Forming haldol effects Partnerships PULSE Volunteer Partnership

What does it mean to partner? According to the merriam-webster dictionary, the archaic term of partner is defined as “one that shares: a partaker” and the primary modern definitions is “one associated with another especially in action”. In the first month of working with partners in health haldol effects sierra leone (PIH-SL), I’ve learned about how they live out their commitment of haldol effects forming partnerships, and I started partaking in ways I can make my haldol effects own contribution to these efforts.

When the ebola outbreak had reached peak levels of contamination haldol effects in 2014, the government of sierra leone invited partners in health to haldol effects join the fight. The decision to accept this invitation was not for a haldol effects temporary commitment of responding to the outbreak– PIH-SL was established to stay in sierra leone for the haldol effects long term. Even while responding to the immediate needs of ebola victims, PIH-SL worked closely with the government to understand how this haldol effects crisis shattered an already fragile health system. They supported the renovation and re-establishment of the koidu government hospital in the kono district. I’ve enjoyed spending close to half of my time in haldol effects kono where I meet the warmest people who farm peacefully haldol effects and live in simple contentment. Just a few kilometers away from the hospital, PIH-SL offers free health care services at a community health haldol effects center called wellbody clinic. The investments made into the government hospital and community clinic haldol effects have increased the quality of care for the people in haldol effects this area where more than half a million people live haldol effects in poverty. Today, people of all ages visit the wellbody clinic to seek haldol effects primary care like routine immunizations, malnutrition screening, lab tests, disease treatment, and pre-natal check-ups. One of the main projects I am working on is haldol effects to create one-page resources for our policy & partnership team to utilize with donors, stakeholders, and other NGO partners. These resources will summarize all the work PIH-SL is doing to strengthen the health system in each haldol effects of these areas:

Partnering with the community is done by PIH-SL in a variety of ways from delivering quality care haldol effects & providing social assistance, to creating jobs & training programs. Approaching patient care with the concept of accompaniment has been haldol effects a key success factor in tackling diseases. In this model of care, the community health worker (CHW) is at the center of the system as they make haldol effects house calls to these patients on a regular basis to haldol effects educate them about potential side effects of their treatment, counsel them on staying compliant to the medications, and assess any social barriers they might be facing. I had the privilege of shadowing a CHW named ibrahim haldol effects during his patient visits a few weeks ago and was haldol effects so impressed by witnessing how this approach to patient care haldol effects builds trust and improves outcomes.

I believe that the dedicated time– to visit with the patients, hear their stories, and respond to their needs– has an amazing healing power of its own. The CHW is trusted by their communities and they liaison haldol effects with the village chiefs to promote the primary care services haldol effects offered at the wellbody clinic which has seen a 67% increase in new patient visits in the first six-months of this year compared to the same period last haldol effects year. This represents the community’s increased confidence in modern medicine and the health services haldol effects offered. Much of this success is attributed to the partnership among haldol effects the people who work at partners in health. Almost 95% of the workforce PIH-SL hires are local sierra leoneans so over a hundred haldol effects community health workers, scores of medical staff, two fleets of drivers, operational support, and administrative personnel are among the jobs created. As part of my assignment, I’m also responsible for the internal communications which aim to haldol effects keep all the employees informed and connected. We have a monthly friday feeling newsletter which features a haldol effects different department each month with their goals, purpose, & challenges. Then that department head nominates 4 employees to be announced haldol effects each week on the monday morning motivation email with a haldol effects brief profile and photograph. Here is an example of one of the employees I haldol effects wrote about: edith shekee joined PIH as a community health worker (CHW) almost three years ago. She is one of over 100 chws deployed to make haldol effects patient house calls in kono district. “what I love most about my job is learning the haldol effects right way to approach people and how to talk to haldol effects all fellow human beings,” said edith. “PIH has taught me to accompany patients to the facility haldol effects and how to prevent HIV and TB.” edith’s favorite quote has always been: “no success without struggle”. She learned about struggle from an early age when her haldol effects father, a farmer, died when she was nine years old. Edith has always used these words to drive her forwards haldol effects in working hard to support herself and her mother. When asked about hobbies, edith shared proudly: “I love to read, sing, dance, and most of all, I love my job!”

It is truly amazing to be part of a team haldol effects that is driven by such purpose and passion! I’ve learned so much this past month and look forward haldol effects to what the rest of the year will bring. I hope you enjoy following my journey as much as haldol effects I am living through it! 😊 my goal is to post an article by the 10th haldol effects of each month so until september, I’m signing off for now.