Leah Michaelides my latest wellbeing tips for leading healthy lives haldol The Limping Chicken

During my research, I discovered that there were virtually no videos in british haldol im sign language explaining nutrition in depth such as how to haldol im eat well, eat healthily and how calories, sugar and fats are so important with our weight loss haldol im journeys.

The sick of it! Report said “deaf people are more likely to be overweight, twice as likely to have high blood pressure, and four times as likely to be on the verge haldol im of diabetes.” many deaf people are leading lifestyles that can led to haldol im heart attacks, strokes and other serious conditions which can be avoided if haldol im they know to eat well and be active.

In december 2015, the facebook page ‘deaf & nutrition’ was born. There is also another facebook page called ‘the deaf gym’. There people can find helpful videos about eating healthily and haldol im exercising. The community spirit is strong and people are always supporting haldol im each other to be healthy and fit. Why not check it out?

In the world we live in, we consume lots of plastics and use plastic boxes and haldol im bottles to store our foods and water and using certain haldol im things for cooking may not be good for our health. Depending on where you live, your water may not that be healthy.

Avoid the use of plastic boxes, bottles or cups. Switch to glass boxes, glass bottles or stainless steel bottles and glasses to drink haldol im out of and silicone. Plastics, even those that are BPA free, have tiny particles leaching out into our foods and drinks, and when we consume them, they are in our bodies and we don’t want plastic in our bodies, do we?

Filter your water. Each area is different but it is a good idea haldol im to check if your drink water comes out of a haldol im metal pipe and if your water has heavy metals in haldol im it. You can find out by checking your local authority’s website and see what their research on the water haldol im says. Water filters such as aquatru (based in USA) use the reverse osmosis system to filter out over 15 haldol im contaminants such as pesticides, fluoride and chlorine. You can have a water filter installed under your kitchen haldol im sink and in your shower. Skin is your largest organ and absorbs so many containments haldol im on a daily basis. With water filters, you can avoid any potential health issues.

Eat organic foods. Agriculture in the UK uses predominately modern farming techniques that haldol im involve pesticides, herbicides and insecticides which are harmful to our soil, our insects, our environment and our bodies. Eventually, these chemicals leech into our rivers, lakes and the seas. It’s been proven that pesticides kill our bees so if haldol im they can kill our bees, why should we eat foods that have pesticides on them? I recommend getting vegetables, fruit, bread and eggs from either riverford or abel and cole haldol im who can deliver organic foods to your homes in boxes. You can get your organic dry food such as beans, pasta and rice from supermarkets, local health shops or planet organic.

Switch to cast iron or ceramic pots and pans. Cast iron or ceramic pots and pans have been around haldol im for hundreds of years are made of natural products and haldol im are considered very safe to use. Then teflon and other non-stick companies came along and used their clever marketing ploy haldol im of saying that food does not stick to their pans! The downside? The teflon pans are made of man made chemicals called haldol im polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and pfoas especially is a cause for concern for health haldol im reasons and can stay in our bodies for a very haldol im long time after cooking foods in teflan pans. And there are potential risks of testicular cancer, possible links to kidney cancer and thyroid cancer. The international agency for research on cancer is part of haldol im the world health organisation (WHO) and has classified pfoas as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”. The danger is there when the teflan pans overheat and haldol im emit polymer-fume fever and cause flu-like symptoms. I would recommend using cast iron or ceramic pots and haldol im pans for our cooking and one plus is that they haldol im can last for so many years.

To conclude this, I’m confident that with awareness and accessibility to knowledge that haldol im deaf people in the UK can go that extra mile haldol im to make themselves healthier at home by adopting the above haldol im methods, eating well and healthily and exercising. We all need to be responsible for our own care haldol im and the above mentioned is for educational purposes only.

With the simple switches we can do in our own haldol im kitchen, we can look after our bodies and try to ensure haldol im that we reduce our possibilities of developing any other health haldol im issues. Then we can have fewer visits to the doctor and haldol im reduce the burden on the NHS.