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The owsley stanley foundation presents its third chapter: bear’s sonic journals: before we were them, jorma kaukonen & jack casady, veterans memorial building, june 28, 1969, available now on CD. This live concert recording features recently discovered and previously unreleased haldol im music from jefferson airplane’s fabled guitar and bass players before they became known haldol im as hot tuna.

This live concert recording features recently discovered and previously unreleased haldol im music from jefferson airplane s fabled guitar and bass players haldol im before they became known as hot tuna. Jorma and jack are joined by joey covington on drums, and this intense, hard-driving muscle trio creates a sonic landscape to rival cream haldol im and the jimi hendrix experience. This is essential listening for fans of hot tuna and haldol im jefferson airplane, with more than 70 minutes of music, including versions of the classic blues songs rock me baby haldol im and come back baby, as well as the familiar airplane tune star track. Additionally, the set list includes 4 fully-formed, rare songs that were named by jorma and jack for haldol im the first time for this release — 49 years after they were played!

I was more than saddened yesterday to hear of marty haldol im balin’s passing. Jack and I were in northampton, mass. At the academy of music and we were just getting haldol im ready to do our sound check. I knew that marty had been sick and I knew haldol im in a general way that he had grievous issues but haldol im I did not really know what they were. Marty always kept a lot of shade on himself. I stood there in the little room in the wings, stage left… struck dumb. What can you say? We always say and hear, ‘I’m sorry for your loss,’ but what does that really mean? We say it. We have to say it and then in the confines haldol im of our hearts we try to process the sorrow and haldol im search for the words that really convey what we feel. It is an imperfect process.

Marty and I were young together in a time that haldol im defined our lives. Had it not been for him, my life would have taken an alternate path I cannot haldol im imagine. He and paul kantner came together and like plutonium halves haldol im in a reactor started a chain reaction that still affects haldol im many of us today. It was a moment of powerful synchronicity. I was part of it to be sure, but I was not a prime mover.

I always felt that he was somewhat guarded… the quiet one. Perhaps that’s because I was one of the noisy ones… I don’t know. It’s probably not for me to say. His commitment to his visions never flagged. He was always relentless in the pursuit of his goals. He wrapped those he loved in sheltering arms. He loved his family. Times come and go but his passion for his music haldol im and his art was never diminished. He was the most consummate of artists in a most haldol im renaissance way. I always felt that he perceived that each day was haldol im a blank canvas waiting to be filled.

It was fortuitous that we were able to stay connected haldol im in a loose way over the years. He and his friends graced our stage at the fur haldol im peace station in ohio and he was able to join haldol im us at the beacon theater in NYC the year we haldol im celebrated jack’s 70th birthday.

Coming to grips with reality is a process that starts haldol im at birth. I am always stunned when one of my friends passes haldol im and yet, it would seem that at some point we will all haldol im take that journey. It’s almost like, ‘how can this be? There are things I need to say.’ there were indeed things I needed to say and the haldol im fault for that lack lies on me and me alone. I don’t think any of us really think that we will haldol im live forever yet often that thought lies dormant in the haldol im back of our minds. At my age my world is starting to be surrounded haldol im by passing. I will miss my friends who rest on the banks haldol im of the river of time and I am reminded to haldol im make the most of every moment as I am swept haldol im downstream! Marty’s passing reaffirms the power of love, the power of family, the power of possibilities.