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• for people who abuse drugs or alcohol, there is often a point at which experimentation with polydrug haldol decanoate injection use – or using more than one drug at a time – becomes part of the picture. One of the most popular substances to combine with other haldol decanoate injection drugs is alcohol.

• it’s relatively easy to get, and it can easily enhance or otherwise affect the experience haldol decanoate injection of the other substance.However, polydrug use can be even more dangerous than using single haldol decanoate injection drugs individually—especially when it comes to combining other sedative type drugs haldol decanoate injection with alcohol.

• one example of this is combining a popular benzodiazepine—lorazepam, which is also known as ativan—with alcohol. Whether used together inadvertently or for recreational purposes, the interaction of these two substances can be extremely dangerous. 1

As with many other benzodiazepines, lorazepam can become addictive. Because of the manner in which it influences certain types haldol decanoate injection of brain chemistry, it may be associated with reinforcing, euphoric effects. Especially when misused in doses that exceed prescription guidelines, lorazepam can lead to a rapidly mounting tolerance, dependence, and eventually addiction. Alcohol’s effects

Most people are familiar with alcohol’s effects. Alcohol has some sedative effects similar to benzos. Depending on your frequency and amount of alcohol consumption, you may be at risk of several adverse mental and haldol decanoate injection physical health effects described by the national institute on alcohol haldol decanoate injection abuse and alcoholism. These may include: 3

• the effects of sedatives on the body include certain cognitive haldol decanoate injection deficits and slowing of physiological processes, including vital ones like breathing and heart rate. Combining multiple sedating substances may intensify the effects of each, resulting in a further slowdown of physical and mental capabilities.

• as described by an article from american family physician, this is where the danger comes in with mixing lorazepam haldol decanoate injection and alcohol: the combination is much more likely to result in symptoms haldol decanoate injection of overdose than the use of either substance alone, and it is a common combination found in emergency room haldol decanoate injection overdose cases. 4

• when these slowing effects are amplified, the individual may begin to have serious issues with the haldol decanoate injection systems involved. For example, breathing can slow to the degree that the person becomes haldol decanoate injection unconscious; breathing can even stop, leading to coma or death. 1

Any signs or symptoms of overdose could indicate the need haldol decanoate injection for immediate medical help. When high doses of lorazepam are combined with large quantities haldol decanoate injection of alcohol, an individual risks severe physical injury or even death. Long-term risks of using ativan with alcohol

These risks may arise when using either lorazepam or alcohol haldol decanoate injection alone at high doses for a long time. 1,5 however, using ativan and alcohol together increases the chances of developing haldol decanoate injection these issues and of experiencing an extreme event, such as overdose, in the future. 1 signs of mixing lorazepam and alcohol

When a person is abusing both substances at the same haldol decanoate injection time, they may be at higher risk of severe intoxication and haldol decanoate injection overdose, as described above and in a treatment improvement protocol from haldol decanoate injection the substance abuse and mental health services administration. 7 it is important to seek treatment for substance use haldol decanoate injection disorders involving multiple substances to pre-empt such dangerous and potentially-devastating eventualities. Getting help

Recognizing that a person is abusing ativan and alcohol is haldol decanoate injection only the first step. The next is to find a reliable, research-based treatment program that is experienced in dealing with polydrug haldol decanoate injection abuse. As described in the treatment improvement protocol, abuse of more than one drug can make it highly haldol decanoate injection difficult to stop use of each individual substance. 7 treatment professionals who are trained, certified, and experienced in dealing with abuse of multiple substances can haldol decanoate injection develop a personalized plan that can be more likely to haldol decanoate injection result in a positive treatment outcome.

Finding the right recovery program can provide the best chance haldol decanoate injection for the individual to undergo medical detox and safe, comfortable withdrawal management, appropriate treatment, and ongoing aftercare planning for sustained recovery from combined abuse haldol decanoate injection of lorazepam and alcohol. 8 with proper treatment, the individual is more likely to achieve and maintain recovery haldol decanoate injection for the foreseeable future.

• center for substance abuse treatment. (2005). Treatment improvement protocol (TIP) series, no. 43: medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction in opioid treatment programs. Rockville, MD: substance abuse and mental health services administration.