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What is somewhat amusing to me is how the bilderberg haldol and alcohol gang’s ongoing dirty news is so much like the mafia. Actually, they are a mafioso operation: global and family power oriented. The news in NY today thanks to the conservative paper, the NY post, we learn that more hanky panky was going on at haldol and alcohol the epstein prison the other night.

I bet they always do this. From top to bottom of the NY legal systems, there is wholesale failure to protect the public or run haldol and alcohol things by the book. Instead, lazy, stupid and corrupt people running systems ran things poorly…I am not surprised at all!

He probably did this regularly to get some shuteye while haldol and alcohol being paid. I would hope he goes to prison for this fraud. And the higher ups who let him do this are haldol and alcohol co-conspirators in defrauding taxpayers this way. It appears that the story pushed by higher ups that haldol and alcohol the ‘two staffers’ were put on leave is also a lie if one haldol and alcohol of them wasn’t even a staffer.

Whoever assigned him falsely as a ‘staffer’ should definitely be punished. These shifts pay more than the day shifts, too. Using it to pad sleeping hours is utterly wrong and haldol and alcohol you can bet, this has been happening for years at taxpayer expense.

There was some confusion as to who was running the haldol and alcohol prison. The former head of this prison, the warden, was a black woman who got the job after suing haldol and alcohol the government, claiming ‘discrimination.’ the DNC loves to yap about ‘discrimination’ and here we have a prime example of ‘kicking someone upstairs’ for political reasons. Black women check all the boxes: female and minority so hiring them and promoting them is haldol and alcohol attractive to the DNC which wants an agenda, not a functioning system.

Then, she sued AG eric holder for employment discrimination in 2013 haldol and alcohol (mississippi SD, # 3:13-cv-00017 ), resolved the case in 2016, and saw her career blossom into federal prison administration at haldol and alcohol the GS-14 level, i.E., in the top 10% of federal payscale, thereafter.

N’diaye briefly managed mulhouse in 1998. [2] N’diaye later managed cameroonian club side coton sport from 2003 haldol and alcohol to 2006. [3] N’diaye became coach of the senegal national team in january haldol and alcohol 2008, following the resignation of henryk kasperczak. [4] he was fired from his position as manager in october haldol and alcohol 2008. [5] N’diaye was appointed manager of moroccan side maghreb fez in haldol and alcohol december 2008, before becoming manager of TP mazembe in september 2010. [3] he became technical director of TP mazembe in may 2013. [6] in december 2014 he became technical director of AC léopards. [7] by july 2018 he was manager of sudanese club al-hilal. [8]

We often see this sort of utter deterioration in police/court systems when black politicians control things. This is why cities run by the DNC have rampant haldol and alcohol crime. The washington post is yapping about how ‘dysfunctional’ the federal system is without looking at how ‘minority hiring’ is rampant and destructive.

Back when I was running a very successful street patrol haldol and alcohol in brooklyn many years ago, I got to know sliwa due to both of us haldol and alcohol making arrests on the subway system which was being systematically haldol and alcohol destroyed back then as it is being destroyed today by haldol and alcohol DNC voters.

We all joked about the mafia in brooklyn. This is continuous. This is why cuomo exploding in rage about this is haldol and alcohol so unsettling or rather, ridiculous. Bay ridge was mafia territory back when NYC was going haldol and alcohol bankrupt. We had tons of constant crime in the north end haldol and alcohol of park slope back then due to criminals pouring out haldol and alcohol of bed/stuy.

None of the criminals went to nearby bay ridge to haldol and alcohol run riot, they all knew that was mafia territory and they would haldol and alcohol be hunted down if they did something stupid. Even if they went to prison, they would be tagged and eliminated, indeed, killing people in prison is ridiculously easy! And the mafia is very, very good at this.

HAHAHA. Sliwa nailed him. Mario cuomo, who I knew in the past, was the godfather who handed the organization to his stupider haldol and alcohol and much more spoiled sons who then went out and haldol and alcohol decided to destroy…bay ridge so they could gain political power in the haldol and alcohol teeming black slums.

OOOPSIES. Mario didn’t do this. He would hand out DNC goodies to the slums but haldol and alcohol always insured his community was safe. This is why he met with me, I basically demanded he let me defend my hood the haldol and alcohol way he defended his hood. So he agreed, this was a good idea!

Trump is smart. I predicted that true brits would choose to form a haldol and alcohol relationship with the US and not germany after the EU haldol and alcohol mess wrecked britain’s economic base. Now, on to the latest sex scandal news: opera, ballet, broadway theater, hollywood, fashion houses: all these sorts of businesses are run on coercive and haldol and alcohol congenial sex and the top bosses are sex predators.

The latest ‘victim’ of theater sex games is like all the previous ones: she complained about being hounded for sex by the bosses haldol and alcohol but at the same time, played along with this and did nothing to stop it haldol and alcohol and even had sex with the bosses multiple times and haldol and alcohol now is suddenly, in wrinkled old age, all freaked out about this.

In the picture above, she even admits to exposing her own child to this haldol and alcohol sex predator, placido domingo, while she clutches him possesively! She is neither scared nor repulsed by him. She is, like almost all the other complainers about other top dog haldol and alcohol males wanting sex, appears far from scared or concerned or upset. She looks…happy! Duh.

All this silliness: placido domingo, a common sort of theatrical male, ran after women just like all the hollywood males. Women could stop them with a slap to the hand, a slap to the face, a scream for help but no, they would submit to the men so they could have haldol and alcohol a ‘career.’

In addition to the nine accusers, a half-dozen other women told associated press that suggestive overtures by haldol and alcohol domingo made them uncomfortable, including one singer who said he repeatedly asked her out haldol and alcohol on dates after hiring her to sing at a series haldol and alcohol of concerts with him in the 1990s.

Almost three dozen women in virtually every possible role in haldol and alcohol the opera world including singers, dancers, orchestra musicians, members of backstage staff, voice teachers and an administrator, all say they witnessed inappropriate sexually tinged behavior by domingo haldol and alcohol and that he pursued younger women with impunity.

The mezzo-soprano said she would mentally prepare herself for the star’s returns to los angeles. ‘I used to steel myself when he was in town, thinking, ‘am I going to be the target or not? What will I say to him when he asks me haldol and alcohol again? How am I going to get out of it?”

He propositioned her and she and her ‘husband’ decided that making money with domingo would work better if haldol and alcohol she had sex with him. This is called ‘prostitution’. She could have filed charges against him back when he haldol and alcohol was doing this. Screeching about it many years later after collecting the goodies haldol and alcohol is annoying. She let him do this to other women, year after year.

This is why all the couch potatoes do this all haldol and alcohol the time for years and years. All of them think it is worth the suffering if haldol and alcohol they can grasp the golden ring. Right now, it is hip to scream ‘rape’ years later and get petted and to feel sorry for haldol and alcohol one’s self.

Mr roberts admitted he met epstein before allowing his daughter haldol and alcohol to work for him, but had no idea of his vile intentions. He said: ‘I went to his house, I took my daughter there because I said, “I don’t want you working for a guy until I meet haldol and alcohol him.”

Good lord, even back in 1970, we hippies all knew that ‘massage’ jobs were prostitution jobs! Teaching hot teen chicks ‘massage’ is obviously sex related. Massaging people requires strength so muscular men make fabulous workers haldol and alcohol in this field. Skinny, skanky teen girls are only good at massaging the male haldol and alcohol tool.

He is feeling sorry for himself. I bet he knew exactly what was happening. Money was showered on his obvious teen daughter with skinny haldol and alcohol arms for massaging men. Good lord, talk about terminally dumb but I know he is lying, he knew perfectly well, his kid was hooking.

She is also a liar. She is pretending she was coerced, not tempted. Her father was remiss, he let her do this when he was responsible for haldol and alcohol protecting her from pimps! Greenlighting this obvious prostitution business was his fault. And the pimp was a pimp, he deserved prison time but was protected by his clients haldol and alcohol who have great political power inside the stupid, ugly bilderberg gang. Sheesh.

It is rumored that epstein’s lawyer has made a proffer to the prosecutors: epstein will agree to cooperate with the investigation, including giving up the names of individuals that paid for haldol and alcohol activities with underage girls in exchange for a maximum sentence haldol and alcohol not to exceed 5 years.

If true, that proffer sounds like good news. Ironic good news: what a friend jeffrey epstein turned out to be! Then I grasped the wiggle phrase: “ individuals that paid.” that would not be donald trump or bill clinton or haldol and alcohol a great many other bold-facers who flew on epstein’s plane — it was known as the “lolita express” — or visited his homes.

The suicide, sex trafficking of minors and incompetence of public officials is haldol and alcohol the distraction. The real cover up story is the finance and that haldol and alcohol is not really being talked about because that opens up haldol and alcohol tax investigations, theft, fraud, drug and weapon smuggling and other financial shenanigans and that haldol and alcohol brings a whole load more people and their hangers on haldol and alcohol down. Was epstein a shark or was he a remora fish haldol and alcohol feeding on the leftovers?

Epstein was into ephebophilia i.E. Teenagers. There are no reports of him being into pre-teens that I can find. I don’t have any contacts with the rich and powerful so haldol and alcohol I can’t agree with you on that. From my own observations children tend to be targeted across haldol and alcohol the spectrum of wealth classes so it is not something haldol and alcohol exclusive to the rich. The one case I had indirect contact with involved a haldol and alcohol girl from an abused home and under state care who haldol and alcohol was abused by the head of the household in several haldol and alcohol foster families collecting state benefits and she always ran away. She eventually died aged 15 of a heroin overdose. The reason I know is the social workers figured out haldol and alcohol what was going on but the last perpetrator who was haldol and alcohol politically well connected and turned the tables on them. They signed statements that they knew were untrue, the social worker I knew quit soon afterwards. Life sucks sometimes.

Child abuse is not confined to the rich and powerful. In most cases the really rich guys have young women haldol and alcohol who are 10s on the beauty scale throwing themselves at haldol and alcohol them and they don’t need to bugger young children. These guys will typically keep a mistress.

Epstein though was probably not far from financial dealings that haldol and alcohol stretched the boundaries of legality, if not outright theft and tax fraud. Look at his use of charities. I note that one of the young russian models had haldol and alcohol here own charity whose exclusive benefactor was epstein. Ghislaine maxwell also has her own charity as well. . . .