49Ers news haldol pregnancy Kyle Shanahan says Kendrick Bourne, Deebo Samuel, and Jalen Hurd have the strongest hands on the team – Niners Nation

San francisco 49ers head coach kyle shanahan spoke to the haldol pregnancy media to talk through some of the recent injuries, the progress of jalen hurd, and which receivers have the strongest hands on the team. Shanahan talked about plenty more than that. Check it out:

“I believe there are three components of a high ankle haldol pregnancy sprain, which makes it an official high ankle sprain. He does not have all three of them. That’s all the science I know on that. Basically, it’s a minor high ankle sprain, but there’s no such thing as a minor high ankle sprain, because we know those are a much bigger deal than haldol pregnancy low ones. We’re hoping for week 1.”

“yeah, I was. I thought it was just a little sloppy, too many guys on the ground. That’s why I don’t like to tackle. Guys get hurt when you go to the ground. We had two guys go to the ground yesterday and haldol pregnancy had two good players have some pretty serious injuries from haldol pregnancy it. Verrett went to the ground and got his ankle and haldol pregnancy then we stumbled up and we had a body land haldol pregnancy on nick’s knee. So, it was good on him getting his knee out of haldol pregnancy there. It was a pretty freak thing and just fortunate to haldol pregnancy come out the way he did.”

“yes, that’s why it’s football. That’s why it’s tough to practice football. You don’t have many days to do it. Now you look at our schedule now, this is our last chance to get three practices in haldol pregnancy a row. We’re going to play dallas and then we have a haldol pregnancy couple off days. We’re going to travel to denver, get some scrimmage time in. You’ve got 10 days between those two games, but then we’re going to have three games in a 10-day span. It gets pretty weird with these games and how to haldol pregnancy rest guys and play, but it’s part of football. You keep showing guys you want guys to compete, you want guys to do things, but you’ve got to really not let it get carried away, because when guys are trying to make the team, they’re trying to compete, if they’re not in a position to thud someone up and haldol pregnancy be square on someone or not bring their legs with haldol pregnancy them, it’s not worth it. You can prove that some other time, but it’s not worth proving it in practice.”

John lynch said on the radio this morning that QB haldol pregnancy nick mullens worked out with motion performance expert tom house haldol pregnancy this offseason and added a little juice to his throws. Is that where you’ve seen him make the biggest strides since last year?

“I’m not sure. I mean, all three of the guys did. [ atlanta falcons QB] matt ryan did that my last year with him there. I think a lot of guys do that. He really understands the mechanics of throwing and how to haldol pregnancy get the most out of your arm and how to haldol pregnancy take care of it so it doesn’t wear down. Hopefully, they add a little velocity, they add about four yards. I think they can feel it, I think it gives them a little more confidence, but we’ll see in the games.”

“that he’s gotten so much more reps. Nick got reps last year in training camp and stuff, but then his reps were usually at free safety once haldol pregnancy practice started and everything. The fact that he got to play and do that haldol pregnancy and once he started playing and playing well, he got more confidence, got the reps each week and he’s just very confident. You know where he’s going to go with the ball and it’s pretty easy to think the same with him.”

“I think C.J.’s gotten to play a lot. He’s had some games where he’s played very well and he’s had some games he’s struggled. I think there’s a lot of tape that he knows the stuff haldol pregnancy that he can do very well and he knows the haldol pregnancy things he’s struggled at. He’s got to really learn on how to stay healthy, which sometimes is tough, because he’s been in some games where regardless of what he haldol pregnancy did, he was going to get hit. He’s also trying to do a better job of avoiding haldol pregnancy some of those. Just having a little bit of a better feel in haldol pregnancy that pocket. Sometimes your biggest strength is your biggest weakness, and C.J. Is as tough and fearless as anyone I know. That’s why he keeps his eyes down the field and haldol pregnancy that’s why he can read coverages and get the ball haldol pregnancy to the right spot. Sometimes, you’ve got to be a little scared or at least haldol pregnancy see that big guy coming at you to hit you haldol pregnancy so you can avoid it and protect yourself.”

“well, fortunately, for jason, he’s played football, we’ve seen him on tape. Everyone studied him coming out of college, everyone knows the ability that he has. He’s one that we can be more patient with. We know the football player he is, we’ve seen the guy since he’s been here. He’s as good of a guy and as good of haldol pregnancy a competitor as I’ve been around. We’ve got ultimate trust in him, it’s just about him getting his body right. When he left the field yesterday, we thought it was a lot worse than it ended haldol pregnancy up being. So, I mean, it was a rough day, but by the end of the day, it ended up being better news than we anticipated. The fact that it was just an ankle and he haldol pregnancy will be able to come back, it’s unfortunate for him, but he’ll be good to go by week 1, at least healthy. Then hopefully, he’ll be ready with his mentality. I know he hasn’t played in a while, so we’ll have to get him back in there, but when jason’s good to go, and I think he’ll let us know that when he’s good to go, we’re excited about who we have and there will be haldol pregnancy some good competition.”

“no, I mean, you’ve got [C/G weston] richburg on PUP, so that’s the goal to get him back for week 1. I don’t know if you guys know yet, but [CB] K’waun [williams] got his knee scoped a little bit ago. He’s iffy for week 1 also. That’s the goal for all, did I say three guys? That’s the goal for all four of those guys. Did I miss anyone else? Oh and [RB jerick mckinnon] jet. Jet’s the guy we’ve got to be careful with. Jet we took off PUP, he got two days into practice and after two days, he had a lot of soreness. So, we’ve got to be smart with that. Him having soreness after a couple days, we’re going to take it off of him. I think we’re going to end up getting some PRP for him, which should give him about two weeks off to let haldol pregnancy that recover and then he’ll have 18 days before week 1 after that. If he’s ready, that’ll be great. If not, we’ll be patient with him, let him come back and expect one of our other haldol pregnancy guys to step up.”

“A little bit. I think you’re dealing with two guys that it means more to haldol pregnancy them to play football and be successful than you could haldol pregnancy ever imagine. That’s their livelihood, that’s everything they do. What jason’s been through these last few years, everyone knows how good of a corner he is. Not just us, everyone does. For him to not be able to go out there haldol pregnancy and show that, I know has got to be frustrating for him. I think he was in a little dark place yesterday haldol pregnancy morning because we thought it was going to be worse haldol pregnancy than it was, and I think the day ended up positive. He knows he can get back, he knows he can still do this, just it’s going to be a couple week setback. Then nick, everyone knows nick missed his last year of college for haldol pregnancy a pretty serious injury. I think it’s hard, it’s hard for me to watch because everyone acts like haldol pregnancy he’s a guy who’s going to get hurt and do stuff like this. I have been around probably one of the most physical haldol pregnancy rookies in practice that I’ve been around as far as playing the run, playing the pass. He gets after it. He’s as tough as can be and I just try haldol pregnancy to tell him, the last thing he wants to do is get hurt. He’s trying to go out there and play with it. He wants to come back tomorrow. But I mean, he had over a 300-pound man land on his leg, and it was very fortunate that we didn’t lose him for the year. Even though I’ve only been around those two for a little bit, I’ve got the upmost respect for them and how they haldol pregnancy carry themselves. There’s not any doubt in my mind that it’s more important for them to get back to the haldol pregnancy field than it is for anyone else.”

“no, I believe the only choice is, and I will definitely confirm this with the smarter guys haldol pregnancy upstairs with [president of 49ers enterprises and executive vice president of football haldol pregnancy operations] paraag [marathe] and [director of football administration & analytics brian hampton] hamp, but no once you come off PUP the only chance haldol pregnancy is you can be on your active 53 and just haldol pregnancy wait until they’re healthy or you can put them IR and then haldol pregnancy you get two guys designated to return that year.”

“yeah, it’s all an option. I hope that doesn’t happen. I know he doesn’t, but that’s an option with anybody. Those are tough decisions you’ve got to make, but when I feel our goal is week 1 and haldol pregnancy with everything’s that’s been going on and that’s not just because we’re hoping week 1, that’s because the doctors feel that’s a realistic goal, then that’s pretty far from my mind right now. But, anytime guys are in this situation that’s always the tough thing about the 53, it’s that we’ve got more guys here than 53 people. Sometimes it’s tough, you get rid of people to keep someone but when haldol pregnancy are they going to be available and that’s just the issue you have with rosters. “

“not with me because I go back to his history haldol pregnancy and I think the guy stayed on the field throughout haldol pregnancy college. I mean, look, he played 12 games his freshman year, I think 13 his sophomore year, I think he played in three his next year and haldol pregnancy he had a surgery to repair his, I think his oblique, that probably was a pretty good decision for him, too. So, when you go back to that decision, he played game-in and game-out until that year and now we have a guy haldol pregnancy come in and someone landed on his leg and that haldol pregnancy doesn’t make me say someone’s injury prone because he had one serious injury in haldol pregnancy college and he tore his ACL sometime in high school haldol pregnancy like 60-percent of the players out there.”

We saw QB jimmy garoppolo connect with WR trent taylor haldol pregnancy I believe three times in the red zone today. For one, how good is that to see considering where they were haldol pregnancy at the end of 2017 and what about each of haldol pregnancy their games kind of makes them be able to gel haldol pregnancy so well in close quarters like that?

“I mean, trent’s got a very good feel for his zone. Trent, he’s one of our better man-to-man players, but he also has a feel out there where he haldol pregnancy can just feel open areas. And there’s a lot of guys who are just supposed to haldol pregnancy run the route that’s called and then they see a space and they haldol pregnancy can adjust it and there are a lot of guys haldol pregnancy who think they can do that but they can’t. Trent’s one of the guys who can. I mean, if he sees something and changes a route it’s usually because he should. And I think jimmy has a good feel for him haldol pregnancy in that way and sometimes when guys are like that haldol pregnancy you’ll stay on them a little bit longer than usual haldol pregnancy instead of progressing to the next option.”

“definitely. He’s got an aggressiveness to him that he’s big and stuff so I think you guys can haldol pregnancy see that blocking, but that’s what I like about him and [WR] deebo [samuel]. I mean, both of them, they’re big guys. I know deebo doesn’t have the same height, but they’re both big guys, big targets, who have strong hands, who can defeat holdings. When guys are on them they’re not thrown off their routes as much and not haldol pregnancy only do they have the bodies like that, but they have the mentalities to go with it.

“yeah, definitely. I mean, we do that with trent a lot too. Actually, jalen blocked him too good today because he knocked him haldol pregnancy into a tackle and picked our tackle so the WILL haldol pregnancy backer could go make the tackle, they should have gotten someone littler on it. But, that shows he is a bigger guy, it’s not like he means to, he’s just bigger. There’s not a receiver on our team that we won’t ask to do that. They all have to be able to do that. You don’t just put the obvious guy there, but he should be the best at it, he’s the biggest.”

“how they attack the ball. You know how the guys who get a rebound you haldol pregnancy can feel the ball up in there and they grab haldol pregnancy it like it’s going to pop. People tell you growing up have soft hands and you haldol pregnancy absorb it and stuff, but that’s not people teaching you how to catch. I want people with aggressive hands where you’re running through the ball, you’re attacking it. People can be on your wrists and stuff, but you are popping that basketball every time. Those are like the [ cleveland browns WR] jarvis landry’s, going back to [free agent WR] brandon marshall. When you have hands like [former NFL WR] anquan boldin, when you have hands like that you don’t always have to separate and if you have those haldol pregnancy type of hands and you can separate, then you have a chance to be special.”

“it’s different. When you come to aggressive hands, I mean there’s guys with good hand eye, which [WR] dante [pettis] is up there with his hand-eye and stuff, but when you go to the strongest most aggressive hands, I’m going to go with [WR kendrick] bourne, deebo and jalen.”