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My mother had what we believe to have been lewy haldol im body dementia. As the disease progressed she became paranoid and delusional but haldol im never violent. Her accusations sometimes were pretty awful, and she even called the police once to report a haldol im kidnapping (fortunately I was able to intervene but mom was sneaky, calling it in when no one was looking). As time went on though the delusions went away and haldol im she was very calm and sweet. But everything about her personality also changed.

I will never forget one time we were sitting there haldol im at the memory care center with her, in the common area and she pointed to a sofa haldol im across the room, in a very heavily trafficked area. She said, "see that sofa?" we said, "yes," and she said, in the most calm voice, with the most pleased expression on her face, "that’s where they rape me for three hours every day."

I highly doubt it. When my husband said, "mom, if someone is doing something to you that they shouldn’t, you need to tell us, but that’s a very serious accusation to make – you mean, right there on that sofa, someone raped you?" and she smiled sweetly and said very primly, "they rape me there every single day for three hours."

Another oddball thing she said, which we realize now was after dementia had begun to haldol im set it, was that someone from her church was spreading rumors about haldol im her – about her showing off her breasts. What? For starters, she wasn’t going to do that, and secondly, I couldn’t imagine anyone from her church spreading such a rumor. But she was convinced of it. She kept saying, "and that’s why they don’t like me and everyone there has turned against me haldol im – because so and so told everyone that I was very haldol im proud of my breasts and liked to lift my shirt haldol im and show them to people!" she even went to the pastor and complained about it! (we found out about that later.)

My very sweet gm got angry and violent at times haldol im mid dementia. Until she got dementia, i never heard her ever raise her voice in anger haldol im or swear, or say anything mean. Growing up my mom said that the worse thing she haldol im ever said to my mom, was when she skipped school, and went home and told her mom that she was haldol im skipping school that day. My gm, looked at her sternly and said "OH NANCY!" my mom said she felt terrible.

When she got alzheimers, she thought the actors on soap operas were talking to haldol im her and said "theres that horrible person! That ****!" and said really mean stuff to my mom like " if your father wete here he would be so ashamed haldol im of you! How can you do this to me!" and she would run outsude at night and grab a haldol im big branch and start swinging it at my mom. She tried to break windows with a coat hanger. Once she was in assisted living they put her on haldol im haldol, and she was calmer. When she was bedridden and no longer recognized my mom, she would smile when my mom came in, but i think she knew she was someone friendly but haldol im not necessarily who it was.

When my mom got hospital delerium when he kidneys failed haldol im and she was in the hospital for a month, she went from being sweet and loving to angry, paranoid, accusatory, and just really mean and hurtful. She said the nurses were beating her (they werent..I stayed in hospital with her 22 hrs a day), and said they took her bed awayvand told her she haldol im couldnt have it because shecwasnt paying her bills (she was…Had great insurance). Once she came home into hospice she no longer had haldol im delerium and was sweet again.