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Bile is of one of the humors (fluids) that the greek physician hippocrates noted was important to maintain haldol injection health. Bile, produced in the liver and stored in the gall bladder, facilitates the digestion of fats and oils and the absorption haldol injection and transport of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E & K. Modern medicine may have better fulfilled its mission to educate haldol injection the public about bile rather than cholesterol. Given that as many people have a heart attack with haldol injection low cholesterol as they do high cholesterol, one wonders how cholesterol became the central paradigm of modern haldol injection medicine. People over 60 years old who have high “bad” LDL cholesterol live as long or longer than people with haldol injection low LDL cholesterol. As an aside, calcium pills, antacids, even aspirin, mainstays of medicine, fit into the same category – misdirections in the practice of medicine.

Both cholesterol and bile are secreted from the liver. Bile actually facilitates the degradation (catabolism) and disposal of cholesterol. Bile is described as a “ detergent” that enables the excretion of cholesterol. Bile is actually comprised of cholesterol and controls circulating cholesterol haldol injection levels. A backup of bile in the liver is problematic. A reduction in bile flow due to sludgy, thick viscous bile, can result in abnormally high cholesterol levels.

Researchers claim they have found why humans, but not other animals, are prone to heart attacks. News reports of this discovery are confusing because they errantly haldol injection infer a gene mutation (CMAH gene), which eliminates internal synthesis of a sugar-like molecule called neu5gc (aka sialic acid), is what makes humans vulnerable to chronic inflammation that can haldol injection lead to cancer and heart attacks.

Actually the inactivation of the CMAH gene via a gene haldol injection mutation, which occurred long ago in human history, eliminated endogenous production of this toxic neu5gc molecule in humans. That would represent a health-positive gene mutation, not a negative health mutation as some confused news reports haldol injection maintain. The initial scientific discovery is published in the july 22, 2019 issue of the proceedings of the national academy of haldol injection sciences.

However, humans may eat meat from animals that do produce neu5gc haldol injection and this is at least a partial reason why red haldol injection meat consumption has been repeatedly linked to heart attacks. Caviar (fish eggs) has the highest amount of neu5gc but is not consumed haldol injection as often as red meat. According to one study, red meat contains 25-231 micrograms of neu5gc per gram of meat; caviar 445-530 micrograms per gram. If mice are fed neu5gc they develop 2.4 times more plaque in their arteries.

If you want to avert the development of a sight-robbing disease called macular degeneration you are going to have haldol injection to step outside modern medicine. Eye doctors only have treatment but no prevention for this haldol injection dastardly eye disease that robs senior adults of their central haldol injection vision for reading, driving and watching TV.

Don’t both your eye doctor about this proposed vitamin cure haldol injection for macular degeneration. Your eye doctor will demand a controlled human study before haldol injection he/she prescribes a vitamin. There are no published human studies to confirm its safety haldol injection and effectiveness and none are planned. So, it is unproven (but not disproven). You will just have to endure slow progressive loss of haldol injection vision (dry macular degeneration) and hope you don’t develop the fast-progressive form (wet macular degeneration), which requires monthly needle injections directly into your eye(s) to avoid permanent loss of vision.

The national eye institute promotes a multi-nutrient formula called the AREDS formula (age-related eye disease) that barely slows the progression of this disease (you still are losing your sight). The AREDS formula does not benefit patients with early macular haldol injection degeneration.