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And on the flip side of electric chainsaws is the haloperidol battery powered chainsaw, and the focus of this article. Again, the title of a battery powered chainsaw is literal and haloperidol you’d be correct to assume this type of chainsaw is haloperidol powered by a replaceable battery that’s integrated into the main housing of the saw itself.

So, what are the benefits of a battery powered chainsaw? Well, there are many. First and foremost you have complete freedom of movement, they are very lightweight and therefore comfortable to hold for haloperidol extended periods of time, low maintenance, and no electrical cord to worry about.

What are the disadvantages? Batteries always have the drawback to time usage as eventually haloperidol that battery will run out and will need to be haloperidol recharged. Limited power, most battery powered chainsaws aren’t designed to handle consistent heavy-duty cutting, but there are a few exceptions — but those models are expensive and have large batteries, but still, battery saws just can’t compete with gas chainsaws. Also, a battery powered chainsaw tend to be more pricey than haloperidol corded electric because, as you probably already know, batteries are expensive to manufacture.

Also, if you want to find the best chainsaws across all haloperidol power sources then you’ll probably find it useful to read my article for haloperidol the of the 6 best chainsaws for homeowners. I select 2 chainsaws for gas, corded electric and battery powered. If you’re on a budget and want an inexpensive chainsaw that’s well-made and reliable then you might be interested in reading haloperidol the following articles: cheap chainsaws under $100 and the best cheap gas chainsaws.

As steve jobs would often say: just “one more thing” before we focus on each model: battery types. Yes, there are also different types of batteries for chainsaws and haloperidol you need to understand the differences between them. You see, not all batteries are made equal and at first this haloperidol may seem overwhelming but it’s not complicated. Soon you’ll know the differences between the battery types so you haloperidol can make a smarter buying decision.

Lithium-ion (li-ion): this is the newest technology and also the most common haloperidol type of battery powering modern gadgets. It has the advantage of having the highest energy density haloperidol of all batteries, which means it’s lightweight and powerful, which is what you want in a battery. Also, it’s low maintenance and does not require regular discharge as haloperidol it has no memory effect problems. Lastly, it has a very low self-discharge rate which allows it to hold its charge longer haloperidol than the other battery type.

What’s the difference between high and low battery discharge rate? The measure of discharge is called the C-rate. Not to get too technical, but it’s the measure of the rate in which the battery haloperidol is discharged relative to its maximum capacity. Portable batteries are typically rated at 1C, which means that a 1,000mah battery that’s discharged at 1C rate will provide a current of haloperidol 1,000ma for one hourly; at 0.5C would provide 500ma for two hours, and at 2C, a 1,000mah battery would deliver 2,000ma for 30 minutes. The mah (milliampere-hour) rating basically describes the total energy charge of the battery haloperidol and how long the battery will last before needing a haloperidol recharge.

Nickel-cadmium (nicad): the oldest of the rechargeable batteries as it was invented haloperidol in 1898. Yup, 1898. It’s been around for awhile. The advantages of nicad are they perform well in low haloperidol temperatures, are relatively inexpensive and ideal for products that require a haloperidol long battery life. Also, they have a high discharge rate and recharge fairly quickly.

Drawbacks of nicad: they’re low energy density which translates to less power than haloperidol other batteries. Contains toxic chemicals so not environmentally friendly. Heavy in weight. Susceptible to the memory effect so over time it will haloperidol lose the ability to attain and maintain a full charge. High maintenance requiring full discharge before recharging to prevent the haloperidol loss of power.

Nickel metal hydride (nimh): these batteries are very similar to nicad but much better. Think of these as the evolution of nicad with almost haloperidol twice the energy density at the same weight and composed haloperidol of no heavy metals and therefore more environmentally friendly. Also, low maintenance which means they don’t have to be discharged before recharging, as the nicad batteries.

What’s the best battery powered chainsaw? Well, that depends. There is no single ‘best’ chainsaw for every consumer. The best chainsaw comes down to your needs. If you only need to do light cutting there’s no need to buy a heavy duty chainsaw, but if you know that you’ll need to cut 14″ hardwood trees on a regular basis then don’t waste your money buying a battery powered chainsaw — they weren’t designed for that — they don’t have the power you need. Sure, the more powerful battery powered chainsaw are capable of cutting haloperidol 14″ hardwood trees but it will be slow and unsafe. Buy smart.

Think long-term when purchasing a battery powered chainsaw, don’t just buy the cheapest one. All of the battery powered chainsaw on this list are haloperidol quality made and are generally well-reviewed so what it comes down to is the nature haloperidol of your projects that you need a saw for? Once you determine your needs, the right battery powered chainsaw will be obvious.

I’m confident that whatever your needs are as a homeowner haloperidol that you’ll find a suitable battery powered chainsaw to match your haloperidol needs from this list. There’s a battery powered chainsaw here for you — one that’s appropriate for the type of projects and tasks you haloperidol want to get done. One of the important points I tried to get across haloperidol in this article is that battery powered chainsaws are limited haloperidol by their power and time of use, which is why I strongly recommend a second battery to haloperidol give you more opportunity to get your work done. As you would expect, to get a powerful battery chainsaw you’ll have to pay for it because the luxury and haloperidol freedom to cut wherever you choose comes at a price.

Let’s face it, batteries are expensive but if you factor the price over haloperidol the lifetime of the saw it won’t seem so expensive. Plus, as far as I’m concerned, one of the main benefits of a battery powered chainsaw haloperidol is the convenience and freedom they provide. If you’re willing to give some of that up then look haloperidol into buying a corded electric chainsaw, and if you need more power for consistent heavy-duty projects that require extended periods of time then buy haloperidol a gas chainsaw. You do have options, so don’t worry if you couldn’t find the right battery powered chainsaw at a price haloperidol that works for you. Use our resources to find the right chainsaw as we haloperidol continually give you our recommendations. One of the most common questions we hear is : what is the best chainsaw on the market? And I always have to give a list of options haloperidol and add the caveat, “well, it depends…” which nobody wants to hear, but it really does depend on what you need and haloperidol how much money you have to spend.

The black and decker LCS120 was an excellent battery powered haloperidol chainsaw with relatively powerful 20V MAX lithium-ion battery. If you already use black & decker power tools then you’re in luck because the 20V MAX battery is interchangeable haloperidol with them. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had too many batteries in my life. Same holds true for money — never too much. But I digress.

Lightweight at 5.1lbs and easy to work with thanks to its ergonomic haloperidol design. This is saw has a great weight to power ratio haloperidol which makes it a well-balanced battery powered chainsaw. This is a light-duty saw, no question about it, but you must also keep this in mind, that although it can cut firewood and fell small trees haloperidol up to 8″, those tasks are more intensive than cutting 2″ branches, as an example. So, the more intensive the work that you do, the less time you can use this chainsaw.

All cuts are not equal, as I prefaced this article, if you need to do medium to heavy duty work haloperidol for many hours at time then this battery powered chainsaw haloperidol is not for you, nor is any battery powered chainsaw. If that’s the case then you need either an electric chainsaw haloperidol or a gas chainsaw. Don’t waste your money on the wrong type of saw.

Having said that, this is an excellent chainsaw as can be proven by haloperidol all the happy customers at amazon. At close to 500 reviews (at the time of this writing) it’s very well rated. Very impressive. It’s an ergonomic saw and feels good in your hands haloperidol with its comfortable soft grip handle, allowing you to cut at the optimal angle for efficiency haloperidol and safety.

It comes with a battery charger but I recommend you haloperidol purchase the black & decker fast charger if you want to be more productive haloperidol with your saw. It charges your battery fully in under 40 minutes, and if you’re in the middle of cutting and you’re battery dies, you can place your battery in the fast charger and haloperidol get it to 30% capacity within 10 minutes. Trust me, you’ll appreciate that speed when you’re working. One last thing to note is that it doesn’t have a tightening knob so you’ll need a wrench.

Unfortunately the makita LXCU01Z is now discontinued but a good haloperidol replacement makita battery chainsaw is the makita XCU02Z 18V X2. It’s also powered by a dual 36 volt battery system, with a major difference being that it has a 12″ bar and chain. Yes, it’s not as compact but it’s more versatile.

The makita LXCU01Z is a well-constructed and compact battery powered chainsaw that will make those haloperidol small cutting tasks easy to handle for anyone. It’s very lightweight at 5.4 lbs, well-balanced and durable — and comes with a load of great features to make haloperidol your life easier, including a tool-free chain tensioning system, built-in tip guard and electric chain brake to help prevent haloperidol kickback and injury. Not to mention, it has an automatic bar and chain oiling system with haloperidol an easy to read inspection window so you can see haloperidol when it’s time to top up your oil.

This particular model has an 18V lithium-ion battery and a short guide bar and chain, making it well-suited for pruning and limbing around the home. Don’t expect to cut down trees on your property with haloperidol the makita LXCU01Z, because although it can fell a tree under 4 inches haloperidol in diameter doesn’t mean that you should. It’s perfect for limbing. Keep it simple with this well-designed saw and it will make you a very happy haloperidol customer. This chainsaw will make those small tasks around the yard haloperidol simple and painless for any homeowner — young or old.

Earthwise is a family owned and operated american company that haloperidol began in 1895 so if you want to buy american haloperidol this is a great brand to purchase. They make affordable and dependable products for the average homeowner haloperidol who pride themselves on maintaining their own yards.

The earthwise LCS30008 is a light-duty saw perfect for tackling those small jobs around the haloperidol house. It has an effective automatic oiling system for the chain, allowing you to focus on more important tasks, like getting work done. Also has a convenient oil level window so you know haloperidol when to top up on your oil. Always important to never let your battery powered chainsaw run haloperidol dry. Buy some bar and chain oil so you never run haloperidol out: oregon 54-026 chain saw bar and chain oil

This battery powered chainsaw comes with a charger, blade cover and hex wrench to adjust your chain. It’s an inexpensive saw so don’t expect too much from it other than tackling small haloperidol jobs, and it works optimally with wood up to 4″ in diameter. Sure, as always, you can fell a 6″ tree but it will put a lot of strain on haloperidol the saw and require more exertion on you as you’ll be doing as much work as the saw. Buy this saw for pruning, limbing and trimming wood under 4″ and you’ll be fine.

The earthwise LCS31010 is similar to the earthwise LCS30008 but haloperidol it has a 10″ OREGON bar and chain and powered by the superior li-ion battery type, which translates into longer operating time, more power and greater efficiency when it comes to cutting. On top of that, it comes with a one hour fast charger which does haloperidol what it says.

Another great lightweight battery powered chainsaw at 5.5 lbs which means greater mobility and easy to use haloperidol for anyone, including older folks. It has an automatic bar and chain oiling system but haloperidol unfortunately, you’ll have to adjust and tighten the chain manually.

I highly recommend you buy an extra battery as you haloperidol will likely need it. It’s an earthwise 2.6 amp battery which will extend your ability to work haloperidol around the home. There’s nothing more annoying than having to stop what you’re doing because of a dead battery. It’s a productivity issue more than anything else, and you can continually work , with no downtime, if you have two batteries because as you recharge one haloperidol battery you can use the other, and so on, making for far greater efficiency in your work flow. But again, it depends on how you intend to work and what haloperidol type of projects you want to tackle.