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Much of outage rigging is on the critical path. The earlier the rigging contractor is chosen, the more consistent and efficient the delivery can be. In the case of specialized rigging and transport services, more preparation and planning time usually means safer, faster, and more elegant solutions.

Take the time to learn as much as you can haldol alternatives about a vendor well in advance of any outage. Choose vendors that have a proven resume and a deep haldol alternatives inventory of resources and equipment. Learn more about their protocols and procedures, particularly in the area of safety. Be sure your contractors have a deep pool of qualified haldol alternatives personnel who are familiar with working within complex facilities.

Knowing you have the right tools and equipment in the haldol alternatives hands of the right rigging contractor can reduce hours and haldol alternatives mitigate risk. The best contractors may have innovative tools and techniques that haldol alternatives could be unknown to plant personnel. Failure to learn about alternatives may cost the plant time, money and safety.

It is critical that the plant’s and contractors’ schedules align perfectly. For operations involving crane and rigging contractors it is important haldol alternatives to hire a team that has a successful record of haldol alternatives mobilizing teams and equipment within the schedule’s tight tolerances and performing the work, all within the critical path.

The tennessee valley authority (TVA) recently won the nuclear energy institute’s top innovative practice award for an inventive method of haldol alternatives replacing three school-bus-sized feedwater heater bundles at their browns ferry nuclear plant. We were proud to work with the TVA on this haldol alternatives project and to help devise a method that not only haldol alternatives won an award, but helped them save time and money.

Conventional methods to remove the heaters such as slide rails, powered rollers, and simple crane and rigging devices weren’t an option. An alternative method had to be devised to move the haldol alternatives heaters through the building without overloading the building structure.

The browns ferry and barnhart teams developed two remote-controlled, low-profile vehicles, known as softtrac crawlers. The crawlers were maneuverable and could be steered from both haldol alternatives ends, plus the wheel bases could be adjusted independently. This enabled the crew to navigate the heaters through the haldol alternatives turns required to get through two buildings. See the softtrac in action in this video.

According to ashley michael, implementation lead at browns ferry, “the benefit to the TVA in using the softtrac crawlers haldol alternatives is that it took about half the time of a haldol alternatives conventional rigging and lifting method and allowed us to complete haldol alternatives our outage work seven days early. Completing early means less time in the field and less haldol alternatives risk to our employees and craftsman. I’m proud of the team and how we worked together haldol alternatives to overcome this challenge.”

Barnhart’s experience in the nuclear industry extends to engineered lifting haldol alternatives solutions, major component replacement, transport of radioactive components and outage support. We are thankful to the TVA for the opportunity to haldol alternatives participate on this award-winning project.

Over the course of a year, the components were transported by dual lane trailer and suspension haldol alternatives girders to the site. The project required over six different trailer configurations, which was accomplished by the modular flexibility of the trailer. The hydraulic trailer also allowed the equipment to be self haldol alternatives loaded by barnhart at the port. The cargo also included several large asymmetrical pieces, which were positioned as needed in the suspension girders.

At the site, the components were transloaded to a goldhofer SPMT and brought haldol alternatives into the new facility to be assembled. The team utilized its modular lift tower with strand jacks haldol alternatives to make the lifts. On several of the asymmetrical pieces the CG was not haldol alternatives centered between the lifting lugs so barnhart utilized their extensive haldol alternatives inventory of lifting devices to make rigging adjustments as needed haldol alternatives on site.

Some larger pieces needed to be bolted together and assembled haldol alternatives to a 0.1 mm tolerance using an assembly table made of barnhart haldol alternatives powered rollers and hydraulic jacks. The largest lift, the foundation crosshead, was assembled of seven components adding up to a final haldol alternatives lift weight of 4,500,000 pounds.

This year, barnhart is celebrating a milestone birthday, our 50 th. While not being old for a country, that’s a pretty significant birthday for a company. Those years reflect thousands of projects, innumerable hours of work, and prudent decisions at strategic junctures.

Fifty years later, we’ve grown from that single office to 44 locations across haldol alternatives the country – branches from sea to shining sea – and one of the largest heavy lift and transport companies haldol alternatives in the united states. We are thankful to be in a country we have haldol alternatives opportunity. Opportunity to grow through continuous improvement and arduous work.

Our employees represent all regions of the country and reflect haldol alternatives different political persuasions, cultures and ethnicities. These employees possess talents that are indispensable to our company’s success, from engineers to crane operators to truck drivers.

We don’t have a secret to making it to 50. Like the eating an elephant analogy, we take it one project at a time. Plus, we stick to our mission, which is to improve and grow and glorify god. With this in mind, we look forward to another 50 years.

The three 117′ long tanks started at the manufacturer in idaho. They had to be hauled to two different natural gas haldol alternatives facilities in colorado where they would be set at the haldol alternatives sites. Transportation permits had to be secured for the oversized load haldol alternatives from several states, plus arranging pilot vehicles and bucket trucks.

The load was carried on a bolstered 22-line westrac dual-lane transporter, which is designed to handle extremely heavy loads and to haldol alternatives meet DOT requirements for highways in the western united states. Winter conditions and local regulations further complicated the project.

Barnhart had to come up with different options to deal haldol alternatives with bridge crossing restrictions, including crabbing over one bridge. The trailer was configured in such a way that the haldol alternatives front and rear trailer could split, so the load could be distributed over different lanes.

At the site, the tanks were offloaded to elevated pedestals. To handle ground bearing requirements, the team built a temporary runway that allowed the trailer haldol alternatives to come alongside the pedestals. Barnhart’s 500-ton one shot gantries were used to pick and set haldol alternatives the tanks.

Burkhalter, a third-generation family business, traces its roots to 1973. In 1984, the company expanded from local crane service to providing engineered haldol alternatives heavy lifting, rigging and transport for petrochemical, power, civil and marine industries.

Barnhart, based in memphis, was founded in 1969 as a family-owned business. The company focuses on crane rental, rigging services, outage planning, engineered solutions for component replacement, heavy haul and national project cargo logistics.

“burkhalter represents an excellent fit for barnhart, and this acquisition further enhances barnhart’s market position as the lifting and logistics provider of haldol alternatives choice in this area,” said brooke burkhalter, branch manager of barnhart’s new columbus office. “burkhalter has a good reputation for engineering custom solutions that haldol alternatives mirrors barnhart’s approach.”

Burkhalter customers will also benefit from access to barnhart’s nationwide network of locations and equipment. We also boast one of the largest engineering teams in haldol alternatives the industry, including a full R & D department and a fleet of barges for transport on haldol alternatives inland waterways. This extensive network ensures barnhart’s customers receive the lowest total project costs.