CBD and the Fight haldol im Against Osteoporosis –

When I was younger I often heard that an older haldol im person had fallen and broken a hip or fractured a haldol im bone. Years later, research began to show that elderly individuals first broke their haldol im hip bone and then fell. It is hard to imagine but older folks have bones haldol im that are so fragile that they can just break. Unfortunately, one of the ravages of getting older is having to haldol im deal with what we call osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis means porous bones. This is a disease which reduces the density and quality haldol im of the bones. About 10 million americans have the disease and another 44 haldol im million have low bone density. Low bone density places these individuals at risk of breaking haldol im bones. To make matters worse, most of these individuals suffer from chronic pain.

Recent studies indicate that one in two women and up haldol im to one in four men will suffer from a broken haldol im bone due to low bone density or osteoporosis. Interestingly enough, for women the risk of breaking a bone due to haldol im osteoporosis is greater than the risk of a heart attack, stroke and breast cancer combined. For men the chance of getting prostate cancer is less haldol im than the chance of breaking a bone due to osteoporosis.

I’m sure the costs of osteoporosis related bone breaks are haldol im not exactly the most important thing on the mind of haldol im those suffering from this disease. But, just in case you were wondering, bone breaks from a lack of bone density costs the haldol im healthcare system and patients roughly $19 billion per year. By the year 2025 experts predict that osteoporosis will cause haldol im three million fractures and will cost roughly $25.3 billion. Osteoporosis and the elderly

Anytime an elderly person breaks a bone, it can be very serious. But with osteoporosis the location of the break can be haldol im particularly nasty. This is because brakes caused by osteoporosis are likely in haldol im hips, spine or wrist. Not only are broken bones and the resulting falls dangerous haldol im but they often result in the elderly patient being bedridden. At the very least, a broken bone will require some degree of immobility. This can lead to a reduction of exercise, a generally less healthy lifestyle and the chance for additional haldol im weakening of the bones and muscles that support them. I’m sure many of us know of situations where a haldol im broken hip has led to temporary or permanent disability for haldol im an elderly patient.

The reasons we are susceptible to these brittle bones is haldol im related to aging, poor nutrition and a lack of exercise. While, osteoporosis generally affects the elderly, it is not just confined to them. Many younger people also feel the effects of this terrible haldol im disease. Most of the time this disease strikes younger people who haldol im have poor nutrition and are sedentary. However age is the main factor. As we get older our bodies lose the ability to haldol im function as efficiently as they did when we were young. As far as bone tissue goes, this is the case. As we age our bodies may not be able to haldol im produce new bone tissue at the same rate as we haldol im lose the old bone tissue. For those with osteoporosis this is certainly the case.

You may notice other effects of aging, such as the loss of elasticity of your skin, loss of appetite or your hair thinning but most people haldol im never know that their bones are growing weaker by the haldol im day. Some in the medical community have labeled osteoporosis as a haldol im “silent disease” because there are generally no symptoms. There is no indication that your bones are growing weaker haldol im until they actually break.

Each year osteoporosis is responsible for about two million broken haldol im bones. Many of these broken bones happen in the ederly community. Surprisingly, only about 20% of those at risk take any kind of test for haldol im osteoporosis or receive any kind of treatment. The causes of osteoporosis

While age is a major factor in the development of haldol im osteoporosis there are other risk factors as well. Smoking cigarettes, nutrition, low body mass, certain medication and a sedentary lifestyle all may play a haldol im role in the onset of osteoporosis. Let’s take a look at these risk factors. Nutrition

The two essential minerals for normal bone formation, calcium and phosphate may be severely reduced due to a haldol im poor diet. While we are young, our bodies use calcium and phosphate to produce bones. In later years the body may reabsorb the calcium that haldol im is stored in the bones to keep the brain, heart and other organs functioning. If you are not getting enough calcium through your diet haldol im or supplements (diet is always best) then your bone production and tissue may suffer. This results in weak, fragile and brittle bones that can break easily. Age

One of the major problems we experience as we age haldol im is the reduction of hormones that our bodies produce. The lack of estrogen in women and androgen in men haldol im are the leading cause of osteoporosis. For women, menopause is generally accompanied by lower estrogen levels which increases haldol im a woman’s risk for osteoporosis. This combined with an inadequate intake of calcium and vitamin haldol im D, lack of weight-bearing exercise, and other age-related changes in endocrine functions can be particularly harmful to haldol im your bone health. Medications

Of course, nothing will replace a healthy lifestyle in both preventing and haldol im managing the effects of osteoporosis. However, recent studies have shown significant promise for CBD as an haldol im agent in promoting bone health. One study done on rats demonstrated the ability of CBD haldol im to help heal fractures and promote faster bone regeneration. Please see here for the complete study. This being said CBD alone is not the answer. CBD works best when combined with a healthy lifestyle. Simple steps to a healthy lifestyle

Ever mammal has an endocannabinoid system. ( see here for more information on the endocannabinoid system). Study after study has shown the importance of a properly haldol im functioning endocannabinoid system. One of the primary benefits of CBD is that CBD haldol im stimulates the endocannabinoid system which in turn moderates bone production. A recent study published by the NIH had this to haldol im say about the endocannabinoid system: “recent studies have implicated the endocannabinoid system in the regulation haldol im of bone cell activity and bone remodeling. These studies showed that endogenous cannabinoid ligands, cannabinoid receptors, and the enzymes responsible for ligand synthesis and breakdown all haldol im play important roles in bone mass and in the regulation haldol im of bone disease. These findings suggest that the endocannabinoid pathway could be of haldol im value as a therapeutic target for the prevention and treatment haldol im of bone diseases.”

I strongly believe that a combination of CBD, proper nutrition, exercise and a reduction in bad habits (smoking cigarettes, eating junk food, for example) will produce an overall reduction in the types of diseases haldol im such as osteoporosis. The best CBD for osteoporosis

Not all CBD products are created equally. A recent study by the johns hopkins university and JAMA haldol im found that up to 70% of all CBD products found in the open market are haldol im mislabeled. This mislabeling includes more THC than reported and less CBD haldol im then reported. This is due in part to the lack of oversight haldol im by the FDA (which is about to change), a rush to fill the demand for CBD and unscrupulous haldol im companies looking only to profit from the CBD marketplace.

To correct these abuses, I was determined to find a reputable, reliable and honest brand to represent. I search high and low for the right formulations and haldol im was rewarded for my efforts with CBD isolate. CBD isolate is the product of refining the industrial hemp haldol im plant to the point where only a pure version of haldol im CBD is left. This is the CBD isolate. This CBD can be measured and quantified. It can be tested for purity and potency.

My journey on the road to find the proper CBD haldol im to treat most health issues began almost eight years ago. I started using CBD to treat my dog’s cancer and pain from arthritis and wound up using haldol im it myself to treat the pain that years of living haldol im seem to bring about. You can read my journey here. What I finally settle upon was CBD isolate mixed into haldol im hemp seed oil. CBD isolate and hemp seed oil

The combination of hemp seed oil and CBD isolate is haldol im a winning combination. It is favored by organizations such as the arthritis foundation haldol im and the many, many people who use it. CBD isolate seems to do wonders for people suffering from haldol im pain, arthritis, anxiety, diabetes and epilepsy, to name but a few. And, as I mentioned previously, CBD is being studied for its ability to promote bone haldol im growth. But if you have tried a CBD product and found haldol im it lacking, you are not alone.

Almost every day, I receive inquiries from people that tell me that CBD haldol im does not work for them. When I examine their issues with CBD, I almost always find that they are using full spectrum haldol im CBD which is usually not tested for the amount of haldol im CBD that it contains. In many instances, the CBD contained in this full spectrum hemp oil is haldol im only a fraction of what is needed to promote health haldol im and wellbeing. Once I get these people to try CBD isolate everything haldol im changes. They begin to experience the relief that has been promoted haldol im and promised by CBD’s advocats. Try CBD isolate today