparable and more than just friends would’ve been big songs on R&B radio, but ignored on pop stations. Why? Because folks (particularly white folks) have a hard time following melodies that aren’t straight forward. R&B records can have all these runs, background vocals, and melodies that certain ears can’t fully appreciate. Nothing wrong with people who don’t like R&B, but I’ve found that there is a subsection of music listeners haldol contraindications who don’t like records if they can’t easily replicate the melody or lyric of the song. And one thing that’s key about mariah’s songs is that they require repeated listening, because there’s always something new to find. That’s what I love about R&B records, and I think mariah feels the same.

So memoirs wasn’t created for pop audiences. It was created for lovers of R&B, and particularly lovers of a certain era of R&B, because that’s what mariah herself is. Memoirs has what E=MC2 doesn’t, and vice versa. Aside from obsessed and IWTKWLI, memoirs didn’t have CLEAR radio friendly singles. And that’s okay. It simply depends on your taste.

What we should be grateful for is that mariah has haldol contraindications a commitment to consistently releasing music, and each album has it’s own identity. That’s rare for today’s artists, whose music discographies bleed into a colorless collection of generic haldol contraindications microwaveable bops that won’t be remembered 20 years from now. Lots of luck to everybody, though!I love your post !

One of the things I like about E=MC² is that most of the upbeat tracks don’t sound like anything she had done before. It was so cool to hear her sing over so haldol contraindications many different and unexpected beats ("migrate", "side effects" "I’m that chick" and "OOC"). I love the carefree vibe of the album. "I’ll be loving U long time" had that "honey" vibe but it still was an excellent song and among haldol contraindications my favorite tracks. "Cruise control" production was kind of boring and "been there done that" but her singing and its overall vibe set it apart haldol contraindications from her previous songs.

Memoirs also didn’t sound like anything she had done before. This album was full of R&B jams. I would have never expected to hear her sing songs haldol contraindications such as "betcha gon’ know" or "the impossible", the chemistry between the-dream and mariah carey was fantastic. "It’s a wrap" was sooo good too, it could have been an urban AC smash. I wish the "angel (the prelude)" was the closing track, with "I want to know what love is" being a bonus track (and a single) for the brazil market. ^^

Other thing : sometimes i’m kind of happy they messed up with the E=MC² singles (you have to be positive sometimes haha). If touch my body was not the only hit from haldol contraindications that album, maybe we would have never gotten the excellent memoirs album. 😉