Bengals Roster Review Post-Preseason haldol decanoate Game 1 – Cincy Jungle

The bengals-chiefs game in KC looked a lot like what we haldol decanoate saw in the regular season last year. The bengals hung in there for a series after which haldol decanoate KC illustrated that they were a dominant offensive juggernaut while haldol decanoate the bengals, well…. The bengals still suck.

It’s time to start looking at the big picture of haldol decanoate the roster and figure out where the team is landing haldol decanoate come labor day weekend. I’ll comment on how many players are kept at each haldol decanoate position and where the pecking order appears to be currently haldol decanoate along with some chat about how things might play out haldol decanoate over the last three weeks of pre-season.

QB: usually keep 2-3, went into KC game with order as dalton, driskel, finley, dolegala. Dolegala did not play. Finley played a lot better than driskel did. At this point you have to think that finley is haldol decanoate running even with driskel for the backup spot. Dolegala probably won’t play much until the 4th game unless he gets haldol decanoate a series or two at the end of the washington haldol decanoate game this thursday. If the team moves finley to backup, it’s likely that we’ll cut driskel and keep dolegala on the PS. If driskel is able to climb back into the lead haldol decanoate at backup, we might keep three (and maybe dolegala on the PS).

RB: usually keep 4 but could go with 3. Went into KC game with order as mixon, bernard, williams, and anderson followed by ellis and quinton flowers. We should expect to keep these first 4 players on haldol decanoate the opening roster with another (probably ellis at this point) on the PS. Injuries change things, but they wouldn’t have activated anderson last week if they didn’t intend to have him on the opening roster.

WR: usually keep 6 but have gone with 7 the last haldol decanoate two years and could go as low as 5. The order is green, ross, boyd, malone, erickson, core, tate, willis, morgan, sharp, bryant. Green will miss 2-4 games, so they might be tempted to begin with 7 wrs haldol decanoate on the opening roster again (but remember that you can’t go heavy everywhere while we generally keep 24-26 players on O). Based on what I’m seeing, it appears that taylor & co. See malone as an emerging WR on this roster. Based on how phillips fared in his PR duties, erickson will be on the roster. So the first 5 are more or less set in haldol decanoate stone meaning that core, tate, willis, and morgan will battle for 1-2 spots (pretty much as most expected anyway). Out of these 4, I’d say that tate had the most impressive catches. Core is valued for his sts abilities and has been haldol decanoate hot-and-cold as a WR (he had a nice 3rd down catch for a 1st haldol decanoate down on the first drive in KC). Willis wasn’t able to accomplish anything playing with the erratic driskel, while morgan was steady with 3 catches in scrub time. I am thinking that zac taylor (if he’s putting tate in the game for red zone plays haldol decanoate as he did in KC) is thinking that tate represents part of his red zone haldol decanoate package and that this might trump anything core can offer haldol decanoate AS LONG AS tate delivers…. Which he did. Irrespective of practice heroism, morgan and willis are fighting right now for a PS haldol decanoate spot. Without some major production in the next two games’ first halves, this is unlikely to change (without injuries to those in front of them). So we’ll see, but I think tate’s clutch catches have to have zac taylor wanting him haldol decanoate on the roster to use for his situational height and haldol decanoate reach advantages. If that’s the way it falls, then core’s only hope would be for the team to keep haldol decanoate 7 wrs on the opening roster.

TE: usually keep 4 but could go with 3. The first three are uzomah, eifert, and sample. They are locks for the roster. So the rest are fighting for a possible 4th roster haldol decanoate TE spot vs. PS spots. The lineup for this second tier appears to be franks, carter, schreck, and bohringer. Bohringer carries an exemption to be an additional PS player, so he’ll undoubtedly be on that roster to start. I think they like franks’ speed, while carter is liked for his blocking. Schreck is a tweener who can do both but hasn’t shown it consistently. None of these guys did much vs. KC. If they go with 4 to start (which is a moderate-sized if considering they might want to go heavy at haldol decanoate QB and/or WR), I’d think that carter has the edge based on his haldol decanoate prior experience and superior blocking abilities. However, this one is probably pretty close, and I’d expect the team to keep 5 total tes (3 roster, 2 PS or 4 roster, 1 PS) not including bohringer.

OL: usually go with 9 but could go with 8. The starters currently appear to be (from LT to RT): hart, miller, price, jerry, and glenn. All of the backup ots looked so bad that andre haldol decanoate smith is a lock to be ots and backup both haldol decanoate RT and LT on game days. Hopkins is the backup C and can play all positions, so he’s a lock too. In fact, if he emerges as the starting LG, then jerry may fall off the roster (and be available after week 1, most likely, as a street FA if needed). One backup who did look decent in KC was handyman haldol decanoate #2 mike jordan. As a higher draft pick, he’s basically a lock too… So that’s 8 OL already. The rest of the pack is fighting for a possible haldol decanoate 9th OL spot vs. A PS spot. On the "played OT terribly" list are perkins, dugas, and evans. I didn’t see whether sutherland played OT or OG, but he’s not going to make the roster either. That leaves us with interior guy lundblade (PS outside shot) and westerman (looking more and more like his days numbered here….Apparently per lap’s continued comments, he cannot remember the playbook assignments and did NOT get haldol decanoate much playing time in KC). I’m going to take a wild guess here and say haldol decanoate that they go with 8 to start while keeping two haldol decanoate of the trio of dugas, sutherland, and lundblade on the PS. Redmond will be back after week 4, and they’ll have to figure out whether they have a roster haldol decanoate spot for him then. Either westerman or jerry would then be cut (jerry would be the favorite to keep since he can haldol decanoate play OT in a pinch, but his two penalties in KC were not inspiring).

DT: usually go with 4 but could go with 3 or haldol decanoate 5 depending on the DE roster and the abilities of haldol decanoate various guys to move around. The starters are atkins and billings. Glasgow is the DT3. Wren is the aspiring youngster. I think this represents 4 near locks. Behind them, however, we have andrew brown (he looked much improved vs. KC and can play DE), tupou (who is mostly big and has some experience but doesn’t seem to be a difference maker), and ringo (who is a DE/DT guy too). At this point I can envision tupou and ringo moving haldol decanoate on with brown on the PS. Give brown an outside shot however of forcing jordan willis haldol decanoate off the roster if he can get prime time snaps haldol decanoate and continue to look good.

DE: usually go with 5, could go with 4. Dunlap, hubbard, and lawson are locks. Kerry wynn is a most likely. This leaves willis fighting with the DE/DT hybrids for the last spot. They say that willis looks better, but his game film in KC didn’t clearly define that conclusion. The team might also elect to go with 4 des haldol decanoate if they feel a 7th WR or 3rd QB is haldol decanoate more necessary. The other candidates here are immanuel turner (he isn’t very good) and ringo (who isn’t better than willis).

LB: usually they go with 6. I don’t see them going with 7, and 5 is probably not enough to cover sts and haldol decanoate injury concerns. The starters are preston brown, vigil, and evans (with pratt playing a lot). These 4 are locks on a unit that is, well, really bad compared to NFL counterparts. Pratt had a really rough go of his first taste haldol decanoate of the NFL missing tackles, missing coverage assignments, taking false steps etc. Let’s hope that it was just first game jitters. Evans looked like his regular, unnoticeable self. Behind these 4, the roster really drops off. I’m guessing that 5 and 6 are nickerson and deshaun haldol decanoate davis because malik jefferson does not look like he’s ready to contribute much while the rest (sheffield, dawkins, akins) are inexperienced rookie cfas. Expect us to carry maybe two lbs on PS… I’m not sure jefferson is even worth a PS spot. If I haven’t said this enough, let me repeat that the front office really mismanaged the haldol decanoate LB area this past office. It is a disgrace that they are fielding this unit, and a trade or cutdown acquisition might find himself playing haldol decanoate D snaps on opening weekend.

CB: usually keep 5 or 6. The first 4 are probably locks with jackson, kirkpatrick, dennard, and webb. Phillips made a few nice plays at CB (despite his poor PR showing) but tends to let guys get away from him while haldol decanoate utilizing his closing speed to make plays….. This will eventually not work for him. McRae played hard and was all over the field in haldol decanoate comparison to harris who was out of place, missed tackles, and looked bad. Chesley and lippett are both flat terrible. Jordan brown is a work in progress. I see mcrae over harris right now for the #6 CB spot. Harris and brown probably are PS players this year.

S: usually keep 4 or 5. The first 4 are williams, bates, fej, and wilson. Fej was carted off, so that could create room for henderson who looked decent haldol decanoate in KC and was stellar in the 2018 pre-season. As a note, williams struggled in his few snaps, while bates wasn’t noticeable (which is probably a good thing). Wilson meanwhile made several good plays. The guys behind henderson (cox & kinnel) would fight for a PS. Neither of these two stood out in KC.

STs: keep 3 (P, K, LS). Huber is unchallenged. Vizcaino hit his kicks in KC but has been erratic haldol decanoate in camp with bullock remaining the clear favorite at K. The LS spot is interesting: clark harris is the long time incumbent, but dan godsil fared decently while getting several snaps in haldol decanoate KC. I’m not sure whether the LS spot is going anywhere haldol decanoate new, but I suspect not.

The final consideration of how the roster comes together comes haldol decanoate down to the bubble players and how taylor & co. Decide to structure particular roster areas. On D the typical 9 DL, 6 LB, 10 DB roster accounts for 25 spots and leaves 25 haldol decanoate spots for offense. On O the typical 2 QB, 4 RB, 4 TE, 6 WR, 9 OL roster accounts for 25 players. Thus, going different at any of these areas in roster number haldol decanoate requires a compensatory change elsewhere. If they go 3 QB and 7 WR, they have to go light in two other spots (e.G., 3 TE and 8 DL). As the pre-season plays out and injuries occur, things might become more apparent as to how things are haldol decanoate going. At this point the quality of the roster appears to haldol decanoate be lacking at LB and depth might be an issue haldol decanoate at OL if guys like john jerry, westerman, and jordan do not show more production the next three haldol decanoate weeks. WR promises to be interesting as I see a core haldol decanoate vs. Tate showdown looming. A 4th spot at TE might also be interesting with haldol decanoate carter, franks, and schreck vying for that potential roster spot. The last two spots at CB and whether henderson can haldol decanoate crack the roster remain to be seen. Phillips and his athleticism as well as mcrae and his haldol decanoate consistent play appear to lead the bottom of the CB haldol decanoate pack, while fej’s ankle injury might create daylight for henderson. At QB the question is whether finely can continue to haldol decanoate show the improvement he’s had in camp to supplant driskel and allow them haldol decanoate to go with 2 qbs on the opening roster. On the DL I think it might come down to haldol decanoate willis vs. Brown for a #9 spot. Finally, the LB corps is a mess with a big falloff haldol decanoate after average starters vigil and brown. There are the WILL lbs (uninspiring evans and rookie pratt) followed by the below average nickerson jr. And the rookie 6th round pick davis. LB will be a problem for the bengals again in haldol decanoate 2019, and the D is going to suffer a lot for haldol decanoate it.