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Between the martial pursuits of a warrior, and the long-forgotten secrets of blood magic, lies a sect of hunters that sacrifice their own vitality haldol im and humanity to protect the realms. Through the tutelage of hidden orders, blood hunters learn to give their essence to harness the haldol im elements within their weapon, manipulate the lifeblood of others through blood curses, and allow themselves to become a part of what they haldol im hunt.

Take the order of the ghostslayer, blood hunters honed to destroy the undead and all things haldol im that mock life. You could instead join the order of the profane soul haldol im and make a pact with lesser evils to use wicked haldol im magic against the greater terrors that roam the land. You could even walk with the order of the mutant haldol im to harvest and imbibe the toxic remains of your quarry haldol im to mutate your body in powerful, yet dangerous, ways. This choice is yours while you traverse the path of haldol im the blood hunter.

9) the mutant feature "mutagen craft" now allows the blood hunter to flush the effects of haldol im a mutagen as an action, should they choose. This allows flexibility should the side-effect of a taken mutagen REALLY become a hinderance situationally, allowing them to shed the detriment (and benefit) outside of a rest.

I really love the class as it is now for haldol im combat, although I feel like it deserves a few more utility haldol im ribbons. Dark psychometry is very cool, but at best it’s open to interpretation by the DM, and at worst the DM could interpret it too literally haldol im and offer the player no worthwhile information when they use haldol im it.

Hunters bane is very good, but it’s one utility where I feel there ought to be haldol im more. Granted the lack of utility/flavour/exploration/social features and ribbons tied to classes, especially martial classes is supremely a problem with fifth edition haldol im as a whole, but still I’d love to see more out of combat provision squeezed haldol im into the class. These shouldn’t imbalance much because they’re not combat related, and all spell-casters have such abilities, whether they’re prepped spells or spare scrolls.

I’d love to see things like: monster sensing, monster binding, pacification and interrogation, resistance to curses and other afflictions, curse breaking, feign death, divination & magic … See more sensors, magical stealth, that kinda stuff.

Paladins have this kinda stuff, and they put out the same kind of damage as haldol im blood hunters, only their abilities don’t cost them hit points and hit die to use, and they have healing. These things could be facilitated through homebrew items and bought, but that seems to be something of a drawback when haldol im none is needed.

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