Heavy Containment Zone – Official SCP – Containment haldol half life Breach Wiki

The small server room is one of the main locations haldol half life where SCP-096 can be found. There are two doors leading into this room, which are separated by a locked door in the outside haldol half life hallway. Four small windows looking into the room line the wall, two on each side of the locked door. The room consists of two areas; the main room that houses several computer servers and a haldol half life small control area with a panel.

Once the hall outside the area is entered, the entryways lock and a scene will play in which haldol half life an enraged SCP-096 brutally kills an unfortunate guard, causing blood to splatter on the windows and the lights haldol half life to start flickering. Once the scene is finished, the doors open back up, and the player must enter the room to get around haldol half life the locked door.

Once this room is entered, the doors lock back up, and the player must reset the power. At the far right side of the room two switches haldol half life can be found; the first switch activates a fuel pump which supplies fuel haldol half life to the generator, the second activates the generator itself. This will be signified by the sound of the fuel haldol half life pump doing its namesake.

In the back of the room the entrance to the haldol half life control area can be found. Inside will be a control panel with a power feed haldol half life switch. The switch is set to ‘main’ by default, implying that when SCP-096 killed the guard it may have damaged the equipment haldol half life in the room, cutting off its supply of power from the main facility. Upon setting the switch to ‘generator’, the room will begin pulling power from the backup generator, restoring functionality to the room’s lights and doors, opening them. This is signified by the sound of the generator becoming haldol half life active.

Caution must be exercised while performing these tasks however, as SCP-096 wanders aimlessly around the room. Additionally, SCP-096 will follow the player if it sees them while haldol half life docile, making it harder to avoid looking at its face by haldol half life accident. The best way to enter and leave this room safely haldol half life is to constantly look at the ground and hug the haldol half life walls while searching for the switches. When all three switches have been flipped, the two doors will open.

The layout of SCP-008’s containment chamber consists of three small rooms. The first two doors are reached from a small main haldol half life room, both of which need level 4 keycards to open. The first room is a control room, containing a table with SCP-008’s document and a control panel with an interactive monitor. The second room is a small airlock with a decontaminating haldol half life shower head and storage area containing a hazmat suit propped haldol half life up on a stand.

The third room can be entered from the airlock, and contains a security camera at the top right and haldol half life SCP-008’s canister, which is opened and releasing gas. This room is visible from the control room via two haldol half life large windows, as well as the storage area via a single small haldol half life window. SCP-173 will spawn behind the larger windows and will break haldol half life the glass in an attempt to reach the player.

If the player isn’t wearing the hazmat suit when this occurs, a piece of glass from the window will cut the haldol half life player’s arm, infecting them with SCP-008. Once its canister is closed, the lockdown on the heavy containment zone will be lifted, allowing access to the entrance zone through the checkpoint room.

SCP-035’s containment chamber is comprised of four rooms. The room to the right requires a level 5 keycard haldol half life to access. It is a control room containing some filing cabinets, tables and a control panel with two levers: one controlling the door to the small chamber in which haldol half life SCP-035 is kept and one controlling the gas valves that haldol half life will flood said chamber. A document can be found on top of one of haldol half life the tables.

The second room, a small storage room with a 4-digit pass code lock can be accessed from this room. The code for this lock is 5731, which the player learns from SCP-035 in an attempt to gain their trust. Inside the storage room is shelving containing SCP-035’s document and a pill of SCP-500.

The fourth room is the chamber SCP-035 is stored in. The only notable feature in this room, aside from the blood-coated walls, is a display case that the mask itself lays on. A radio and a metal panel of SCP-148 can be found amongst some debris from a hole haldol half life in the wall, along with a scientist wearing SCP-035.

When the player releases SCP-035, they can enter its chamber. Once it is entered, several tentacles will begin to rise up from the ground haldol half life and attack the player. As an added threat, staying too long inside the main chamber will cause hemorrhaging, resulting in major blood loss. The player will also begin to hear quiet whispering, which constantly gets heavier and louder.

SCP-049’s containment chamber is located in a section of the haldol half life facility that resemble the maintenance tunnels. There are two elevators separated by a blast door, which is locked by a DNA scanner. Alternatively, the player can use the elevators to reach the other haldol half life side via the tunnels.

Upon entering the tunnels the elevators will malfunction. The tunnels eventually lead to SCP-049’s main chamber. Around the area the player can find two SCP-049-2 instances lying on the floor. Inside the chamber itself is a level 4 keycard, SCP-049’s document, a pair of night vision goggles and two switches: one to activate the backup generator in the area and haldol half life one to direct the elevator’s power feed. The switch is set to ‘main’ by default, implying that the whole area may have sustained damage, cutting off its supply of power from the main facility. Upon setting the switch to ‘generator’, the room will begin pulling power from the backup generator, restoring functionality to the area’s elevators. This is signified by the sound of the generator becoming haldol half life active.

Upon turning on the generator the SCP-049-2 instances will reanimate themselves and begin pursuing the player. Once this occurs, the player should briskly flip the other lever and vacant haldol half life the tunnels through one of the now-active elevators. Caution is advised though, as SCP-049 will emerge from either elevator the player gets in haldol half life close proximity to. The player should quickly run around SCP-049 and escape through the elevator, as it is very easy to become trapped between SCP-049 and the SCP-049-2 instances.