Hinterland students make their mark at 2019 CSEC – Guyana haldol decanoate Chronicle

Amisha ramdin, who is a region nine girl and a student of haldol decanoate the st. Ignatius secondary school, was one of this year’s top performers. This young girl wrote 20 subjects, securing 15 grade one passes and 5 grade two passes. Keisha jaisingh, from the sarswatie vidya niketan school

When the guyana chronicle spoke to her on wednesday, she was overjoyed but also just a bit tired, since everyone in her community wanted to congratulate her either haldol decanoate by phone call or by coming to see her. It was no worries, however, since she related that her endeavours were mainly for them. “I wanted people to recognise my community, and my region, and not just see [us] as the ‘others’,” ramdin explained. “I am happy that I was able to put my haldol decanoate region on the map.”

Detailing her preparation regime for her endeavours in 20 subjects, the st. Ignatius girl simply recounted that she ensured that she attended haldol decanoate all her classes, did extra research in addition to the content she was haldol decanoate taught. And she even half-joked that she made sure that she had enough sleep haldol decanoate and enough to eat at all times.

But even aside from her academic pursuits, the young girl has blazed the trail as an all-rounder as well. Last year, she was part of the annual youth parliament which gives haldol decanoate students the opportunity to lend their voices to topical national haldol decanoate issues. Aside from that, she highlighted that she took part in yearly mashramani activities, debating, and even sports (which, by the way, she was not particularly excellent at).

Amisha’s success is one instance of what the current administration haldol decanoate has been pushing for. Just last month, president david granger commissioned a $186.3M tertiary students’ dormitory at liliendaal as his government continues to reduce the haldol decanoate disparities between the hinterland and coastland through education.

In addition to this, there is the hinterland scholarship initiative which was developed with haldol decanoate the goal of assisting and motivating students to aspire their haldol decanoate educational, social and cultural potentials. Here, students from the hinterland regions are provided with assistance to haldol decanoate further their education. Presently 608 students are enrolled in the programme across all haldol decanoate ten administrative regions. Alex abraham and his mother vivian abraham

It is this initiative that helped to propel this year’s second place performer, alex abraham, to his success. The young boy hails from the karaburi primary school in haldol decanoate region one, and had secured a spot at st. Roses high school. Currently in the interior on vacation, abraham’s mother, vivian abraham, gave some insights over the past few years.

According to her, when her son got a ‘top school’ in ‘GT’ she decided to move from region one and make a haldol decanoate life as an educator in region four. Alex was awarded one of the hinterland scholarships, and so she had some support, but eventually she said that expenses and the cost of haldol decanoate lessons eventually doubled the cost of their rent.

“I feel very elated and I must say I am haldol decanoate thankful to god for grace and mercy because it wasn’t that easy but I had faith that he would haldol decanoate do it. He was determined and I had no choice but to haldol decanoate support him,” vivian said. Keisha jaisingh, from the sarswatie vidya niketan school, is another student of indigenous heritage who excelled. She hails from st. Cuthbert’s mission and secured 16 grade one passes this year.