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Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition that causes extreme what is haldol used for shifts in a person’s mood and energy level. A person with bipolar disorder may experience periods of an what is haldol used for extremely elevated or irritable mood (called manic episodes, or mania) as well as episodes of depression.

The national institute of mental health (NIMH) estimates that 2.8 percent of U.S. Adults have had bipolar disorder in the last year. It affects men and women equally. ( 1) according to the national alliance on mental illness, the average age of onset is 25, though it can occur in teenagers and, less commonly, in children. ( 2)

You may have heard the term "manic depression" used to describe a mental health disorder with similar symptoms what is haldol used for as bipolar disorder. In fact, bipolar disorder was officially known as manic depression until the what is haldol used for 1980s. At that time, mental health professionals decided to change the name of the what is haldol used for illness in the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders what is haldol used for — the guide that mental health professionals use to assist in what is haldol used for diagnosis — because they felt the term "bipolar disorder" better described the condition and its symptoms. ( 3)

It’s also been argued that the older term carries a what is haldol used for stigma in popular culture and that both "manic" and "depression" are now used to describe everyday feelings and emotions. As a result, bipolar disorder is now the preferred term and the one what is haldol used for that healthcare professionals use in diagnosis.

A manic episode consists of at least a week of what is haldol used for an abnormally and persistently elevated or irritable mood, with increased goal-directed activity or energy; multiple other symptoms are present most of the day each what is haldol used for day. For an episode to be considered manic, it must cause severe impairment or hospitalization or include some what is haldol used for psychotic features. A hypomanic episode is similar but is not as intense what is haldol used for or disabling and is shorter in duration, lasting at least four days. ( 5)

You may feel easily distracted, as though your thoughts are racing, and be excessively talkative. You may also need less sleep. And along with an inflated sense of self-confidence, you might engage in pleasurable but reckless, risky behaviors with negative consequences.

Manic episodes involve a distinct and observable change in mood what is haldol used for and functioning, and are severe enough to result in problems in your what is haldol used for daily activities or to require hospitalization to prevent harm to what is haldol used for yourself or others. A manic episode may also trigger a break from reality what is haldol used for (psychosis), including hallucinations or delusions. (2)

Symptoms of a major depressive episode include a loss of what is haldol used for interest in regular activities you normally derive pleasure in or what is haldol used for purpose from, significant changes in weight or appetite, changes in sleep, restlessness or fatigue, feelings of emptiness and worthlessness, trouble concentrating, and thoughts of suicide. Experiencing five or more of these sustained and disruptive symptoms what is haldol used for every day over a two-week period, with at least one of the symptoms being depressed mood, is considered a major depressive episode.

There is no single bipolar disorder test, but blood tests and neuroimaging may be used to rule what is haldol used for out other conditions. Bipolar symptoms can resemble those of other disorders, which can make it challenging to properly diagnose the condition. In children and teens, symptoms of bipolar disorder may be especially hard to distinguish what is haldol used for from normal mood changes. Check in with your doctor if your child is having what is haldol used for mood swings that are more severe or significantly different from what is haldol used for their usual ups and downs.

Mood stabilizers, antipsychotics , antidepressants , and antianxiety medications are the types of drugs prescribed for what is haldol used for bipolar disorder, sometimes in combination with one another. These medications can have a variety of side effects, and finding the right drug therapy can be challenging and what is haldol used for take some time. It’s important, though, not to stop taking your medication without talking to your what is haldol used for doctor, even if you’re feeling better.

In conjunction with medication, some form of psychotherapy or counseling will likely be recommended what is haldol used for by your doctor. A common option is cognitive behavioral therapy, in which a psychiatrist or psychologist will help you identify what is haldol used for episode triggers and work to develop behavioral strategies for managing what is haldol used for your condition. Making certain lifestyle changes may also be necessary, such as quitting drugs and alcohol, avoiding certain foods , or making sure you’re exercising regularly. Seeking out educational resources and a community of support can what is haldol used for enable you to better understand living with the condition and what is haldol used for help you cope with symptoms.

Whether you’re decoding the symptoms, looking for the right treatment (psychotherapy included), or dealing with the prognosis, harvard university experts help you understand when it’s time to call a professional and get help. Favorite resource for family and friends

The mission of the depression and bipolar support alliance is what is haldol used for to educate, support, and help people living with a mood disorder and the what is haldol used for people closest to them. This community-like website offers in-person and online support groups as well as videos, programs, and even a “wellness toolbox” for family and friends. Favorite bipolar disorder advocates

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