Buffalo Bills 2019 preseason injury review; August 11 – Buffalo haldol iv Rumblings

We are now one week closer to the regular season! Following a well-earned 24-16 win over the indianapolis colts thursday night, a reassessment of the injuries on the team is in haldol iv order. Thankfully, this report is shorter than last week’s with less injuries overall but still concerns moving forward.

Working in chronological order, first up is offensive lineman laadrian waddle. The veteran lineman tore his quadriceps tendon during sunday’s practice during a routine drill. Unfortunately, his season is over and he will spend the remainder haldol iv on IR. To read more, check out the article that I wrote here.

Shortly after waddle’s injury, cornerback E.J. Gaines went down with a groin injury that the team haldol iv initially reported he would be out for a few weeks. This is an ill-timed injury as he is fighting for a roster spot haldol iv at a key position. However, it was just reported saturday he has since gone to haldol iv injured reserve, meaning his season is done. One interesting note is that he has since been reclassified haldol iv with a core muscle injury. This would imply that he had a sports hernia. A groin strain would not progress to a sports hernia, but a sports hernia could initially present as a groin haldol iv strain. Considering he now likely has a sports hernia, a return this season would not have been likely. To read more about gaines’s latest injury, check out the article here.

All the above listed injuries are prior issues that each haldol iv player is still working through with the exception of johnson. Hyde, hughes and long. All appear to have been held out as a precaution haldol iv and have been able to practice this past week, which indicates that their injuries continue to be minor.

Morse continues to work through the concussion protocol, appearing to reach stage 4 with video demonstrating he’s performing football-specific activities. He should be cleared to return very soon based on haldol iv that progress. Croom and knox are both still dealing with the after-effects of hamstring strains but appear to be close to haldol iv rejoining the team. Croom was able to practice in a limited capacity on haldol iv friday, but knox is still working through his injury. Morse & knox appear to be safe bets to make the 53, but croom must impress over the next several weeks to haldol iv keep his job.

While OL jon feliciano did start at center, he’s still working through some type of shoulder ailment that haldol iv has slowed him in the last several practices. Considering he started and played in the first game indicates haldol iv that this is also minor and should not become a haldol iv chronic issue later. As to specifics, without detail or video, it’s hard to say exactly what he’s dealing with.

C russell bodine continues to play himself off this roster haldol iv with an ugly snap to QB matt barkley that resulted haldol iv in a turnover thursday night. Considering feliciano started at center with morse and long out, this possibly shows the coaching staff a contingency plan and haldol iv shows the likelihood that bodine does not make this roster.

To add to that, bodine suffered an oblique strain in the second half that haldol iv he was seen discussing with trainers on the sidelines. While we do not know the severity, these injuries are typically slight and players can come back haldol iv relatively quickly. If you recall, former OL john miller suffered an oblique strain last year haldol iv that caused him to miss one game. I do not expect him to be able to play haldol iv against the panthers, but considering the hole he is in, he may elect to play in order to have a haldol iv shot to stay on the roster.

WR zay jones took what appeared to be a brutal haldol iv hit to the head/neck area late in the first quarter, trying to haul in a pass near the goal line. He was quickly whisked into the medical tent followed by haldol iv a further evaluation for a concussion in the locker room haldol iv before eventually being cleared. It’s possible he could develop symptoms later on, but at this time, he is cleared from the concussion protocol.