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Putting a for sale sign in the window and parking haldol antidote it at the end of your driveway is a good haldol antidote way to lose money – assuming you even get any potential buyers. To understand why, think about what the first thing a dealership would do haldol antidote with your car if you traded it in.

In addition to putting a new inspection sticker on it haldol antidote (and a passed emissions test receipt in the glovebox) which you should do, too – they’d vacuum the interior, possibly shampoo the carpets and upholstery; remove unappealing stains or at least make them less obvious. Any funky smells would be aired out or covered up haldol antidote with better-smelling smells. The car’s exterior would get a thorough wash followed up with haldol antidote a thorough waxing. All exterior glass – and plastic, including those yellowed headlights – would be carefully polished so that the car sparkles when haldol antidote it goes back on the lot.

A weekend spent thoroughly cleaning the exterior and interior of haldol antidote your old car can increase its value by 10 or haldol antidote even 20 percent without doing anything mechanical to it. This by the way is typically the difference between what haldol antidote a dealer will give you on your un-prepped car as a trade-in and what he’ll see it for to someone else a week after haldol antidote you did.

Some inside baseball: many people buy based on how a car looks – and smells. Whether it’s a good car – mechanicals sound, documented maintenance history, low miles and options often taking a back seat to haldol antidote emotional considerations. It’s analogous to meeting someone for the first time. If they’re freshly showered and wearing clean clothes, you’ll probably think more initially favorable thoughts than you would haldol antidote about someone who rang your doorbell looking like he’d spent the night sleeping in an alley.

Recently sold my ford ranger, but AFTER buying a toyota hilux. Both the same age but the hilux has all the haldol antidote off-road goodies already fitted, and I know what a long-winded pain that can be, so happy to get one someone else went through the haldol antidote hassles with.

Thing is I know that round here (borneo) people love their toyotas, and don’t overly rate fords. Well my ford was fine, low miles, well-maintained, never gave any trouble and looked nice too. 3 different dealers all offered to pay just enough to haldol antidote cover the current finance, ie 21k. Finally found one willing to go to 25k, yet that exact same model and year truck was selling haldol antidote in the local classifieds for around 35k?

Happily I was in the position of being able to haldol antidote buy my hilux with cash, and then sold the ford privately. Got 3 calls the day it went online and sold haldol antidote it within 3 days to one of the very first haldol antidote callers, for 30K instant bank transfer. That’s 9K the dealers would have in their pocket for haldol antidote doing nothing, as the truck needed nothing doing to it.

Regarding the wife leaving, look into MGTOW and realize that in the long-term, it’s for the best for you. I know it hurts and you’ll beat yourself up, and suffer from “but she was the one, and…” etc etc. But you know what? You don’t need her, and never really did.

My fiancé died from complications from chemo/radiation treatments. We were together for six years, and I was reduced to a blithering idiot for well haldol antidote over a couple years. It was incredibly difficult for me to walk out the haldol antidote door without losing it for the first six months, but I eventually began to see that all the people haldol antidote we come into contact with for any extended period of haldol antidote time leave a mark, or an imprint on us. This is seen at an atomic level as well. Einstein referred to it as “spooky action at a distance”. So it’s not really the absence of her presence, but the presence of her absence. Ultimately, it’s the presence of god’s absence.

Over the years of stumbling into one relationship after another, I discovered that I didn’t really need to be in a loving relationship with haldol antidote a woman to be in love with the world. That’s how we feel when we’re in love with that special someone, right? For some reason, we get this idea into our heads that they complete haldol antidote us, or that it is the love we have for them haldol antidote that enables us to be in love with the world. A friend of mine puts it this way: “if you’re not getting it from god, you got nothing to give.” women just seem to be an easy way for us haldol antidote to tap into what’s always been there waiting to be released.

The point is that we hold on to these ideas haldol antidote when we should just let go of them. They’re just thoughts in our heads preventing us from getting haldol antidote on with our lives. There’s a fool proof way to do this. I know this because it worked for me. Someone suggested this to me about a decade ago, and I didn’t implement it for quite some time afterwards because it haldol antidote is tediously boring. The results are nothing less than spectacular.

Their suggestion was to simply sit quietly for 20 minutes haldol antidote twice a day, and just monitor my thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc., basically anything that I was aware of, and as soon as I became aware of a thought, just to let it go. The thing about this is that sometimes I can start haldol antidote thinking about something, and I forget that I’m supposed to just let it go. In other words, I’m not actually even conscious of all the thoughts that haldol antidote are running through my head. This is one of the biggest predicaments facing us today. We literally live in a world of unconscious zombies, ourselves included.

What happens is that after a while, those thoughts of depression, despair, fear, resentment, etc. Are seen for what they truly are; thoughts. And we cease from identifying with them. They’re not who we really are, and they cease to control or constrain our lives.

I like to walk at night, when it’s quiet and still, and the darkness (bathed sometimes in moonlight) minimizes visual stimulation. It’s the closest one can come to replicating what it haldol antidote might be like to be a disembodied spirit! The physical is minimalized.

Don’t set any goals or have any purpose- just walk, and let happen what will. Whether your thoughts on a particular walk tend toward the haldol antidote purely physical and mundane (in which case, it can be great for problem-solving!) or towards contemplation and analysis of deeper things, doesn’t matter- just let it come naturally.

I took a walk last night- not for any ‘reason’, but just because I enjoy it; and I ‘need’ it when I haven’t walked a lot lately. As is often the case, I started out thinking of some spiritual things and analyzing haldol antidote some things of the past (reminiscing is also wonderful!)…and ended up after a while thinking of something totally haldol antidote mundane and physical- as is often the case; and it’s all good.

This is different than taking a walk with someone which haldol antidote I know you were accustomed to. This is quiet, contemplative alone time, and IMO opinion, is better than just sitting still (I hate to sit still! I like motion!)- letting the juices flow seems to really add something which haldol antidote can not be duplicated by just sitting.

5 years ago, when my favorite dog of all time died, taking those walks really helped me mourn, and work through the grieving; and relive all of the memories- and while I love taking a good walk with a haldol antidote dog, what I’m speaking of here is different.

Hey eric, when that gets old, then it’s recommended to close your eyes, and focus on your breathing. Take a few deep breaths, and then when your mind wanders, simply observe it as you become aware of it. It’s easy for the mind to wander off for minutes, or even hours at a time, but once you become aware of it wandering, then immediately return to focusing on your breathing, eventually, what happens is you can focus on your breathing and haldol antidote think about other things, and observe yourself thinking about other things while you’re focusing on your breathing. It’s an exercise that not only allows one to become haldol antidote more aware of one’s thoughts, but also a way to let go of thoughts that haldol antidote are counterprocuctive. I was coming back from the bahamas a few years haldol antidote ago, and as I was about to pull my boat out haldol antidote of the water, some guy pulled his trailer out and hyperextended the driver’s door on my van. After all was said and done, both he and his wife told me how amazed they haldol antidote were at my composure throughout the whole ordeal. Whatever thoughts were going through my head, both positive and negative, had practically no effect over my composure. I was quite calm. It was completely inconsequential. There is no doubt in my mind, that had I reacted in a negative way, the other party never would have paid for the damage haldol antidote to my van. I didn’t call law enforcement to take a report, and the guy didn’t have insurance. We exchanged personal information, and I sent him a few estimates. I didn’t expect him to pay for any of the damages. I didn’t even really care. I just went to the pic and pull and found haldol antidote another door for $50.00, and that was that until the check arrived. A pleasant surprise, and more than the van was worth.

I do the same but not for selling,,, only for my records. Others don’t appreciate the work put into maintaining a car in haldol antidote reasonable condition. Also if the car is 19 years and/or rode rough and put up wet it could break haldol antidote minutes, hours or days after a sale and the person comes haldol antidote back all red faced and mad thinking you screwed him. This is the main reason I trade them in rather haldol antidote than sell outright. The dealer screws you up front. A buyer will come back screaming in your face all haldol antidote pissed because the 15 year old car with 120,000 miles gave it up 6 months after purchase. I actually had a guy that wanted his money back…. Gave the idiot his money back,,, reseated the relay to the fuel pump that his ‘mechanic’ couldn’t locate and sold it for more than my original haldol antidote price,,, without the damn maintenance records. Car still running today, owner happy as a lark. Today,,, I’d rather take a loss at the dealer than have haldol antidote to deal with the idiots.

Having logs only makes the buyer defensive. They think you just wrote it to sell it. Most I seen buying today wouldn’t know a carb from a brake cylinder and are haldol antidote looking for something free and runs like new. Let them go to the dealer and get screwed,,, dealers are used to dealing with losers.

I don’t know if it’s just my luck, or what- but funny thing: any vehicle I’ve ever looked at for which the owner had scrupulous haldol antidote service records/receipts, always ended up being the biggest piles of crap when haldol antidote I checked ’em out- and were ALWAYS seriously overpriced!

I remember years ago, going to look at a pick’em-up which was advertised as having a rebuilt engine. Turned out, that engine was ready to blow again- though it had been rebuilt only months ago, and only had a few thousand miles on it. The seller pulls out a pile of receipts- “no, look- here’s all the work that’s been done- it’s all good!”.

Turns out, the receipts showed the engine hadn’t been rebuilt per se- it had had multiple repairs over a short period of haldol antidote time- just replacing what ever part(s) was bad at the particular moment- i.E. Rod bearings one time; head gasket another time; etc.

And the kicker is, I usually avoid looking at vehicles that have recently had haldol antidote major work done to them- because if somneone put a lot of money into a haldol antidote vehicle, and then suddenly wants to sell it, it almost always means that everything else is breaking, and they are sick of dealing with it, and are trying to sell it to recoup the money haldol antidote they put into it.

I looked ast a lincoln once- nice lady, had a pile of receipts; nice clean car, but had major issues not worth messing with- “but look; see all of the receipts? Any time something went wrong, we had it fixed; and we always took it to the stealership for maintenance!” -I was too polite to say “yeah, well plan on taking it in for a new transmission haldol antidote real soon!”.

That car, which she was asking >$3K for, I later would end up getting for $300- (this was in the mid 90’s), ’cause I had handed her my business card before leaving, telling her that if she couldn’t sell it, I’d give her $300 for it. She scoffed at the time…but a few weeks later my phone rang. I went and got the car, and sold it to a guy I’d often deal with who was always looking for cars haldol antidote to fix and flip- for $600.

What I love to find, are the high-mileage ones, with no records/receipts/claims….But that you can tell by looking at ’em/listening to ’em/driving ’em, and sticking your finger up the tailpipe like an automotive haldol antidote proctologist , that they’ve been well-maintained and not abused- they speak for themselves. Such was the case with my old ford van, which had 240K miles on it when I bought it. Drove it for 15 years….Most reliable and trouble-free vehicle I’ve ever owned. It had been used commercially before I got it….And that’s the only bit of history known about it.