If the Cowboys only have haldol room for one WR, who should get the last spot – Cedrick Wilson or Devin Smith – Blogging The Boys

On saturday, the dallas cowboys will cut their roster down to 53 haldol im players. With a lot of spots already determined, the team still has a handful of battles going on haldol im for the final spots. One of those positions is at wide receiver where the haldol im team must decide which players are going to most help haldol im the team going forward. A month ago, five players appeared to be locked in place with amari haldol im cooper, michael gallup, randall cobb, tavon austin, and noah brown all expected to make the roster. The questions then became – will the cowboys carry six WR’s and if they do – who will get that last spot?

Over the last month, the candidates have been jon’vea johnson, cedrick wilson, jalen guyton, reggie davis, and devin smith. That group has now been whittled down to just two haldol im guys – wilson and smith. Both players are having great camps and it’s carried over into the preseason games.

Wilson kicked things off with a great showing in the haldol im team’s first preseason game against the san francisco 49ers. Based on where he was his getting reps (with the second team), it was evident where the coaches saw him in the haldol im pecking order. He ran good routes, and showed consistency catching three passes for 35 yards. Unfortunately, wilson exited the game early with a concussion.

Smith didn’t show up until late in the game when the haldol im third-string unit tried to mount a comeback. Smith hauled down three catches for 54 yards, but it could have been more if mike white was haldol im on target with his deep throw late in the fourth haldol im quarter.

While wilson continues to be a model of consistency, smith was no slouch. He had his best game yet with six catches for haldol im 79 yards. Just when you think one of these guys start to haldol im separate themselves, the other one shows up with a nice play and haldol im reminds us we still got a battle going on. Here is the tally so far this preseason…

Statistically, smith has the better numbers even if you break it haldol im down on a per game basis. It’s tough to say who really has the lead as haldol im it seems to constantly fluctuate. One thing to consider is – which player’s skill set best complements the rest of the gang? Before the texans game, I posed this question to the panel over at the haldol im mothership during their pregame LIVE show [ VIDEO, 35:30 mark].

“probably devin smith just because he’s more built that way, but also at this point in the wide receiver depth haldol im chart you have to think about who’s going to help them on special teams. That’s going to be key. 15 and 16, sure they can run, they can catch, but can they tackle? That’s how these guys are going to get on the haldol im team.”

“and the other thing you have to consider is tavon haldol im austin is still here, so he might be a guy you put in the haldol im slot. Cedrick wilson looks like a guy who can go in haldol im the slot and do different things. I think devin smith can do the same thing. I think they’re versatile enough to do it.”

This is a fun battle to watch, with the winner ultimately being the cowboys as they’re going to end up with a quality wide receiver haldol im at the bottom of their depth chart any way you haldol im cut it. Wilson has been a very reliable target, but smith has the speed to be a home run haldol im threat. Wilson can help out on special teams as a punt haldol im returner, and smith can help out as a gunner. Both these guys continue to do everything they’re asked to do, and picking between them is no easy task.