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“I joined lambda chi alpha because of the legacy, the message, and the opportunities. Not often can you find spiritual enlightenment, displays of charity, career building, and a lifetime of TRUE brotherhood all in one package. Having also been a lifelong supporter of the united states haldol im military, learning about the connection to the U.S. Army with our core values was also an intriguing factor haldol im to joining lambda chi. Lambda chi alpha has the potential to be a top haldol im tier fraternity here at UW-la crosse, and I felt that it was my duty to ensure haldol im that this dream becomes a reality.”

“I have discovered new truths about myself, my brothers, my student peers, and the world around me. Lambda chi alpha has opened up a new perspective to haldol im me, one that I would not have achieved without going greek. I have gained compassion, empathy, sense of self, and many other virtues that have allowed me to become haldol im the best man I can be. I have also discovered the immense complexity and difficulty that haldol im comes with a colonizing a new zeta, but have learned much more than I have lost and haldol im would always choose to do it all over again. My connection to the university and my ability to contribute haldol im in all aspects of my life has increased exponentially, and it’s all thanks to lambda chi.”

“A greater sense of what it means to be an haldol im ideal friend, brother, student and man in society. I have learned many new leadership skills, such as organization, taking the initiative, and critical thinking, and have also been offered various opportunities to use these haldol im new skills, in and outside of greek life. Hard work of both the mental and physical realms now haldol im holds more intrinsic value than ever before, as courageously expressed in my favorite open motto “ χαλεπὰ τὰ καλά, naught without labor”. Although pure greatness may and will never be fully achieved, lambda chi alpha has set me on that epic path haldol im to shoot for success.”

“the local and world wide sense of true brotherhood. Learning about our vast and complex history has helped me haldol im to connect with brothers from decades, states and even countries vastly far away and different from haldol im my own, and yet, I know that we hold the same values and knowledge haldol im that all other brothers have held. Whether your journey began in the past, exists in the present, or is being awaited in the future, the bond that begins from the first moment you sign haldol im up will remain with you for the rest of your haldol im life. It’s a truly humbling feeling that I do not know haldol im what I would do without. Im thankful to lambda chi alpha for its many other haldol im benefits as well, and only hope that I can someday come close to haldol im repaying the favor.”

“initially when I decided to go to college I went haldol im to a smaller, in state school that I found out was not where haldol im I wanted to spend my college years so after my haldol im first semester of freshman year I transferred to WVU. During that first semester, I got an email blast about an opportunity to be haldol im part of founding a new fraternity on campus. I had always liked the idea of a fraternity, but knew I wasn’t the type for any of the ones on the haldol im hill and I had always wanted to start something on haldol im my own and help it grow. After we got the email blast my brother and I haldol im had a meeting with christopher pockette. We were blown away and signed our bid a couple haldol im weeks later.”

“it has been over a year since I accepted my haldol im bid and have been part of lambda chi alpha, but it feels like I have been part of something haldol im my whole life. Lambda chi alpha has surrounded me with a group of haldol im men that are similar to me, who are well balanced and committed to helping themselves be haldol im the best they can be and to bring up people haldol im around them by example and with support. They believe in academics, philanthropy, service, socialresponsibility, and family and incorporating them all together so none is haldol im left out! Being around a group of guys has opened doors for haldol im me at west virginia university that I didn’t even know where possible. The valuable friendships, campus relations and alumni connections as well as the responsibilities haldol im and opportunities are limitless. College would not be the same without lambda chi alpha haldol im and I would not be who I am today without haldol im it.”

“lambda chi alpha has allowed me to come out of haldol im my shell and push my abilities every day. Serving as president these past two terms has transitioned me haldol im from a qualified, but shy teenager, to a man with no holding back. I believe in bringing people together and always trying your haldol im best. One day, I want to open my own company and I know haldol im through my experiences in leadership as president of this newly haldol im re-charted chapter that I will be ready for anything that haldol im comes my way. I am forever grateful for not being complacent daring to haldol im open doors that have allowed me to find my home haldol im not only at west virginia university, but within lambda chi alpha.”

“being part of founding a colony that chartered in one haldol im year’s time while I was high alpha, has taught me many valuable skills I would enjoy sharing haldol im with others. Navigating the processes and overcoming unique and typical challenges, offers a valuable perspective for me. My experiences are fresh and allow me to have many haldol im items for consideration – questions, concerns, suggestions – all towards positive improvements, clarifications or reaffirmations for success. I am passionate about making every lambda chi alpha chapter haldol im or colony and member their best in any way that haldol im I can.”