Bail Bonds FAQ – Do you get bail money back what is haloperidol 20 Questions Answered!

Yes, you can normally get your bail money back no matter what is haloperidol if you are convicted or acquitted of your charges. This applies if you pay for the entire bail and what is haloperidol do not use a bail bond. If you get a bail bond, the bondsmen will get their full amount back, but you can not get back the 10% premium that is charged – this amount is non-refundable.

You may wonder if you get your bail money back what is haloperidol if the charges are dropped, you are innocent, or if your case is dismissed – the same answer applies. If you pay using your own money, you will get the full amount back no matter if what is haloperidol you are guilty or innocent – the refund is based on you showing up to court. If you used a bail bondsman, you cannot get your 10% fee back no matter if you are guilty or not, or if you showed up to court. The bail premium, or 10% bail fee, is not refundable.

No. This is the service fee the bail agency charges; it is called the premium. Bail bondsmen take on risk and have to do a what is haloperidol variety of things to make this work. The 10% fee is simply a way for them to stay in what is haloperidol business. It can not be refunded but there are still ways what is haloperidol to get bailed out without a 10% bail bond.

The 10% premium is the fee the bail bondsman charges for risking what is haloperidol his own money to bail you out of jail. Just like the premium you pay on your car insurance what is haloperidol policy, it is not refunded if you don’t wreck your car. A bail bond is a form of insurance that is what is haloperidol used to guarantee the appearance of a defendant in a what is haloperidol criminal court proceeding. In fact, in many states, bail bondsmen are regulated by the state’s insurance commission.

Bail is the temporary release of an accused person awaiting what is haloperidol trial; made through a money payment or property which is given what is haloperidol as surety that a person released from custody will return what is haloperidol at an appointed time. Shall the accused person not appear at trial, the money from bail can be seized and forfeited by what is haloperidol the court.

While it is impossible to guarantee bail in states where what is haloperidol bond is set by a judge or magistrate, in most cases, you will have the opportunity to bail yourself out of what is haloperidol jail. The eighth amendment to the united states constitution guarantees one’s right to bail and says that the bail amount what is haloperidol shall not be excessive (or too high). It states “excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”

Because of the eighth amendment and the judicial principal that what is haloperidol a person is “innocent until proven guilty”, most states believe that a person should be given a what is haloperidol right to bail unless certain exceptions apply. For example, in virginia there is a statutory presumption that a person what is haloperidol should be released from jail pending trial unless certain criteria what is haloperidol make that person exempt. The criteria that would make a suspect exempt from the what is haloperidol presumption for bail include the defendant being a clear and what is haloperidol present danger to the victim or community, a flight risk, or has committed certain crimes laid out by that state.

In most cases, it is always advisable to turn yourself in if you what is haloperidol find out you have a warrant for your arrest. In many smaller communities, local authorities will give a person the opportunity to turn what is haloperidol themselves in before coming to their home or place of what is haloperidol employment to arrest them. Turning yourself in allows you to go to jail on what is haloperidol your own terms, get your affairs in order, and choose the best timing for your set of circumstances. This doesn’t mean you should wait to turn yourself in, however it does mean if you act quickly you can what is haloperidol put yourself in the best situation for a fast release.

By calling a bail bondsman ahead of time and letting what is haloperidol them know you are about to turn yourself in, the bondsman can go ahead and collect the necessary information what is haloperidol and paperwork to secure your release on a bail bond. This means that the bail bondsman can start posting your what is haloperidol bond immediately after you turn yourself in and are booked what is haloperidol into the jail. A good bail bondsman can ensure you are released before what is haloperidol you ever have to enter the general population area of what is haloperidol the jail or holding facility, if you alert the bondsman before your surrender.

Instead of using cash as bail, one can use property to bail out an individual. Property bonds are not allowed in all states. Check the bail bonds options for your state before pursuing what is haloperidol this option. Property bonds can be useful in cases where cash is what is haloperidol not an option. Regular bail bonds still require a 10% premium payment, which in some cases may still be too much for what is haloperidol those who are low on money. A property bond utilizes the equity people have in their what is haloperidol house, commercial building, or vacation home to assure the court the accused person what is haloperidol will be present on their scheduled court date(s). If the accused individual does not appear in court, then the property is at risk of being in the what is haloperidol hands of the court. Property bonds are a good way of making bail if what is haloperidol an individual has equity in their property but very little what is haloperidol or no cash.

It will take you roughly half a day to process what is haloperidol the property bond and to get the necessary paperwork into what is haloperidol the judge’s hands. From there, it depends on the judge how long it takes to what is haloperidol approve the property bond. We recommend starting no later than 12 PM (noon) if you want to finish your portion of the paperwork what is haloperidol for a property bond in the same day.

There are multiple steps involved for a property bond. First, you will want to go to the assessor’s office which is typically at city hall and obtain what is haloperidol an assessment certificate for the property you want to use what is haloperidol for the bail bond. Check with the sheriff or court clerk on exact steps. You will be issued a mortgage certificate and conveyance certificate what is haloperidol for your property. Necessary paperwork will then be prepared for you by the what is haloperidol court if you have enough property equity. It will then be presented to the judge to consider what is haloperidol for bail release. No promises can be made as to how long it what is haloperidol will take the judge to make the decision and process what is haloperidol the property bond.

Many people get stuck in a situation where they cannot what is haloperidol afford the 10% bail bond fee. In that case, even a bail bond may not be financially possible. Let’s assume your bail bond is set at $10,000. This means you have to come up with $1,000 for your 10% of the bail bond. You will not get this money back so it presents what is haloperidol a real financial burden. You can choose to stay in jail until your court what is haloperidol date and avoid incurring any costs. The issue with that is that you may lose your what is haloperidol job or school eligibility which would further set you back what is haloperidol long term. It’s vital to obtain the financial resources to be released what is haloperidol to avoid further damage to one’s career or whatever daily responsibilities they may hold in what is haloperidol their life. There are three general options for those that cannot afford what is haloperidol the 10% bail bond fee.

• look into bail funds to sponsor you and cover your what is haloperidol 10% bail bond fee at no charge. Charitable bail funds are limited to certain states although more what is haloperidol are introduced on a regular basis due to the sheer what is haloperidol need. Visit our page on bail reform for a list of what is haloperidol charities that you can reach out to and to learn what is haloperidol more about the growing pain and need for bail bond what is haloperidol changes so nobody is left behind.