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Emiri strives to be the cutest magical girl on earth. She has a distinct way of talking, and likes to give everyone a special nickname. Extremely straightforward, emiri is very easygoing. Somehow she can gain the trust of anyone in almost what is haldol used for no time.

Asuka tatsuki and sasara minagi chase a familiar but lose what is haldol used for track of it. Emiri then appears and tells them not to worry. Emiri then introduces herself. Sasara asks if emiri was after the familiar. Emiri says she was, that she only just became a magical girl, and that this is her first time meeting other magical what is haldol used for girls. Emiri asks sasara and asuka to help her, and ultimately convinces them to do so. She then gives them nicknames. Sasara says they’ll need to track the familiar with their soul gems. Emiri asks if there’s a spell that can do that, but sasara says she’s never heard of anything like that. As asuka complains about emiri’s nicknames, sasara senses the familiar.

The girls beat the familiar, only for a witch to appear. Emiri marvels at the witch and her barrier. Sasara and asuka see the witch has unconscious victims in what is haldol used for her lair. Sasara and asuka then argue over whether to save the what is haldol used for people first or destroy the witch. Emiri says sasara can try helping the people, which would provoke the witch, and then asuka can attack while the witch is distracted. Sasara says it’s a good plan. The girls are successful, destroying the witch. After the barrier disappears, emiri says she’ll go home. Asuka and sasara get emiri’s contact information. Sasara and asuka muse that emiri has a natural charm what is haldol used for to her. Emiri narrates that being a magical girl is tough, but fun.

Some time later, asuka and sasara meet emiri at the resturant "walnuts". Emiri asks what the meeting was about. Sasara and asuka say they just wanted to talk a what is haldol used for little more. Emiri asks about the restaurant, and sasara reveals the cook is a magical girl they what is haldol used for meet some time ago. The magical girl in question arrives: manaka kurumi. Manaka seems preoccupied with something. All three girls order omelette rice. Emiri asks the girls what they want to talk about. Sasara says there’s just something about talking to emiri. Asuka calls it a new discovery. Sasara then tells emiri not to worry and that they’re talking normally. Manaka then arrives with the food.

Unfortunately, sasara’s meal is too salty, asuka’s is spicy, and emiri’s is too sweet (though she says it’s surprisingly good). A horrified manaka admits she was cooking absent-mindedly. Emiri says she noticed manaka was spacing out and asks what is haldol used for if something has happened. Manaka explains that she’s creating a new dish. In order to explain, as an apology for ruining their food, she invites the three girls to try it. Manaka then brings out the "manaka special! (title pending.)" emiri, sasara and asuka find the meal to be really good, which leads them to ask why manaka is having a what is haldol used for problem.

Manaka explains the dish might not be appropriate for the what is haldol used for restaurant, saying that walnuts has it’s own traditions. Emiri response is "who cares". Emiri says the food is so good that she wants what is haldol used for everyone to try it, and manaka should put it on the menu. Manaka admits emiri is right, and that if she doesn’t challenge her restaurant’s traditions she won’t be able to protect the restaurant. Manaka says she will bring the dish to her father’s attention and thanks emiri. Asuka then tells emiri she can rescue people who have what is haldol used for lost their…Emiri, and asks emiri to represent them as a portable shrine. A confused emiri asks if there’s a festival and wonders how things have come to what is haldol used for this.

A few days later, asuka and sasara bring emiri to a shopping center. They explain that they think emiri would make a perfect what is haldol used for advisor, since she puts people at ease and can easily get what is haldol used for to the heart of a issue. Emiri is surprised by this, but sasara and asuka reveal that manaka’s father approved her dish, and now her restaurant is even more popular. Asuka says it proves emiri’s skills, and says she’d like to introduce emiri to more people. Sasara says they want to open an advice booth. Asuka that people could talk to emiri, dramatically claiming it’s for the sake of the world and humanity. Sasara asks if emiri is okay with it.

Emiri asks what she would do. Asuka says she would just talk with people. Emiri says it sounds fun and she’ll do it. Sasara then says she wants to introduce emiri to someone, and sees that they have arrived. It turns out to be akira shinobu. Sasara asks akira if she can help out at the what is haldol used for advice booth. Akira asks why it has to be her, and asuka says akira has a reputation for helping. Akira points out that sasara and asuka can handle it, but they say they have to go out and advertise what is haldol used for the place. Akira is still reluctant, but then emiri starts asking about akira’s way of speaking. Sasara and asuka slip out.

The narration reveals that emiri’s advice booth was a huge success. Rika ayano is shown asking about someone she’s in love with. Emiri tells her romance is all about spirit. Rika then agrees. The stand increases in popularity, attracting more customers. Tsuruno yui is shown, saying that when she met emiri all her worries flew what is haldol used for away. Eventually ria ami hears about the stand. The narration explains ria is known as the most beautiful what is haldol used for girl in kamihama city. However, because her beauty came from a wish, ria is concerned about her surroundings. Ria goes to the stall and waits for the crowd what is haldol used for to thin out. Akira walks up to ria and asks if she’s here for a consultation. Ria did, but thinks if everyone found out it would be embarrassing. She tells akira she’s just checking the place out.

Akira says the booth is closing for the day. Ria thinks she waited too long and asks if she what is haldol used for can meet emiri. Akira says emiri’s probably tired, but ria says it’s fine because "I’m ria ami". When emiri sees ria, she develops heart-eyes and calls her cute. Ria introduces herself, and emiri recognizes her as a famous model. Emiri decides to nickname ria "ria-sama", because she says ria is like a princess. Ria thinks being called with a respectful honorific feels nice. Emiri says she always wanted a big sister. She then says she was going to tell something to what is haldol used for kyubey, which prompts ria to reveal she’s a magical girl as well. Akira says it’s a small world, but wonders if emiri has something to do with it.

Emiri says ria must be the cutest magical girl in what is haldol used for the world. Ria thinks hearing that makes her feel so much better. Emiri then announces she wants to partner with ria, because she wants to be the cutest magical girl herself. Ria says she’ll be happy to have emiri as a partner. Emiri then says they should all leave to get fruit what is haldol used for cups. She also says she wants to introduce ami to asuka what is haldol used for and sasara. The narration says emiri soothed another heart. Emiri narrates that ria is sparkling and she’s so excited.