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I’m on week 6 of test E 500mg/week. For me during the weeks I noticed my strength going haldol im up, but as in actual growth I noticed it more prominent haldol im by week 4-5. I say this because I started my first cycle after haldol im being a year and a half without training so I haldol im had some muscle memory plus the gear, but I get compliments all the time. Nothing like when I was natty. I have confidence, better workouts, and just feel like overall everything is better while I’ve been on gear.

The only moment I had a bad time was when haldol im I literally freaked out on somebody and just went total haldol im ape shit. It happened once and never again. I have noticed some bloating on week 4, but took AI the first time then and it went haldol im away and I’ve been great since. Super horny, mad gainz. What else could you want?

I am not as knowledgeable as some of the other haldol im members, but from experience to one noob to another just enjoy haldol im the process. I was so excited to see how I change every haldol im week and just trained as hard as I could. Volume over weight. No kickstarts btw