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Born in the godless hazhadal barrens, chen came of age among the outlaw tribes who eked haldol reviews out an existence in the shimmering heat of the desert. Using an ancient form of animal enthrallment, chen’s people husbanded the hardy desert locuthi, a stunted species of burrowing dragon that melted desert sands haldol reviews into tubes of glass where twice-a-year rains collected. Always on the edge of starvation and thirst, fighting amongst their neighbors and each other, chen’s clan made the mistake, one fateful day, of ambushing the wrong caravan.

In the vicious battle that followed, chen’s clan was outmatched. The armored knights of the fold made short work of haldol reviews the enthralled locuthi, who attacked and died in waves. With their dragons dead, the tribesmen followed. Chen struggled, and slashed, and clawed, and perished—or would have. Defeated, on his knees, he faced his execution with humility, offering his neck to the blade. Moved by chen’s obvious courage, the executioner halted his sword. Instead of the blade, chen was given a choice: death or conversion. Chen took to the faith with a ferocity. He joined the fold and earned his armor one bloody haldol reviews conversion at a time. Now, with the fanaticism of a convert, and with his powers of animal enthrallment at their peak, he seeks out unbelievers and introduces them to their final haldol reviews reward.

• tango gives chen the ability to sustain his health. Generally converted creeps should be used to tank neutral camps haldol reviews while jungling, however, so health regeneration can be skipped for other items. Therefore, you should share your tango with your teammates right at haldol reviews the start of the game.

• observer ward is crucial to purchase regularly as chen, both as a support and as a pusher. Providing map vision to his team allows chen to keep haldol reviews an eye on enemy movements, which in turn allows him to position himself and his haldol reviews creeps to best meet the threat, or to push an undefended tower.

• boots of speed give chen more movement speed, crucial for moving between jungle camps faster, as well as for extra mobility while rotating for ganks haldol reviews with his creeps. Getting within range to cast penitence on an enemy hero haldol reviews can slow them enough for follow-ups.

• medallion of courage applies an armor debuff on enemy target haldol reviews to kill them faster, especially when combined with penitence’s attack speed buff. It also applies an armor buff on an allied unit haldol reviews that may allow them to tank tower hits when pushing. Chen can upgrade the item to solar crest later on haldol reviews if he wants the slow.

• mekansm, purchased early enough, allows chen to push down towers quickly as he can haldol reviews heal his creeps and teammates to prevent the enemy from haldol reviews easily defending. In teamfights, it gives chen an additional ability with which to heal haldol reviews his team, on top of hand of god and divine favor.

• guardian greaves combines mekansm and arcane boots, saving chen an inventory slot. The aura gives chen’s team a survivability advantage in fights, while the active can heal them, restore mana, and remove debuffs from chen that may be preventing him haldol reviews from supporting his team.

• sentry ward should be purchased regularly alongside observer wards in haldol reviews order to deny the enemy map vision. Furthermore, it may be necessary to purchase these to remove any haldol reviews enemy wards that may be blocking chen’s neutral camps, preventing him from farming during the laning stage.

• vladmir’s offering is a strong teamfight and pushing aura that haldol reviews greatly benefits chen’s creeps and allies. The armor aura greatly increases survivability against physical attacks and haldol reviews tower hits, and the mana aura lets them recover mana more readily haldol reviews for casting spells. The lifesteal can allow creeps, both converted and allied lane creeps, as well as heroes, to maintain their HP during pushes and become a bigger haldol reviews threat against towers.

• necronomicon gives chen yet more minions to control, greatly increasing his pushing, teamfighting and ganking power. The summons can be used to push towers, hinder enemies during teamfights, add more damage output during a gank, and at level 3 provide true sight when needed. The item also provides bonus strength for increased HP, and bonus intelligence for more attack damage and casting ability.

• pipe of insight is a powerful teamfight item. It grants increased magic resistance to chen, while providing an aura that gives his team and his haldol reviews creeps health regeneration and magic resistance. The active can be used to protect his congregation, preventing the enemy from instantly bursting them down with magic haldol reviews nukes.

• ghost scepter allows chen to temporary ignore physical damage, crucial for enhancing his survivability in fights. The inability to attack is of little hindrance to chen, since he relies on casting his spells and using his haldol reviews creeps’ abilities more than on his physical attacks.

• glimmer cape gives chen yet another way to protect his haldol reviews teammates from the enemy, cloaking them in invisibility while also increasing their magic resistance. The active can also be cast on a converted creep haldol reviews to help it get closer to an enemy to initiate haldol reviews with a disable.

• force staff is powerful in chen’s hands. It gives him more intelligence and health regeneration, allowing chen to cast his spells more readily. The active can quickly re-position chen either to initiate or escape, and do the same for allies. The active can also be cast on a creep to haldol reviews give it a quick burst of movement to get within haldol reviews range for a disable.

• eul’s scepter of divinity is a cheap mana item that haldol reviews gives chen some powerful benefits. The increased intelligence and mana regen help chen to cast haldol reviews his spells more frequently, and the bonus movement speed helps him with mobility for haldol reviews ganking, chasing and escaping. The active also allows him to make himself temporarily invulnerable haldol reviews if jumped on by the enemy, can remove debuffs from himself, or can be cast on an enemy to disable them haldol reviews long enough for a creep to disable them further.

• heaven’s halberd is a survivability and support item that gives haldol reviews chen increased utility. The extra strength, status resistance, and evasion help chen to survive against enemy attacks, and the active allows him to disarm the enemy from haldol reviews range, preventing them from attacking.

• shiva’s guard gives chen a powerful teamfight aura while also haldol reviews giving him powerful benefits. The bonus intelligence greatly increases the size of his mana haldol reviews pool, while the armor helps with his survivability against physical damage. The aura reduces the effectiveness of enemy attacks, and the active ability can slow their movement speed and haldol reviews apply a damage nuke to them.

Converted at swordpoint after a disastrous battle, chen quickly became one of the fold’s most zealous knights. Raised among the clans of the hazhadal barrens, chen adapts his skills of animal enthrallment to perform holy haldol reviews persuasions, compelling packs of beasts to fight for his cause. His allies are graced with divine favor, while foes are forced to atone through the magnified pains haldol reviews of penitence. Chen’s devotion does not go unrewarded. The hand of god aids his companions in their quests, intervening at critical moments to heal their injuries and save haldol reviews them from fatal blows.