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The catholic archdiocese of johannesburg comprises the following districts: johannesburg, alberton, balfour, benoni, boksburg, brakpan, carletonville, delmas, germiston, heidelberg, kempton park, krugersdorp, nigel, randburg, randfontein, roodepoort, sandton, soweto, springs, vereeniging, vanderbijlpark, and westonaria. The archdioces of johannesburg covers an area of over 14 haldol and alcohol 517sq.Km.

The catholic archdiocese of johannesburg comprises 160 priests, 40 deacons and 38 religious orders, who provide pastoral ministry & leadership to a very diverse congregation of at least 1m haldol and alcohol lay catholics, who adhere to the tenets of their faith to various haldol and alcohol degrees in 125 very differently resourced parishes & 50 schools predominantly in the gauteng province.

In accordance with the magisterium, we the church seek to evangelize ourselves and respond to haldol and alcohol spiritual & human needs (through catechetics, contextual mission, education, pastoral work, the sacraments, lay movements & the nurturing of parish communities) while providing moral guidance in a predominantly secular, increasingly youthful society, experiencing the challenges of dramatic societal change.

There are two important events which will soon be happening haldol and alcohol in the archdiocese. The first is the archdiocesan synod where the people of haldol and alcohol god will gather around their shepherds to prayerfully discuss and haldol and alcohol reflect on how we as catholics are called upon to haldol and alcohol live out our missionary calling in the world today. It is a time for renewal, refocusing and recommitting ourselves, one and all, to a life of missionary discipleship. We ask for your prayers and your continued commitment to haldol and alcohol the synod process, which culminates in the synod happening on the 20th and haldol and alcohol 21st of september.

The second event is the centenary celebration of the encyclical haldol and alcohol maximum lllud, released by pope benedict XV. This encyclical called on catholics to bring the good news haldol and alcohol to all peoples (missio ad gentes). To commemorate this anniversary, pope francis has declared october 2019 to be an extraordinary haldol and alcohol month of mission (EMM). This special month of prayer and action calls us all haldol and alcohol to renew our missionary commitment. We are called to share the good news of jesus haldol and alcohol christ with all peoples.

The archdiocese has prepared a resource package for all parishes, sodalities and groups containing guides for para-liturgies and prayer services; teaching material for each level of catechesis; information on how to pray the mission rosary; youth group activities; material to enrich homilies, and more. It is our wish that you use this material in haldol and alcohol your parishes, or any other material you deem suitable, to enrich your celebration of this anniversary, deepen your own conversion, and help you be missionary disciples in the world.

We will launch the extraordinary mission month at the conclusion haldol and alcohol of the synod, and conclude it at a mass to which all in haldol and alcohol the archdiocese are invited. The concluding mass for the archdiocese will be held at haldol and alcohol st dominic’s school for girls, boksburg, on the 19th of october. We begin at 9am with a procession of sodalities, groups and parishes, followed by mass at 10am, and then entertainment and food will be available until 2pm, when we will disperse, ready to celebrate in our parishes world mission sunday on haldol and alcohol the 20th of october.

We ask you to pray with us the prayer for haldol and alcohol this extraordinary mission month, remembering that we are called to be missionary disciples of haldol and alcohol christ, always and everywhere, not only during the month of october. We are all baptised and sent, we are the church of christ on mission in the haldol and alcohol world.

Empower us by the gifts of the holy spirit to haldol and alcohol be courageous and zealous in bearing witness to the gospel, so that the mission entrusted to the church, which is still very far from completion, may find new and effective expressions that bring life and haldol and alcohol light to the world.

At our annual plenary sitting in mariannhill, kwa zulu natal, from 30 july to 6 august, we, the catholic bishops of southern africa deliberated on a number haldol and alcohol of key issues affecting the life of both the local haldol and alcohol and the universal church, centered on the safeguarding and protection of children and the haldol and alcohol vulnerable adults, domestic violence and the current state of our nations – (botswana, south africa and swaziland).

What the local church needs to do about safeguarding and haldol and alcohol protection of children was based on the fruit of the haldol and alcohol february 2019 summit called by pope francis, namely his motu proprio (special instruction) vos estis lux mundi (you are the light of the world). This reflection was led by fr hans zollner SJ, a world recognized authority on what the church at every haldol and alcohol level needs to do to deal with the child abuse haldol and alcohol crisis, and more especially what we must do to prevent this haldol and alcohol from happening in the first instance.

We, bishops, will enhance structures for reporting any cases of abuse; and we commit to accompany victims in their healing process, and especially bring perpetrators to account. ‘vos estis lux mundi’ has set out specific new norms which give clear guidance haldol and alcohol to the bishops in working with the cases of abuse haldol and alcohol in the local church.

We have also resolved to send suitably disposed people to haldol and alcohol do special studies on the safeguarding and protection of children haldol and alcohol and vulnerable adults, so that the problem of abuse is not only addressed haldol and alcohol more fully and professionally, but also prevented from happening.

Clearly this is a project that extends right down into haldol and alcohol the family. Sadly that is where much violence is taking place. So, it has to be the place where we focus of haldol and alcohol our fight against the culture of violence, which is destroying us as a people.

As bishops, we also align ourselves with the analysis of concerns voiced haldol and alcohol by bishop sithembele sipuka, catholic bishops’ president, in his address as he urged us not to focus haldol and alcohol on addressing the symptoms of the problems, but instead to identify and deal with the root causes. One of these is the tendency to put our politicians haldol and alcohol on a pedestal, from which they dictate what is good for us, rather than listen to what we their fellow citizens are haldol and alcohol highlighting as the most urgent needs.

We also identify with him in his statement that it haldol and alcohol is wrong for us church leaders to retreat to our haldol and alcohol sacristies, especially at this time when our people need us to haldol and alcohol be engaging actively with our political leaders. We certainly need to do more than just issue occasional haldol and alcohol statements no matter how important those might be. Rather we need to be fully engaged in walking with haldol and alcohol the people as we did in the past during the haldol and alcohol apartheid regime.

We are aware of the damage done to the economy haldol and alcohol by state capture, and especially how difficult it will be to get the haldol and alcohol economy back on track. For that reason we affirm our support for the different haldol and alcohol institutions which are key to turning things around; therefore, we urge all south africans to hold hands together and haldol and alcohol work selflessly to restore basic trust and confidence needed to haldol and alcohol lift our country back onto the path to growth.

Today, many of our people are experiencing economic hardships; rising food prices, job losses, violence, collapse of the health system and so forth. Although our nation got constitutional democracy twenty five years ago, they feel that they are still walking through the desert.

It is encouraging to see that, in the first reading in exodus, god has made an intervention in the lives of the haldol and alcohol israelites who are tired of walking through the dessert. God enters in to their lives in form of an haldol and alcohol ark of the covenant and the dwelling that moses had haldol and alcohol created. And through the ark and the dwelling, god revealed himself to them as a god who has haldol and alcohol not abandoned them. Instead, god is close to them, and walking with them through the night and through the haldol and alcohol day. We therefore read in exodus 40 that: “in the daytime the cloud of the lord was seen haldol and alcohol over the ark and the dwelling; whereas at night, fire was seen in the cloud by the whole house haldol and alcohol of israel in all the stages of their journey”. This was god’s message of hope to israelites.

In our country, it is also the message that our people are waiting haldol and alcohol to encounter and hear. They want an assurance from us as bishops that, although we are in a state of technical recession and haldol and alcohol political uncertainties, god has not abandoned us. God is walking with us as a nation, both during the daytime and night time.

Through this experience as a nation, our people expect us to announce a message of hope haldol and alcohol and declare with faith using the words of st paul haldol and alcohol that, as a nation, “we are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair; struck down, but not destroyed (2 cor 4:8-9).

After all the words that we spoke to one another haldol and alcohol yesterday, we now sit before the lord in the upper room haldol and alcohol so that the only words that should speak to us haldol and alcohol this morning should be the words of christ. We acknowledge that the word of god we have heard haldol and alcohol in the gospel is a call to repentance.

I think the damage that the abuse has done to haldol and alcohol the body of christ is so deep that a mere haldol and alcohol adherence to the policies and protocols will not restore the haldol and alcohol trust in the church. We need to do something over and above a mere haldol and alcohol observance of protocols on sexual abuse. We need to open our hearts to repentance and conversion haldol and alcohol of heart. To use the metaphor in the gospel today, we need to allow god as the fisherman to collect haldol and alcohol us, to bring us to the shore, to search into our hearts, to separate the good from the bad, and then throw away the bad fish within our hearts.

Over and above the protocols and press statements that we haldol and alcohol make, the victims of abuse are waiting for this repentance. They are waiting for a repentance that enables us to haldol and alcohol see that the healing their pain is more important that haldol and alcohol protecting the institutions in the church. This is because the wounds in their hearts are the haldol and alcohol wounds of christ crucified. They are waiting for repentance that enable us as bishops haldol and alcohol to listen to them, to believe them, to walk with them. They are waiting for a repentance that enable us as haldol and alcohol bishops to ensure that those who have abused are never haldol and alcohol again able to offend. As bishops, if we have repentance in our hearts, we shall start to hold one another to account. The crisis that we now face as a church will haldol and alcohol lead to purification, if we open up to this form of repentance.

If we are to take this path over and above haldol and alcohol preaching about god’s forgiving our individual sins, we need to start preaching that god’s mercy is so powerful that it can forgive and haldol and alcohol heal sins of the nation. At a fundamental, a large number of our problems in the country are haldol and alcohol a result of our reluctance as a nation to repent haldol and alcohol from the sins of the nation.

Pope francis has helped us to identify some of the haldol and alcohol sins of the nation. Here, we can talk about the sins of greed and corruption, the sins of hostility to immigrants and racism, the sins of destruction of environment and culture of violence, the sins of lack of respect for life and culture haldol and alcohol of abortion, the sins of materialism and worship of wealth.

The message of hope that we should preach as a haldol and alcohol church should be a message of inviting our nation to haldol and alcohol repent from personal sins and the sins of the nation. I am sure that many of our people do not haldol and alcohol associate the message of hope with a call to repentance. However, as is evident in the gospel parables in the book/gospel of matthew 13, the message that we are supposed to preach, this message of the good news about the kingdom of haldol and alcohol god, is a message about repentance and personal encounter with god’s mercy, that is why in the gospel today, we hear that god is like a fisherman who uses haldol and alcohol a dragnet for his fishing, there are two phases. In the first phase, the fisherman is perceived as being merciful. For many hours, he patiently drags the net through the sea collecting both haldol and alcohol bad and good fish. While dragging the net through the sea for many hours haldol and alcohol and allows plenty of time for the bad fish to haldol and alcohol repent and transform into good fish.

During apartheid and now 25 years after apartheid, like a fisherman, god has been patient with us as a nation. Although we have sometimes made efforts to self-destruct as a nation, god has not destroyed us. To echo the words of pope francis, although we are tired of asking for god’s forgiveness, god is not yet tired of forgiving us, cleansing us and healing us as a nation. And this should be the message of hope that we haldol and alcohol as bishops should announce to the nation.