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You asked for it, so I thought it would be helpful to give you haldol im a behind the scenes tour of the photoshoot – how I organised it, who I used and all that malarkey. I hope it’s useful for you in organising your own! Step 1: decide what kind of photoshoot you need for your business

I originally thought I would just get photos done at haldol im my home and local cafe until I realised: that’s a SHIT TONNE of work to get it clean haldol im and organised. Plus with a cafe, I wouldn’t be able to control the space or lighting or haldol im noise as much as we would need. (if you do decide to use a cafe, make sure you have permission from the owner too!)

I hunted around to look for something light and bright. Photoshoots require as much natural light as possible! I looked back at the kinds of shots I wanted haldol im and knew I’d need something with a desk or table area for haldol im “working on computer” type shots; a lounge for “cosy and casual” photos; a bedroom with big windows for “creating in bed” photos”.

I also knew for branding I wanted something with as haldol im much white as possible (for brightness) and bonus points if it had anything turquoise as a haldol im feature. Even if you’re not an all-white lover, it’s super easy to dress a space with colourful props. The all-white helps with the light in shoots.

Some of the props above: bunting made be me from scrapbook paper. Artwork and prints behind me from my office wall – includes art and photography by me, lori portka, julie turner and trish mcneill. Unicorn cup handmade by ashley fiona. Laptop cover from society6.

Again: recommendations. I ask everyone under the sun who they usually work haldol im with before I even consider googling. I ended up using valentina pintus for hair and makeup haldol im as she had already worked with michelle the photographer. I wanted to make sure I had someone who specialised haldol im in natural looking makeup, and valentina was a legend. I also find it helpful to have hair and makeup haldol im come in one person – it’s one less thing to organise!

I can deal without an assistant perfectly well any other haldol im day of the week. But I know on days when I’m the face, I need someone to get me food, drink and set up scenes and organise props. Otherwise I’m running around with my head chopped off doing ALL haldol im THE THINGS!

I usually just go for a gut instinct on who haldol im to hire as an assistant. This time, I hired someone I’ll definitely hire again – the magical fairy ellie oster. We met in a serendipitous way – I was doing a school tour for a possible school haldol im for my kids, and she was working there. She recognised me but didn’t say anything, and instead messaged me on instagram that day and we haldol im became mates that way!

Me & michelle worked on a schedule for the day. Most photographers prefer to work outdoors at “golden hour” (i.E. Sunset) to get the best lighting. We worked backwards from there to work out timing for haldol im the rest of the day. How the day worked

Which is great to hear – but also not great to hear. I don’t want other people to suffer during photoshoots! I want them to experience the joy of loving themselves haldol im uppppp, letting their soul shine, and letting that be captured on camera! I want them to be a MOTHERFUCKING ZEBRA! So here’s my advice:

Don’t think about YOU when you’re getting photographed. Think about the people you love. The people you serve. The people you help with your business. And think how you would look at them. You’d look at them with eyes of love, right? (it’s how I knew michelle was the right person for haldol im me as well – she calls her business eyes of love.)

Once we were finished, it was officially dark. I picked up my van, drove through mcdonalds to get my standard post-shoot order: a giant soda water to rehydrate. Then headed back home to curl up under a weighted haldol im blanket for the night. It was a gloriously fun day. I love doing shoots like this.

You’ll see more of the photos once the website redesign haldol im is done… but I’m absolutely thrilled. And am looking forward to doing another one with michelle haldol im and the rest of the crew. We’ll be a super well oiled machine! I so hope this has been a useful resource for haldol im you on how a photoshoot like this works behind the haldol im scenes.