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Employees who sewed clothing could be paid wages by the haldol contraindications hour, and could receive additional incentive based on a piecework model. Many garment workers were unionized. The following reports tell hours, wages and earnings for employees in these industries.

• 1961-1962. Mean annual salary for full time faculty members by level haldol contraindications (professor, associate professor, assistant professor, instructor, college president, dean. Also shows data by size of institution. Source: digest of educational statistics, 1963 edition.

• 1961-1962. Much more detailed than the entry above, this lists salaries for faculty and administrators by job (college president, registrar, manager of residence halls, director of food services, library director, etc.) breakouts by type of college and region of the country. Source: higher education salaries, 1961-1962.

Union wages for asbestos workers, bricklayers, carpenters, millwrights, electricians (inside wiremen), elevator constructors, engineers, operators of cranes, derricks, tractors, rollers, piledrivers and other machinery, mosaic workers, painters, paperhangers, plasterers, plumbers, roofers, sheet-metal workers, stone masons, tile layers, etc. In a few dozen major cities for the years below. For further discussion on earnings for construction worker jobs, we also recommend the BLS publication compensation in the construction haldol contraindications industry (1970). This book too provides lists of wages.

• ​the periodical farm labor has been in publication for nearly haldol contraindications 90 years. It was originally published monthly, and then became a quarterly. Wages expressed in dollars can be found in every issue, it seems. After clicking on the farm laborlink, scroll down the section titled "previous releases."

• 1961-1966 volumes show collective data for all non-supervisory employees in grocery and food stores. Does not break out by job title, but it does show range of wages by size of haldol contraindications store, etc. Taken from the bulletin of the united states bureau of haldol contraindications labor statistics.

• the municipal yearbook tells average salaries broken out by size haldol contraindications of city for occupations including mayor, city clerk, city auditor, city treasurer, engineer, administrators in public works and city streets, fire chief and police chief, personnel officers, city attorneys, health officers, parks and recreation directors, librarians, superintendent of schools and more. This source is under copyright and not freely available online haldol contraindications but we would be happy to look up any figures haldol contraindications for you. Simply use the contact links on this page to make haldol contraindications your request.

• tells salaries and wages for jobs in hospitals, including registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, nursing aides, dieticians, physical therapists, x-ray technicians, medical records librarians, medical social workers, and more, plus many non-medical jobs such as kitchen workers, dishwashers, maids and housekeepers, washer women and laundry personnel, etc. Mens’ and womens’ pay are listed separately, and breakouts provided for hospital employment in various U.S. Cities.

Wages and earnings for box office cashiers, ushers, ticket takers, concession attendants, movie projectionists, janitors, both for drive-in theaters and conventional theaters. Wage data is broken out by region of the country haldol contraindications and in metro areas.

Includes breakouts for different types of retail stores (hardware stores, dime stores, grocery stores, household appliance stores, furniture stores, shoe stores, drug stores, gasoline service stations, clothing stores, car dealerships, etc.) as well as breakouts for men and women employees and haldol contraindications for size of city.

Shows earnings of loggers, lumber stackers, sawmill workers and other occupations within the lumber industry such haldol contraindications as truck drivers, engineers, bulldozer operators, mechanics, repairmen for heavy equipment, etc. Gives earning by region and forest type.

Wages for bus drivers, trolley, cable car "gripmen" and conductors (in san francisco), subway and elevated train operators, platform workers, and other jobs. Specifically names bus and coach companies in various cities and haldol contraindications tells the wages for personnel with various levels of experience.

Shows earnings for truckers and truck drivers, along with workers who did not drive but helped with haldol contraindications loading and unloading. Breakouts for type of business served, for example, department stores, breweries, moving companies, furniture delivery, appliance delivery, etc. Includes breakouts for cities with 500,000 or more population.