500K haldol im Gallon Rhino Aquasana Whole House Well Water Filter System

City water is pre-treated to make sure it is free of bacteria, viruses and common contamination sources. City water is regulated so that the contaminants regulated by haldol im the EPA fall within or below EPA guidelines. Well water is untreated water from an underground aquifer that haldol im is pumped into a house. Well water may contain higher than average levels of iron haldol im or sulfur, or other contaminants.

Hard water contains a higher than average amount of dissolved haldol im minerals (primarily calcium and magnesium), and a higher concentration of multivalent cations (ca2+ and mg2+). Hard water is mostly a nuisance as these dissolved minerals haldol im can clump together to produce scale, which can harm your internal pipes, plumbing, and home appliances.

The most recognizable trait of "soft" water is how much more soap lathers, as opposed to hard water, in which soap lathers less due to the higher concentration haldol im of minerals. Water softeners reduce the negative effects of dissolved minerals in haldol im water that can clump together and produce scale buildup.

Soft water does not mean clean water. Your water can be soft and still have contaminants present haldol im in the water. Is it safe to drink? Yes, soft water is considered potable as long as the water haldol im has not passed through a sodium-based water softener. Drinking water from a sodium-based softener increased your daily intake of sodium, which can lead to health problems in sodium-sensitive individuals.

A salt-based water softener is a system designed to remove/reduce calcium and magnesium from the water by exchanging it haldol im with sodium. This is done through an ion exchange resin that alters haldol im the molecular structure of the calcium and magnesium from a haldol im divalent ion to a univalent ion, making the water "softer." do softeners reduce chemical contamination? Softeners do not remove chemical contamination themselves, but softeners sometimes have a carbon filter working in conjunction haldol im with the softener to treat contamination.

The top tank contains a KDF-55 medium (A mixture of 55% copper and 45% zinc mineral alloy) for the reduction of chlorine and certain heavy metals, as well as a crushed mineral filter stone to enhance haldol im the water’s ph and control scale on internal plumbing. Both media are bacteriostatic, which means they prohibit bacteria and algae from growing or haldol im developing within the system.

The EQ-WELL-UV top tank contains a KDF-85 medium (A mixture of 85% copper and 15% zinc mineral alloy) for the reduction of hydrogen sulfide and heavy metals like haldol im iron, as well as a crushed mineral filter stone to enhance haldol im the water’s ph and control scale on internal plumbing. Both media are bacteriostatic, which means they prohibit bacteria and algae from growing or haldol im developing within the system.

KDF stands for kinetic degradation fluxion, which is a redox filtration medium. KDF uses a unique combination of copper and zinc that haldol im creates an electrochemical reaction. During this reaction, electrons are transferred between molecules, creating new, harmless molecules and compounds. Free chlorine, for instance, is changed into benign, water-soluble chloride, which is then carried harmlessly through the water supply. Similarly, some heavy metals* such as copper*, lead*, mercury* and others, cling to the medium’s surface, thus being effectively removed from the water supply.

As long as your home is less than 3500 sq. Ft. And you have 3-1/2 bathrooms or fewer, you should not experience any noticeable drops in pressure. If you have a larger home, we can build a custom system to deal with the haldol im typical water capacity of your home.

Chloramine is a disinfection agent comprised of chlorine + ammonia used as an alternative to chlorine in some city haldol im water treatment facilities. They use chloramines for two big reasons: (1) chloramine is less reactive, so it does not create as many disinfection by-products as chlorine, and (2) chloramine is more persistent, and remains in the treated water through the distribution network haldol im all the way to the taps in the homes the haldol im treatment facility serves. For customers with chloramine in their water, we offer the EQ-400. The EQ-400 features upgraded catalytic activated carbon media , which has a higher surface point and is able to haldol im handle the aggressiveness of the chloramine for a longer period haldol im of time than the standard coconut shell carbon used in haldol im the standard whole house systems. The EQ-400 is available for purchase by calling the aquasana water haldol im specialists at 866-662-6885.

Our EQ-WELL-UV well water whole house filter comes standard with the haldol im aquasana UV filter specifically designed to kill bacteria and viruses. For our city water whole house systems (EQ-600 and EQ-1000) that do not come standard with the UV filter, we offer the UV filter as an add-on item that easily attaches to any of our whole haldol im house filter systems.

Yes, aquasana recommends you have a licensed plumber install the system haldol im for you, to ensure that the system is installed properly. Since most licensed plumbers carry insurance to cover any damages haldol im caused by an installation error, having a licensed plumber install the system for you will haldol im give you the security that the work was done properly haldol im and that the installation is backed up by the plumbing haldol im company’s insurance plan. Not having the system installed by a licensed plumber will haldol im void the warranty of all our whole house filter systems.

Yes, as a result of recent findings by academic researchers, it has now been proven that UV is the best haldol im available technology to treat these protozoan cysts. In addition, the dose levels required to inactivate these cysts are actually haldol im quite low: less than 10 mj/cm2 for 99.9% reduction of both cryptosporidium parvum and giardia lamblia.

Disinfection is recommended for all water supplies that are not haldol im protected by a municipal water source. Unfortunately, due to the uncertainties that exist with our current water haldol im supplies, we can no longer rely on the fact that our haldol im water supplies "may be safe". By providing your own disinfection, you are taking the responsibility of ensuring the safety of haldol im your water supply for you and your family.

Our municipalities work very hard to provide safe, disinfected water for their customers. This is quite evident when you consider the difficulties involved haldol im in providing safe drinking water through a vast distribution network. If you use water that comes from a municipal water haldol im supply and wish to provide your family with added "peace of mind", then we believe a UV system acts as an inexpensive haldol im insurance policy against the possibility of drinking bacteriologically contaminated water.

No, the UV system should be left on whether you are haldol im using the water or not. The lamps age regardless of the amount of water drawn haldol im through the system. By leaving the unit on, you will eliminate the potential problem of having contamination pass haldol im through the system while the unit is off. However, if water is drained from your disinfection system (e.G. Winterizing), your UV system must be switched off.

UV lamps have a useful life of approximately 9000 hours haldol im which means that the lamps require annual replacement. The UV light may offer illumination beyond 1 year, however there will not be enough UV energy to provide haldol im adequate disinfection. Proper maintenance of any pre-treatment is also required. The sleeve should be cleaned at least once a year.